Diary of Mary Susan (Early) Davis

Story by Morgan Breeden

This 1898 photo of students at Brentville Academy was taken before Mary was a student but her sister, Alverta Early, is first on the second row. Hover over the faces and the name will display.

Section of William Brown's 1901 map that shows Michael Early's house.

There once was a farmer who lived about six miles west of here who had grape vines. One day thee local boys were helping themselves to some of the grapes. The farmer saw them and yelled out what do you think you are about? The reply was, "We're about to run like hell!"

The farmer in the story is Michael Early—born in Rockingham County and moved to a farm just outside of Nokesville. In addition to being a farmer he was a Lay Minister with the Church of the Brethren or Dunkers as they were called then. He seemed to love horses and made money buying and selling them. His home was large and he frequently had overnight guests – sometimes people they didn’t even know. They never turned away a stranger. Mr. Early never attended school but he could read and write and he insisted his children be well educated. His children—six daughters and no sons.

My story starts in January, 1900. The three oldest daughters had or were attending the Prince William Academy at Brentsville (they always called it the Brentsville Academy) where they each met their future husband. But my story is about daughter number four – Mary.

In January 1900 Mary was 14 years old. She was attending a small one-room school near her home which was only about 1/2 mile away. And as the oldest daughter still at home (and with no brothers to help) she was responsible for many of the household chores. She cleaned the house, churned butter, liked to sew, ironed, milked the cow, enjoyed baking, helped kill chickens and turkeys when needed, etc. She helped in the field driving the horses and worked in the garden. Ice cream was made as a treat for special occasions. Recreation included playing croquet.

Mary was a devoted member of her faith and attended church regularly. Church services included Brentsville, Valley View, Nokesville and Cannon Branch. Services were frequently followed by meals with church members and sometimes an overnight stay. Mary played the organ very well and loved to sing – solo or in groups. And she loved to read.

Mary was no stranger to Brentsville. In addition to attending church services, she frequently drove a wagon down to pick up her sisters or to return them to the Academy at the end of a weekend visit home.

February 25, 1900 – Mary’s birthday and she turned 15. In the fall she returned to school to complete her primary education. At one time she acted as a substitute teacher for her sister and enjoyed the experience very much. A feeling that would remain with her for a very long time.

1901 was an important year for Mary. She turned 16. In September she enrolled in the Brentsville Academy as one of about 40 students. It is believed that she lived in the school dormitory (the old jail). Her classes included music, history, physiology, mental arithmetic, algebra, elocution and letter writing. Mary joined the Nicol Literary Society and was elected Treasurer.

Soon after the start of school Mary made reference to Peter Sherman Davis who was in his second year of studies at the Academy. She always called him Mr. Davis, perhaps because he was eight years her senior. School activities started to bring Mary and Mr. Davis together. They soon would take a walk together and attend other functions together. He also liked to sing. Mr. Davis started giving Mary candy. She was very happy and very much enjoying their time together. Before long Mr. Davis became a regular visitor to the Early home and attended church services with them.

In January, 1902, during a Society meeting debate, Mary argued that Married life is happier than single. Later that month they went on a walk to the Kettle Run railroad bridge and it was “A Day to be Remembered.” Perhaps their first kiss? We don’t know. Then in February Mary turned 17. Later that spring Mr. Davis completed his studies in the Academics course. He would return to his home in PA. Letters were sent and received at least each week but Mary was very lonely.

During school break Mary again tended most of the domestic chores, wrote and received many letters, attended church very regularly and visited her family in Harrisonburg. Perhaps Mary was suffering from being separated from Mr. Davis. In the fall of that year she resigned from the Society and did not return to the Academy. Still, Mr. Davis was a faithful writer of letters and frequently took the train from Penn. to Nokesville to visit Mary.

In January 1903 for the first time, and only once, Mary refers to Mr. Davis as Sherman – his middle but familiar name. In February she received from him a valentine and a ring. An engagement ring? She did not say. But then she turned 18 years old and Mr. Davis was hired as an instructor at the Academy. In September Mary returned to the Academy and now she was rooming with Dr. Wine. School opened with about 45 students.

Mary now took lessons in type-writing along with other subjects. She turned 19 the following February and she and Mr. Davis decided it is to their interest that he teach no more at Brentsville. The relationship may have been becoming awkward. In May 1904 Mary graduated from the Brentsville Academy with straight “A” grades and Mr. Davis went to Elizabethtown, PA to teach.

That summer Mary went to Manassas to take the teachers examination. She said it was very hard. She received a second grade certificate which qualified her as a teacher. Now Mary refers to Mr. Davis as Sherman, apparently comfortable in their relationship. Mary applied for a teaching position and was hired to teach at Kings Cross Roads, near Aden. She boarded with a local family.

In October Mary received a long letter – one that required much careful thinking. She replied with a long letter, written by spells. It would seem the relationship had embarked on a bumpy road.

February, 1905, and now Mary is 20 and still single. Then during May, Mr. Davis came to spend just a few days and he and Mary had a long talk. Those bumps must have been smoothed somewhat because in August she went to PA to visit Mr. Davis in his home. She met his mother and brothers. Now refers to him always as Sherman.

February 1906 Mary is now 21 and teaching as a substitute for her sister who was just married. It was not until October when she saw Sherman again – the first time in over a year. His visit was short.

In 1907 Mary was contacted by Bridgewater College wanting her to start the spring term with them. She thinks that might be a good idea. She turned 22. Then in July she “Got such a good letter.” And by September she is suddenly talking about working on her gown and ordering wedding cards. She is very busy making her own wedding clothes.

Finally on October 6, 1907, Mary and Mr. Davis were married. After a short honeymoon trip she packed up her belongings and bade the home folks good-by. Mary and Sherman took the train to Penn. where they bought a cook stove, coal range and furniture. They settled into their own home.

Mary and Sherman made their permanent home in Salisbury, PA. Sherman taught in a local college for two years and found he was not making enough money to support a wife and a growing family so he left and went into the lumber business with two of his brothers. Between 1908 and 1920 three children were born—two daughters and a son.

