Edward S. Stallknecht Photo Collection

By David Cuff - Jan. 2017

Edward S. Stallknecht first came to Prince William County in 1933, as a 20 year old Private in the Marine Corps. In 1950 he and his wife, Ruth, bought a house in Triangle and started Cedar Knoll Mobile Home Park. He retired from the Marines as a Lt. Col. in 1964. In 1965 he became a Realtor after becoming the first person to graduate from the Realtors Institute. He became a broker in 1968 and started Stallknecht Realty with his wife, Ruth. They operated the business out of their home until May 17, 1973, when they moved the office to a renovated house on Rt. 1 just north of Triangle Plaza.

While in the Marines Ed learned to fly and joined the Quantico Flying Club which allowed members to rent the club owned airplanes for leisure flights. Ed would fly around Prince William and Stafford Counties to observe the developments happening in the counties and to look for land tracts he could possibly sell.

There are over 400 images in the collection taken in the mid to late 1970s. Select a category below to view related images.

Special thanks to Leslie Stallknecht and Karl Rice for providing access to and allowing use of the photos.

The video on this page is a digital version of the presentation Ed Stallknecht gave to the Prince William Board of Realtors, other Realtors, and clients. It was compiled from a cassette recording and a script which dictated what images were to be shown during the talk.

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