Evergreen Manor House

Evergreen manor House is part of the Evergreen Country Club near Haymarket. It has been renovated and is now an events center and 11 bedroom Inn... read more

Colvin Farm

A 300 acre farm near Nokesville, Virginia was in the Colvin family for just shy of 80 years. The farm was home to at least eight Colvins and certainly saw the birth and death of a few them. The farm raised cattle, pigs, goats, and other animals. It also grew crops like hay for the cows and in recent years soy beans and corn... read more

La Grange Plantation

La Grange is a historic plantation home located in Prince William County, Virginia that dates to 1790. In 2005 it was purchased by investors and converted to a winery. Until 2016 it was Prince William County's only winery... read more


Robinson House

Robinson house near Manasssas no longer stands. Nearly nothing is known about who lived there or what they did. From the 1937 aerial image it looks like an isolated farm... read more

Effingham Manor

This well cared for Tidewater-style plantation house was built in the late 1700s by William Alexander, a great-grandson of John Alexander, for whom Alexandria is named. Effingham’s smokehouse, slave quarters, a very early terraced garden, and a blacksmith shop remain... read more

Chapman's Mill

Beverley Mill aka Chapman's Mill, a grist mill that was first constructed in 1742, is one of the most important historic properties in Prince William County. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977 and is classified as a County Registered Historic Site in the County's Comprehensive Plan. The mill is located on the Fauquier-Prince William border along Broad Run, north of Interstate 66 and Route 55... read more


Hazelwood and Truro, The Foote and Colvin Families

The earliest records of the Foote family are in Cornwall in the southwest corner of England. Here, in the middle of the 17th century, lived John Foote, gentleman, who owned land at Cardinham, a small village 4 miles northeast of Bodmin, the county seat. He had, apparently, several children but we know the names of only two of them, Samuel and Richard... read more

Architectural Description of Bel Air Plantation

by Brad Hedrick (1997)

Bel Air is a one-and-one-half story pre-Georgian brick house on a raised stone basement. It has an unbalanced front with two windows to the left of the main entrance and one to the right. It is remarkably well preserved for its age and appears well cared for... read more

Barns of Prince William County

About three years ago, Jan Townsend, then the county's archeologist, asked for a volunteer to photograph an old barn out on Pageland Lane. It was in danger of being bulldozed by Til Hazel to make way for the shopping mall which he hoped to build out that way. Leslie Fravel and I volunteered and soon discovered that our friend Jim Bish, then president of Historic Prince William and a high school history teacher with a summer off, also shared our interest... read more


Ben Lomond Manor House

Ben Lomond Manor House is situated on land originally granted to Robert "King" Carter as part of his 6,700-acre Lower Bull Run Tract. In 1724, Carter patented the tract in the name of his grandson, Robert Councillor Carter, who divided it among his children, Sarah, Pricilla, and George. Sarah acquired the 730 acre portion that extended into Fairfax County and included the present day area of Sudley... read more

Benjamin Tompkins and the Third Prince William County Courthouse

By David D. McKinney, and published in Northern Virginia Heritage, October 1986 (Vol. VIII, No. 3) [Note: posted on the Web with permission] In the second century of the Virginia Colony, English civilization moved from the Tidewater region into the Piedmont creating the need for political divisions within those areas which had been considered wilderness. As the population grew, the divisions were reapportioned allowing the creation of new counties... read more

Cedar Run Pratt Truss Bridge

This Pratt style truss bridge built by Walker Brothers Contractors from Charles Town, West Virginia, is said to be one of only two like it in the state. It was built in 1900 and it spans 88 feet. It was still being used in 1989 but I'm not sure when the replacement bridge was built and this truss bridge not used anymore. VDOT tried to give the bridge away in the late 1980s but it seems no one wanted it and luckily they didn't destroy it... read more


Featherstone Farm

The year is 1946, it is summer and Jay is eight years old. He lives in Alexandria with his parents and older sister but every summer since he was five he has visited his grandparents in Woodbridge. Their names are Mr. and Mrs. George W. Herring and their Woodbridge farm is called Featherstone. The distance from Alexandria to Woodbridge seems long to Jay but when the car crosses the Occoquan River on Route 1, he knows he's getting closer... read more

Leesylvania State Park

In April 1985 the Virginia State Park system formally dedicated a new park in Northern Virginia. The dedication brings to fruition the dreams of local historians and members of the Society of the Lees of Virginia. Their effort over the past 30 years has preserved for public enjoyment a fascinating historical site. Leesylvania State Park, on which is located Freestone Point, is a 508 acre park... read more

Nokesville Elementary School

I believe Nokesville Elementary School should be recognized for its importance to the history of Prince William County. It represents the determination of the citizens of Nokesville to see that their children and the children of future generations receive a world class education. In the early twentieth century, all children in the western part of Prince William County attended small community schools that provided an elementary education. The only high school for those students was in Manassas. There were no paved roads in the western part of the county. Most folks traveled by horse or by foot... read more


History of Occoquan

On February 14, 1993 six representatives from Russia and their interpreter visited Occoquan, VA. They were in the United States to attend an Advanced Housing Seminar and were particularly interested in the creation, development and management of condominiums. They met in the Town Hall for a brief review of the business and political operation of the town of Occoquan. Nellie Curtis, representing Historic Occoquan, Inc. presented a brief review of the history and development of the town. She provided us with her notes which give a chronological picture... read more

History of the Villages and Towns of Prince William County

1993 Editor's Note: Eugene Scheel is a cartographer and collector of tales. His talent produced the Historic Map of Prince William which Historic Prince William commissioned in 1990. During his research, Mr. Scheel heard the lore and legends of many of the town and post offices of the area and has started to write us these stories as a companion to the Historic Map. He recently delivered the first installment of this new book Historic Prince William has commissioned which included the introduction we present to you here... read more

Lake Jackson

by Dwayne Moyers (2015)

The following story relates to a water front luxury home overlooking Lake Jackson outside of Manassas in Prince William County. Alvictus was built by State Department official Victor Purse. It’s past includes becoming a Cold War safe house of the Central Intelligence Agency to hide Russian spies defecting to the United States, and it’s guest list includes Robert Francis “Bobby” Kennedy, the 64th United States Attorney General (1961-1964)... read more


Rippon Lodge

Links about Rippon Lodge. More content coming soon... read more

Wright-Ful Recognition

pdf by Margaret A. Rusciolelli (July 1989)


Outside of the County

Eppington Plantation

Eppington is a historic plantation home located near Winterpock, Chesterfield County, Virginia. It was built about 1768, and consists of a three-bay, 2 1/2-story, central block with hipped roof, dormers, modillioned cornice, and flanking one-story wings in the Georgian style. It has a later two-story rear ell. It features two tall exterior end chimneys which rise from the roof of the wings... read more

Taylor Plantation

The Taylor Plantation in Orange Virginia dates to 1722 and is currently 8,600 acres... read more

Waveland Plantation

Waveland is a grand estate built in 1833, surrounded by over 1,500 acres of land with an amazing detailed history near Marshall, Virginia... read more


Maymont is a Victorian estate on 100 acres completed in 1893 by Major James H. Dooley and his wife. After their death in 1925 they left the house and property to the city of Richmond for the people of Richmond. The park opened six months later... read more