Sherman suffered with heart problems and at some point entered the Church of Brethren Home, Salisbury, PA where he died in 1960 at the age of 82. Mary was 74 at the time and they had been married 53 years. I don’t know how long Mary lived in their Salisbury home but at some later date she was admitted to the Bridgewater Brethren Home in Rockingham County. There she died in 1987 from pneumonia at the age of 102. She and her husband are buried in Salisbury, PA.

Not many people in this area remember Mary or her sisters. But her memory will always live on within these walls where she learned to be a teacher and yes, where she met the man with whom she would love forever.

Mary's diary Donated by Charlotte (Beahm) Bear - Compiled by Morgan Breeden in October 2017

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Mary was 14 years old

Jan 1 - I went to school today. I have started to knit some mittens.
Jan 4 - I went to school today. I had my sentences all right.
Jan 6 - (Saturday) I churned butter and worked it. I wrote a composition on London.
Jan 8 - Alverta and George went to Brentsville and took some things to the girls. In school they teased me so much and would not let me have any rest.
Jan 9 - I got 99 on my composition on London.
Jan 11 - I went to school and it poured down rain this afternoon. Papa came after us in the buggy. There were eight buggies there at one time.
Jan 13 - (Saturday) I churned this morning and had a time of it. Alverta is asleep in the lounge, Daisy is putting lace on her waist, Ella is working examples, Mama is reading, Ola is washing and Papa is sitting in the rocking chair.
Jan 15 - I went to Nokesville and got some real silk to put in my new bonnet. But I do not like that silk and am not going to make any bonnet till spring.
Jan 17 - Alverta moved the machine in the bedroom to do her wedding sewing
Jan 19 - It was Lee's birthday today and Miss Katie (school teacher) gave us a holiday. We have to write a composition on Lee for Monday.
Jan 21 - I went to church. Papa preached. George took Daisy and Ella out to Brentsville.
Jan 22 - I went to school but the roads are very bad. Papa hitched Ben up to the cart and he cut a shine. So he went to trade him off. Mama has the rheumatism in her shoulder very bad.
Jan 28 - (Sunday) I got up this morning and my shoulder was very sore. Alverta milked for me. George went to Brentsville to take the girls.
Feb 8 - I went to school and had lots of fun.
Feb 10 - (Saturday) I cleaned the bedroom this morning and then made Lelia a white apron out of one of Ella's. Helped Daisy make a chocolate cake. I was going to write my composition but couldn't find anything to write on.
Feb 11 - I wrote my composition.
Feb 13 - I stayed home from school. We baked pies, made mince meat, cleaned up the parlor and killed the turkeys.
Feb 14 - Alverta and George were married today. There were 33 people here.
Feb 17 - fed the calf and it bit my finger real bad.
Feb 18 - (Sunday) I was at home all day. Ella and Daisy did not come home this week (from Brentsville Academy).
Feb 19 - Papa and George took us to school in the sled. We had only 10 scholars today.
Feb 21 - Momma has been milking Coal for a week but I milked her this eve.
Feb 22 - Minnie (horse) wanted to run away with us this evening.
Feb 23 - I went to school. It was the last day and Miss Katie gave us a pretty card.
Feb 24 - Ola went to Nokesville and got me a present. It was a little pitcher.
Feb 25 - Today was my birthday and I was 15. I weighed 146 lbs. Ola weighed 116.
Feb 26 - I pieced a square of my "Ocean-wave quilt." This evening George measured us and I was 5 ft. 3 and 3/4 inches.
Mar 1 - I helped to iron and cut carpet rags.
Mar 3 - I cleaned up the house.
Mar 4 - (Sunday) I stayed home with Lelia tonight and the rest went to church
Mar 5 - Papa went to Manassas & took some things to the girls. Papa brought us a new pair of shears.
Mar 8 - We have a rule to wash dishes. Alverta washes them in the morning and Ola and I at dinner and supper.
Mar 14 - Papa went to Midland to preach Frank Switzer's baby's funeral.
Mar 17 - Papa took some wood to Brentsville this afternoon.
Mar 21 - Mama and I cleaned the church this week. Papa got us a wringer and we used it today.
Mar 22 - Mama was baking rice custard and it burnt up. I made myself an apron today.
Mar 24 - Papa went after the girls (at Brentsville Academy) and brought a little dog along. The girl's beau's came this evening.
Mar 26 - We had a time with our dog today.
Mar 27 - I baked bread for the first time. I sprinkled the clothes and sewed rags this evening.
Mar 30 - Lelia and Ola are complaining some. Papa went to Nokesville and got some medicine and fish.
Mar 31 - Lelia was real sick last night but is better this morning.
Apr 2 - Papa took Daisy to Brentsville and Ella to Manassas to the Dr. to look at her eyes. She will stay home all this week.
Apr 3 - I went to Nokesville and got handkerchief goods to make Ella a birthday present.
Apr 5 - Papa and mama cut seed potatoes and Ola helped to drop them. I have the sore throat.
Apr 6 - Mama and I baked the pies. I have a bad cold.
Apr 10 - I fixed Lelia's blue bonnet this afternoon. We have 45 little chickens hatched now.
Apr 18 - Mama is sewing and I parched some corn.
Apr 21 - (Saturday) I went after the girls this morning. Daisy, Ella and some other girls had a little scrap with Prof. J. C. Beahm about going fishing Easter Monday and they are very much outdone because they brought them up before the faculty and had no right to do that.
Apr 23 - The girls are not going to school this week.
Apr 25 - Mr. Crumpacker came here on the ten o'clock train and got here before the girls did.
Apr 27 - Daisy, Mr. Crumpacker, Alverta and George went to Society tonight.
Apr 30 - I went to the woods for dirt to fix the flowers and worked some in the garden.
May 1 - Mama and I washed the bed ticks this morning. We filled them this afternoon.
May 3 - Ola and I helped plant corn this afternoon.
May 4 - (Friday) George and I went to Brentsville tonight after the girls.
May 7 - Papa went to Manassas and got me some white silk to line my bonnet.
May 11 - Papa went to Manassas after Grandmother Miller today.
May 16 - I made my waist today. Mr. Shaeffer was here trying to sell us a churn but did not succeed.
May 17 - I am making Lelia a dress. Alverta and Ola went to the station and got me a pink lawn dress.
May 18 - I finished Ella's birthday handkerchief.
May 22 - I made some pies this morning and worked in the garden this afternoon.
May 24 - I went to the Commencement Daisy was in & was very nice.
May 25 - I went to Brentsville to hear the speaking again this morning and it was real nice. Ella spoke and played a piece. It was late when we returned home.
May 26 - Grandmother Miller [mother’s mother] came down from Midland at noon. Some of the family went to the "Battlefield" today.
May 27 - (Sunday) The girl's fellows were here so they took a walk to get to themselves.
May 31 - We ironed and was at it all day. I made ice cream for supper.
June 6 - Ella and I went to Mr. McMichael's this afternoon and we played croquet.
June 7 - Ella and I ironed this morning. We set some hens today.
June 9 to 17 is blank.
June 18 - The boys picked cherries.
June 19 - Mama and Ella took some cherries to the store and got some shoes.
June 20 - I picked cherries this afternoon.
June 25 - We put Alverta's quilt in the frames today.
June 26 - The boys are breaking some colts.
June 30 - I helped in the kitchen this morning. This afternoon Daisy and Lelia took me to Mr. Hales to stay all night and drive Dixie.
July 1 - I went to S.S. at the Valley Church with Mr. Hales family and went back there for dinner. I went to S.S. at Nokesville this afternoon and preaching tonight.
July 2 - I baked pies this morning.
July 3 - I churned this morning. I had a terrible time catching an old or rather a young rooster for dinner.
July 4 - I baked bread and got dinner today.
July 6 - We made ice cream for dinner as it was Lilia's birthday. I cleaned up the church.
July 7 - I took a nap this afternoon and read some.
July 9 - I took a nap this afternoon. They hauled hay today and Ella drove the mules to unload it.
July 11 - I made my waist today. Daisy made her skirt, too.
July 13 - Daisy and I baked bread and cake today and we scoured the kitchen this evening.
July 14 - We baked pies.
July 19 - We made our wrappers today.
July 21 - We got up a surprise crowd and went to surprise Miss Jessie tonight, consisting of about 6 couples. We had a very nice time and got back about 11 o'clock.
July 24 - Mama and Papa went to the store this morning and took some chickens over. We made a "scare-crow" this evening & named him John Randolf. Ha! Ha!
July 26 - Ella and I went to Nokesville and got me some shoes. George went to Brentsville this evening.
Aug 3 - Prof. Crist took a napkin with him so he came back this afternoon and Alverta and George took him to Brentsville because his wheel was broken. We baked some cakes and they killed a beef this evening.
Aug 5 - George, Alverta, Ola and I went to Valley S.S. this morning and went to John Headricks for dinner. We went to Nokesville S.S. this afternoon and to church tonight. Papa preached.
Aug 11 - Ella and I made some "hair boxes."
Aug 20 - We peeled peaches this afternoon.
Aug 22 - They made cider today. We have some good cider to drink now. I made Daisy's waist today.
Aug 23 - We boiled apple butter today.
Aug 25 - I cleaned up this morning. I went to Nokesville and cleaned up the church. Papa went to Brentsville to the appointment of teachers. Papa took the surrey to have it painted.
Aug 30 - We canned and dried peaches today.
Sep 6 - We filled the dry house this morning. Papa went to the mill.
Sep 10 - Alverta, Ella, George and myself went to the opening of Brentsville School and they had a nice program. George and Alverta are going to Brentsville to live and he is connected with the school.
Sep 11 - Papa, Mama and Alverta went to Manassas to get Alverta furniture this afternoon. I went to Nokesville this evening and got some goods to make Mama a birthday apron.
Sep 12 - Daisy and I ironed all day. George came out this evening and went back after supper.
Sep 14 - Daisy and I washed off the buggy this morning. I finished Mama's apron.
Sep 15 - Alverta moved today and had a rainy day for it. Ella and Daisy went along to help. Ola and I got our school box today.
Sep 24 - School opened this morning. Daisy went to teach this morning and will board at Mr. Hasting Herrings.
Sep 25 - I went to school today. Ella went to Nokesville & got me a copy book.
Oct 5 & 6 - Mattie Long came to the school house this morning for me to go to Aunt Mags. Mattie's mother is sick. I stayed till Saturday evening and did their work & came home.
Oct 9 - I went to school. Ella went to Nokesville and got us some rubbers. Mr. Hulfish gave her a box of candy.
Oct 10 - Papa went to Manassas & Prof. Beahm was bailed out so he came along home with Papa and stayed all night.
Oct 11 - Papa took Prof. Beahm to Brentsville and brought Alverta back with him. - -
Oct 12 - Papa took Alverta home and brought Daisy home. Ella made my brown silk bonnet today.
Oct 15 - I have a boil on my forehead & is very painful.
Oct 18 - Ella and I took some chickens to the store and got blue cashmere waists, Ella a cream colored dress.
Oct 20 - There was an eye Dr. here and Ella got a pair of glasses. Ola and I went after some persimmons this afternoon.
Oct 21 - Ola and I went to Alverta's today (to Brentsville). We went to Ferry Rocks and to the bridge and had a nice time. Daisy and Ella have company tonight.
Oct 31 - Papa sold a colt to Mr. Heddings and let him ride Minnie home. He stayed here all night.
Nov 5 - I went to school today. It was President Election day and McKinley was elected again.
Nov 8 - Prof. Beahm's trial commenced today and Daisy had to go as a witness. Papa went too. They brought Mr. Will Béahm home with them.
Nov 9 - I went to school today. Papa and Daisy went to Manassas again to the trial & have hopes for Prof. Beahm. Daisy was on the witness stand today.
Nov 10 - Papa went to the trial again. George came up for Daisy to go again and correct a mistake she made yesterday.
Nov 12 - I went to school this morning but when we got there Miss Katie closed school for a week because of diphtheria. Papa again went to the trial & Prof. Beahm came along home with him and is very hopeful.
Nov 13 - The trial is not yet ended & Papa went.
Nov 14 - Papa went to Manassas & the trial is over & brought the sad news home that Prof. Beahm was sentenced for 5 years. I first heard the news in Nokesville.
Nov 16 - Rufus Miller died today & Mama went over there this evening. Papa and Mr. Hale went to Manassas after the coffin.
Nov 17 - Papa got a letter from Prof. J. C. Beahm today.
Nov 21 - I went to school today.
Nov 27 - Papa went after Mama today but she had to go back. Mrs. Miller is sick with diphtheria too.
Dec 1 - Mama went to Millers today & they are better.
Dec 4 - I made my flannel skirt today.
Dec 17 - I went and taught school for Daisy today & got along nicely. (Daisy was in Washington, D.C., along with Ella)
Dec 18 - Daisy came to her school this morning and I came home. Daisy got Mama a cape in Washington for a Xmas present. It cost $10.
Dec 19 - I went to school today. Ella came & got me & we went to Brentsville after some holly. Alverta went along with us to get it.
Dec 22 - (Saturday) I went to the store this morning & got some Xmas presents. I fixed Daisy's silk waist this afternoon & she baked pies & cakes.
Dec 24 - Mama and I washed this morning. We killed a turkey and chickens this afternoon for Xmas. Mr. Crumpacker came this afternoon.
Dec 25 - (Tuesday) Xmas day. I went to church & Papa, Mama, Ola, Lelia and I went to Mr. Marks for dinner, to a "turkey roast." We had a very nice time.
Dec 26 - We had our "turkey roast" today. Nine guests. Daisy, Ella & George took Mr. Crumpacker to Manassas. They, went to the jail to see Prof. Beahm.
Dec 27 - I got me a belt buckle this morning. A tramp stayed here all night.
Dec 28 - Daisy & Ella made some candy for the "social" tonight. A crowd of 28 youngsters came over and spent the evening. We had a very nice time.
Dec 30 - (Sunday) We girls went to the Episcopal preaching this afternoon and Mr. Mc. was here tonight.
Dec 31 - I started to school again this morning. A crowd of 12 went on a "straw ride" to McMichaels tonight & we stayed till 12 o'clock. Prof. Beahm was bailed out of jail this evening till the trial.

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Mary was 15 years old

Jan 1 - I went to school today. Miss Katie gave us some reward books.
Jan 2 - We went to school and the rest went to Mr. Hale's to a "turkey roast."
Jan 3 - Papa and Russell put the phone in this evening.
Jan 4 - (Friday) I went to school today. Mr. Jonases had a "social" tonight & we had a pleasant time. We got home after 12 o'clock.
Jan 7 - I went to school today. I went to Nokesville & got me a waist this evening & tried to talk home on the phone but it would not work. Prof. Beahm was put in jail again today.
Jan 11 - It rained today so we stayed home. Mama has the grippe. Mr. Free came over & helped and helped put in the new phone & it works fine.
Jan 14 - Dr. Bowen was here to see Papa.
Jan 15 - Papa is worse this evening.
Jan 16 - Papa is much better.
Jan 25 - Ola went to school and she was the only one so Miss Katie let out at noon. I was in bed with the grippe today.
Jan 26 - Papa went to Nokesville and got some oysters for the sick & we had them for supper.
Jan 27 - (Sunday) Sam Weimer came here tonight & the girls were "out of fix"
Jan 31 - I went to school today. Papa bought a match horse for Dixie & drove after us.
Feb 3 - (Sunday) I walked to the Valley Church this morning with George. George gave me a scarf pin for a birthday present. He is a little soon.
Feb 4 - Papa went to Manassas this morning on the train & came home this evening.
Feb 5 - I went to school today. Papa went to Prof. Beahm's "trial" but it was put off till tomorrow.
Feb 6 - Papa went to the "trial" today.
Feb 8 - Daisy went to Manassas but was not put on the stand. Papa stayed down and they are having a hard time.
Feb 9 - Ella and Daisy went again to the "trial" and they were both used & Daisy got sick. They came home at noon. Papa came home this evening.
Feb 13 - Papa went to Manassas & they are done with the witnesses now & the case will be argued tomorrow.
Feb 15 - We went ice skating again tonight and had a long walk home but a nice time at skating.
Feb 16 - About 10 o'clock this morning we heard the good news that Prof. Beahm was cleared. Ella and Daisy received very high compliments as witnesses by the Lawyer.
Feb 19 - George's have a daughter. He came out after Mama this evening.
Feb 20 - Papa came home from the valley on the noon train. He bought a horse while there.
Feb 21 - Ella, Ola & Russell with a crowd went skating tonight & I had to stay home.
Feb 25 - 'Twas my birthday today and I am 16. I got some presents.
Mar 2 - (Saturday) This afternoon Daisy, Lelia and I went to Brentsville. I stayed all night.
Mar 3 - Alverta named the baby Cora Evangeline.
Mar 4 - I took Daisy out this morning (to teach) & drove Frank, our new horse.
Mar 16 - Mama and I cleaned up the church this forenoon. We all weighed and are getting fat.
Mar 17 - (Sunday) I got acquainted with Mr. Hulfish's brother this evening and he is a little "dude."
Mar 22 - I went to school today and took Lelia with me.
Mar 29 - I went to school today & it was the last day & Miss Katie treated us to candy.
Apr 2 - Daisy & Ella went to Brentsville to see the Profs. & made arrangements to help sing at the Commencement.
Apr 11 - Ola, Papa and I went to Manassas today & I had a few pictures taken.
Apr 17 - Ola and I went to Mr. Hales to spend the day and Fleeta brought us to Nokesville this evening.
Apr 18 - Ella got a letter from Nokesville. Ha!
Apr 20 - I made my black skirt today.
Apr 23 - We went calling but had to come home in the rain. But Mr. Hulfisk treated us to oranges at the store & then loaned us umbrellas & lanterns & himself also to Ella. It was muddy coming home.
Apr 26 - Ola and I ironed & the girls went to Brentsville to practice. I mowed the yard this afternoon.
May 1 - Daisy & Ella went to Brentsville in the cart & coming home they broke down & had to walk part of the way. We planted flower seeds today.
May 2 - We planted some things in the garden today & talked to Alverta on the phone.
May 3 - The Nokesville boys got up a crowd & we all went on a "straw ride" to Society tonight. We got there late but had a heap of fun.
May 4 - Papa was elected delegate to the Annual Meeting.
May 23 - Papa started to Nebraska to the Annual Meeting today. Went to the Commencement and had a nice program.
May 29 - Got a card from Papa.
May 30 - I ironed all day and the girls are packing to go to the Valley.
May 31 - Mama took sick this morning & we got Dr. Simpson to come up. He said it is a "billious attack."
June 1 - Mama is better.
June 4 - I made Mama a wrapper and she is still improving. I do the cooking now.
June 6 - Papa came home this morning and he had a nice trip & good meeting.
June 9 - Ira Flory & Lucy Hedrick when starting to church had a runaway & tore the buggy to pieces and hurt them some.
June 17 - I put up some cherries this morning and made Alverta's waist this afternoon.
June 18 - Dr. Simpson was here this evening to see Mama.
June 20 - Ed Garber & Noah put up our windmill today & it looks very nice.
June 27 - I went to Nokesville & got me a yellow waist & black lace to trim it. We got a letter from the girls & they said they would stay till the 12th of July but Papa wrote to them to come before.
June 28 - Papa sold the colt today for $135.
July 1 - There is a case of smallpox in Manassas.
July 2 - We look for the girls home every day but they do not come.
July 4 - I ironed this morning and nearly melted. Daisy came home today & left Ella to "finish up the visit" she said. The thresh hands are here tonight.
July 6 - I went to Noah Garbers to help cook for the thresh hands today. It was Lelia's birthday and the girls made ice cream this evening. Mr. Hulfisk is here tonight.
July 8 - Papa & Mr. Sayers went to insure some buildings.
July 20 - I drove the mules unloading hay and struck my boil. We all went to singing at the church.
July 22 - Daisy and I picked blackberries this morning. I got supper.
July 24 - The girls washed this morning and I did the other work. -
July 31 - Tonight I finished reading a book by the name of "He Fell in Love With His Wife."
Aug 4 - I took Papa to the train this morning to go to Fairfax. I went after Papa this evening.
Aug 10 Mr. Hulfish gave me-some pansies but he was a little out of humor.
Aug 19 - We worked with peaches and boiled butter this afternoon.
Sep 9 - Papa, Daisy & Ola brought me out to Brentsville this morning to start to school.
Sep 10 - They have enrolled about 40 at school. I went to Kincheloes store this evening after stationary as it hasn't come at the school house.
Sep 11 - George phoned home this morning to know if they would move my things & they said they would but did not come.
Sep 12 - I walked home this morning. Read today in the Post that Pres. McKinley is out of danger & they have caught the assassin, an anarchist. Pres. is still in Buffalo where he was attending the Pan American Exposition & is thought he will return to Washington in about Oct. I have to sleep downstairs till they move my things out.
Sep 13 - I joined the Society today & tonight was "election night" & they put me in for Treasurer for 3 months. Papa brought my things out this afternoon. Word came saying McKinley was taken with blood poison & died this evening at 6:30.
Sep 14 - (Saturday) The paper stated this morning that Pres. McKinley will be brought to Washington to have a state funeral. I walked nearly half way home when I met Ella & Lelia. It was a lonely day today.
Sep 16 - Daisy brought me to Brentsville this morning. Mr. P. S. Davis came yesterday and came to school at noon.
Sep 17 - President's funeral was preached in Washington today & he will be buried in Canton, Ohio. Alverta and I went up to the school house this evening to read some in the Post.
Sep 19 - Mama, Daisy & Lelia were out here today & the brought me a beautiful bouquet of roses. Mr. Davis led in the music class for Prof. as he had some other business to attend to.
Sep 21 - (Saturday) Alverta went along with us home this morning. I got my lessons this evening, a little.
Sep 23 - We had "written review" in history this afternoon. We had supper late this evening and study hours were also late.
Sep 25 - I went to prayer meeting tonight & it is such a beautiful- moonlight night.
Sep 26 - It was cold in the chapel where I had to recite all my lessons this morning.
Sep 27 - (Friday) I had a recitation. Ira Flory walked with Daisy. We had a lovely drive home in the moonlight.
Sep 28 - Ella and I were crazy enough to go to the station in the rain. We got me a dress & ribbon & other things alright, tho.
Sep 30 - (Monday) Papa brought me to Brentsville this morning. Was late for chapel. While taking my music lesson Prof. Bonsman got sick & couldn't finish.
Oct 5 - (Saturday) We got up at 5 o'clock and started home & got there before breakfast. It was so cold going home & we drove fast.

Oct 6 - (Sunday) They brought me to Brentsville this evening & I went to Young People's Meeting & Prof. J. C. Beahm appointed Mr. Utz for leader for next Sunday night & Mr. Davis & I to assist in getting up the program. Mr. Davis came with me this evening.
Oct 10 - In Chapel this morning they had a lively discussion on the question, Has the horse a mind. Tonight a crowd went to a "darkie" church & we enjoyed it very much.
Oct 11 - Tonight I went to Society and was on for a reading. Mr. Davis and I took a walk after it was over.
Oct 15 - In physiology class some girls couldn't draw a heart on the board & Prof. J. C. sent them out of the class.
Oct 16 - I went to Katie's room to get my sentences & then went to Prayer Meeting & I was on for a reading.
Oct 18 - (Friday) We had all kinds of music tonight, quartets, solos & a duet. We had a big time getting started home. The mules would not stand, and Mr. Davis & Ira helped us in.
Oct 20 - Ella & Lelia brought me to Brentsville. Went to Young People's Meeting & Katie & Ben, Mr. Davis & I went to darkie church & then came home and talked a while.
Oct 27 - (Sunday) Daisy brought me to Brentsville. I went to Young People's Meeting and Mr. Davis came in for a while and gave me some candy. It was a lovely day and night.
Oct 28 - Papa came out this afternoon & brought apples.
Nov 2 - The house George's (Alverta) live in at Brentsville was sold.
Nov 3 - (Sunday) I went to Young People's Meeting and had to read an essay. Mr. Davis came in awhile and got a bouquet.
Nov 12 - Mr. Davis & I went boating.
Nov 16 - Debated the question, "Resolved that man is intellectually superior to woman." But they didn't prove it. Mr. Davis had the News and I put something in about Ira & Fanny Thomas & he is mad about it.
Nov 20 - I went to Prayer Meeting tonight. Mr. Davis was there & he gave me a splendid piece of poetry to read on F. Thomas & Warren on Fri. night.
Nov 23 - (Saturday) George took the team to Brentsville to haul some wood & Mr. Davis was coming along back but it poured down rain & they didn't come. I sewed some today on my dress.
Nov 25 - I have given up History and get out at 3:40.
Nov 26 - They moved the organ out of the office and I practiced on it there. Ben Kerlin led the music class and he had us all laughing.
Nov 30 - (Thanksgiving) Mr. Davis & Ben K. came up & stopped for me and we got up a crowd and went boating. Five of us went the first time and came back and made a fire & the others went. After they came back Ben, Miss Lula, Mr. Davis and I went again & we had a splendid time. I shall never forget Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 1901.
Dec 17 - Ella came down about 6 o'clock & Mr. Davis came also and we went to church & heard a fine sermon.
Dec 19 - Mr. Davis came up & Ella and I went with him to church. It was very good walking & didn't seem far. Some other boys walked with us also.
Dec 20 - This evening Ira, Ella and some others went skating after school & I wrote her essay while she was gone. Papa brought the horse and buggy out for us to go home in the morning & he walked out to church. I went to Society and was on for debate: Resolved that curiosity will lead one farther than necessity will drive him.
Dec 22 - (Sunday) We all went to church this morning. We were here all afternoon alone till about 6 o'clock when Mr. Hullfish stopped in and ask for the girls.
Dec 23 - Ella and I went to the store & got our X-mas presents. They were heavy and we had a time.
Dec 24 - We butchered today. I went with Miss Trout & Nettie to Manassas & to Flory's for supper.
Dec 25 - (Wednesday) We went to church today. I went to Brentsville after Alverta & George & to Flory's for dinner & stayed till preaching tonight. It being X-mas we distributed our presents.
Dec 26 - We fixed today to have our X-mas dinner tomorrow. Mr. Davis was coming out tonight but it rained & Papa wouldn't let us go to church so we were disappointed.
Dec 27 - We had our dinner today. The Hullfish brothers were here. We went to church & Mr. Meese failed to get us a driver as he assured me he would but we got home alright.
Dec 30 - Papa brought Alverta and I out (to Brentsville) this morning & got here in time for music. We had a fine time in Music C this morning as Prof. Beahm wasn't in there. Mr. Davis had charge and such laughing as we did.
Dec 31 - It being the last day of 1901 the students had a "Watch Party" tonight in the study room. Oh but we did have a grand time. Mr. Davis came up also & gave me a beautiful "New Years Gift." A manicure or kind of toilet set & is VERY pretty. Adjourned at 12 o'clock & Mr. Luse rang the bell.

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Mary was 16 years old

Jan 1 - Papa & Mama came out today to our New Year's dinner. Chapel this morning.
Jan 3 - Mr. Crumpacker came to Nokesville to see Daisy & they came out here to see us. They brought us some candy & Mr. C. gave Daisy a fur for a present. He got acquainted with Mr. Davis as George was so much interested. Went to Society tonight and had a dandy debate. Resolved that married life is happier than single.
Jan 6 - Ella and I are thinking of dropping music because the girls are very jealous of us. They think we ought not sing solos. I have boil on my face.
Jan 7 - After school a crowd of students went to Kettle Run bridge skating. Ella and I went but had no skates.
Jan 10 - (Friday) I had the "blues" very bad. Papa & Daisy came out tonight & took us home. Mr. Davis fell down today when playing baseball & hurt himself, but not serious.
Jan 25 - “A Day to be Remembered." (Saturday) Daisy came out after us this morning & took Mr. D. along with us. We stopped at the store & he gave us a quarter to get some candy. After dinner Ella, Daisy, Mr. D. & I went down to Kettle Run railroad bridge. We had a nice time at the bridge & then we came home tired & hungry.
Jan 29 - We gave quotations from great authors this morning in Chapel. We have some awful hard problems in Mental Arithmetic.
Jan 30 - Seemed to me like everything went wrong with me today, but got cheered up this evening. Mr. Roseberry was so kind as to take a lot of us on a sleigh ride this evening and we went clear to Bristow. Ira & Mr. Davis went along also.
Jan 31 - Prof. Beahm appointed me news-reporter.
Feb 3 - I didn't go to school for fear I have the grippe. I studied some today but not much. Was court day & Papa went to Manassas. He got me a cute little silver watch for my birthday though 'tis a little soon. He also got me a corset & Mama some medicine.
Feb 4 - I am better so Papa brought me to Brentsville in the sled.
Feb 5 - Papa & Mr. Sam Hedrick went after some horses today. 'Twas 3 degrees below zero at home this morning.
Feb 6 - We had a good mental arithmetic lesson & written, too.
Feb 7 - We had a time getting ready for Society. Laughed so hard we could hardly dress.
Feb 8 - (Saturday) Papa shot an opossum last night in the chicken house & Mr. Fru sent after it today to have a roast.
Feb 10 - Geo. Staubus was at Hershberger's all night & came up with Mr. Davis this morning. Mr. D. had on a plug hat because they had his other one & he looked so strange.
Feb 20 - I have the "blues" so bad I don't know what to get at. We do have such a bad time in Music.
Feb 21 - Prof. J.C. was over today and things went much better. He got Ella, B.D. & Mr. Davis to sing a quartet.
Feb 22 - (Saturday) 'Twas a dreadful day. Mr. Hale came out after his boys & just took us back to his house & Papa came over there after us. I finished my apron and fixed my collar this evening & got several birthday presents. Mama is worse again.
Feb 24 - Papa brought us to school this morning. Roads were very, rough & took a good while to come. Tomorrow is my birthday and Mr. D. came up here about 8 o'clock this evening and brought me a present, a Webster Dictionary. It is a real nice one.
Feb 25 - We took our dinner with us & Alverta & I went to J. C.'s to sew. Ella and I had a talk with Ira & Mr. D. [Mary’s 17th birthday]
Mar 4 - Mr. Davis borrowed Prof. Beahm's horse & went to Manassas.
Mar 5 - Ella has rheumatism in her leg & hasn't been to school since Monday. 'Twas a dreadful day today.
Mar 6 - I phoned home 4 times today & they are coming for Ella tomorrow.
Mar 7 - Ella is better but Papa came after her & will leave me here over Sunday again which will make me homesick.
Mar 9 - (Sunday) Mr. Davis came up & we went to church.
Mar 10 - Went to school today & made lots of blunders.
Mar 12 - This is a busy examination week with the graduates. I wrote some on my "Salutatory" tonight. I worked on a problem in Partial Payment for more than 2 hours & didn't get it.
Mar 14 - Prof. J. C. & Mr. Davis had quite a discussion at Chapel this morning.
Mar 15 - (Saturday) Papa came after us this morning. Ella is worse this evening. Am having a nice time talking as I haven't seen them for so long.
Mar 7 - Papa brought us to Brentsville this morning. B.D. & Mr. Davis helped to sing at the organ. Had the prettiest flowers I ever saw. I took up Elocution and Letter Writing.
Mar 18 - I wrote some on my Commencement speech tonight.
Mar 19 - Ella is some better. Prof. Beahm gave me some subjects for Ella to write on her speech & I wrote her a letter and sent them to her. Mr. Davis was up to see me.
Mar 21 - Tonight we had a rousing debate. Resolve that the pleasures of hope produce greater happiness than the pleasures of memory. Affirmative P.S.D. & I.S.F.
Mar 22 - (Saturday) Papa came for me this morning. Tonight Messrs. Davis, McKinney & Flory came to see us & we had a fine time. Mr. Crumpacker is sick. He can't get married for a long time.
Mar 24 - Went to school & didn't know my lessons well, but got along alright. We have 6 in Letter Writing class now.
Mar 25 - I wrote out my essay this evening.
Mar 28 - Mr. Davis worked a problem for me. Ira, B.D. & Mr. Davis visited the Algebra & the Letter Writing class & scared Miss Trout so much.
Apr 4 - (Friday) Russell came after us this afternoon. Daisy & Ella went to a party given in honor of Mr. Hullfish, for he is going to leave.
Apr 5 - The girls went to Washington today. I went to meet them this evening & Mr. Davis came too. Had a nice time this evening.
Apr 6 - (Sunday) We were at home all morning and enjoyed the day. This afternoon we went to S.S. & church. Tonight Mr. Davis went home on the 8 o'clock train.
Apr 8 - I got my "Salutatory" in shape & Mr. Davis is going to correct it.
Apr 12 - (Saturday) We cut out our Commencement dresses this afternoon. Alverta & Cora came out this evening.
Apr 15 - Mr. Davis fell down today while playing baseball and hurt his face very bad. He fell against a tree & scratched his face open.
Apr 17 - I went to school & Mr. Davis taught the Penmanship class.
Apr 19 - (Saturday) Ella came home with Cora & George & went over to Hale's house where they will move to.
Apr 22 - As Prof. Beahm said it would be alright, Ella, Ira, Mr. Davis & I went to call On Mrs. 0. Hedrick this evening & got home half past nine. We had a very nice visit.
Apr 24 - We have such hard mental problems to work. Prof. Boorman brought me another piece to play at Commencement called, "The Bonnie Blue Flag."
Apr 28 - We practiced our quartet at noon & is real pretty. I rehearsed my speech to George, Ella & Prof. Beahm.
Apr 30 - Mr. Davis solved a problem in Mental Arithmetic for me. We practiced our quartet. The students are busy rehearsing their pieces.
May 1 - I received the little book, "Men's Thoughts For Men." Will give it as a graduation present to Mr. Davis.
May 3 - (Saturday) We came home before breakfast. Tonight Mr. Davis borrowed Prof. Beahm's horse & buggy & came out here a while. I gave him his graduating present.
May 6 - This evening after school Prof. Crist, E Baker, I. Flory, Ella, Mr. Davis & I all went "flower hunting" & had a fine time..
May 7 - We girls got up early this morning, went over to the church and said our pieces.
May 9 - I went to Society & Ella & Mr. Davis had the negative side of this resolution, "Resolved, that reading affords greater pleasure than music."
May 12 - We had examinations today & it was a rather "Blue Monday." Ella & I went over to the church yard again this evening & played croquet. Mr. Davis sent for a lot of music & gave it all to me.
May 14 - We got through with most of the examinations today. We went to Commencement & there was a large crowd there. I played a piece on the organ.
May 15 - We got our grades. The music class met in the stone church this afternoon to practice, & then Ella & I played croquet & had a nice time. Tonight Ella was on & got 4 bouquets after her piece. I played & got one.
May 16 - We got up half past four this morning & fixed bouquets for our fellows. I was on for Salutatory this morning and got 2 bouquets. There were six graduates. Ira, Mr. Davis & Mr. Colvin in Academics course & George, Ellie Baker & Katie Reed in Teachers course. We came home after the program was finished, & Ira brought Ella. Mr. Davis came on the 6 o'clock train as 'twas the last chance.
May 17 - I got up this morning and was so hoarse I could hardly talk. I played my C. piece for Mr. Davis then I took them all to the train to go to A. M. (Annual Meeting?) Ella didn't go because of a boil on her head. Alverta left Cora here while she is gone. 'Twas sad to see them all leave. I came home and went to work. This afternoon I slept.
May 19 - We got a card from Papa saying they got there alright.
May 20 - It seems so lonely here. Alverta wrote that Mr. Crumpacker went home sick.
May 21 - Papa & Alverta came home and Daisy will stay till tomorrow. They reported a very large crowd there. Papa brought bananas. Today is Ella's birthday.
May 22 - Mr. Davis sent me, as a present, some handkerchiefs.
May 27 - Papa took Mama out riding this evening & I wrote a letter.
May 30 - This evening I went to Nokesville to mail some pictures to Mr. Davis. Papa went to Brentsville to the school meeting.
May 31 - Papa & I went up to Midland this morning to Council Meeting and they had a terrible time quarreling.
June 9 - Papa bought seven horses today and was about to sell the mules.
June 13 - I did a little of most everything today.
June 14 - Papa and Daisy went to Canon Branch to a Love Feast (church communion). During intermission Mr. Conner said all members that attended the Horse Show could not commune and so most of this congregation went home before it was out.
June 17 - Ella & I went to Manassas & I had 4 teeth filled.
June 18 - Mr. Leatherman from Maryland who is selling "Separators" is staying here all night. I got a letter today.
June 19 - Papa bought a Separator this morning for $5.20.
June 20 - Some life insurance men were here for dinner.
June 25 - I made my dress today. Alverta & Cora came and-spent the day. I am reading "Barriers Burned Away."
July 1 - I received a nice letter today. This morning we girls all went up to Russell's house.
July 2 - I ironed this morning and finished Mama's dress this afternoon.
July 3 - Papa took me to Nokesville & I got Daisy a letter. The writer is E. C. Crumpacker.
July 5 - Lelia & I made ice cream for supper. Papa & Mama went to Mrs. Miller's this evening.
July 7 - I went for blackberries this morning. Papa went to Manassas.
July 8 - I worked in the garden this morning & cut carpet rags the rest of the day. All the others took a nap. Papa took Mama & the girls for a ride this evening. We got the school catalogues this morning.
July 10 - I ironed this morning and the girls went after berries. I cook while Ella is away.
July 11 - Daisy, Ella & I went to the "Reception" at Brittons which they gave Russell & Jessie. They were married yesterday. I got a letter today.
July 12 - I went to Mr. Sam Hedrick's tonight & Prof. Crist was there.
July 13 - I went to S.S. this afternoon & then wrote my letter this evening.
July 14 - I made ice cream this evening & I also sold some butter.
July 16 - Ira & Saul came over here & took us on a surprise.
July 18 - A little cyclone struck Mr. Hale's place & no other & did much damage. A remarkable incident.
July 19 - I took Papa to the train to go to Orange & I went to the store.
July 20 - We girls left our bonnets at the church because it was raining.
July 22 - This evening we girls called at Mrs. Millers and were going to call on Russells but a "Serenading Party" came & they wouldn't let us in.
July 25 - This afternoon we quilted a comfort. I made ice cream for dinner.
July 26 - This evening Mr. & Mrs. Staubus came to spend the night.
July 29 - I am making my dress. Mama was in bed nearly all day. Profs. Crist & Ramsbury happened in to stay all night.
Aug 2 - We all went to Council meeting this morning & it all passed off pleasantly until after it was out, then Mr. Saul Flory cut a shine about the Horse Show. Mr. Kitchen folks are here tonight.
Aug 4 - The Miller girls came down for supper & stayed till after dark. We had a nice time playing on the board. We girls all went up to Jessie's then & stayed a while.
Aug 5 - Daisy & I got up at 4 o'clock & got clothes out before breakfast. I went back to bed at 9 o'clock & was there nearly all day. I am not well.
Aug 7 - The thresh machine came here this evening.
Aug 8 - I went to the mail box & got Ella a letter from Ira & myself one from P.S.D. Daisy got one this evening also.
Aug 10 - (Sunday) We got up late this morning & we had a very extensive breakfast. We went to church & Mr. Spiker preached. I wrote a letter this evening.
Aug 11 - I took a notion this morning to go to the Valley tomorrow and had to hustle around to get ready.
Aug 12 - This morning Papa took me to Nokesville & I took the 7 o'clock train to Manassas, and then together with the horse men, took Branch train & came to Harrisonburg & came to Uncle Jake Early's. I went to town and had my pictures taken. Stood the trip all right but got a dreadful headache.
Aug 13 - This morning Uncle Jake brought me to Uncle Abe Millers. Had a nice time there and the girls brought me to Uncle Jonas Earlys this evening.
Aug 14 - I was at Uncle Jonases this morning & Aunt Mag went with us to see Mollie Lineweaver this afternoon. Frank brought me to Aunt Hetties girls this evening. The men all went to the Horse Show.
Aug 15 - I spent the day with Aunt Sis & had a real nice visit. I also went to see Aunt Frannie Miller a little & she is very ill. Mary Early & I went up to the College to Normal Practice tonight.
Aug 16 - A crowd of 13 girls went to Scribbling Springs today. We had a very nice time. There were sulphur, iron & alum springs there. Annie Early stayed up & I came home worn out & tired. But I got a letter from Pa. this evening when I got home. I wrote home tonight.
Aug 17 - Cousin Mary & I walked out to the Bridgewater church and I went to cousin Sue Richeys. Tonight Paul came up & we took a ride while Dan & the girls played on the game board.
Aug 18 - Cousin Mot & Ida Early came up & we went with them.
Aug 19 - We are having a fine time. I wrote a letter this morning to Penna. We had ice cream for dinner & supper and watermelon afterward. Paul brought me to Bridgewater tonight.
Aug 20 - This morning I put out a wash. I got a letter from home and they are all well. Cousin Lizzie & I went down to Aunt Sis's. Aunt Fannie is very poorly. I got me a pair of shoes & some ribbon. Prof. Crist came to see me this evening & took me to the singing practice tonight.
Aug 21 - This morning I went up to the Early girl's and did my ironing. I packed up and came to make my home with Aunt Sis. This afternoon Cousin Lizzie & I went up to the college to a class of practice. Jake Garber took us in the library too. This evening Aunt Sis & I went over to Uncle Johns.
Aug 22 - Lottie & I went to see Grandmother awhile this morning. We went to Aunt Lizzie Miller's & coming home we met Prof. Crist going to Uncle John's, but he came back with us. Tonight the Prof. took me to the Concert & got me a ticket. Aunt Fannie died this afternoon & Uncle Mart sent a telegram to Papa.
Aug 23 - I went to the store for Aunt Sis & went on down to the Girls & talked to Paul on the phone.
Aug 24 - We went to Aunt Fannie's funeral. Mama & Papa came over & I was so glad. Fannie looked real nice. Had a black, costly casket & a cream shroud. Tonight Paul Snell took me to church at Dayton.
Aug 25 - I went to the P.O. & got a letter. Mama & Papa went to Conners awhile. We then went to Uncle Marks for supper & stayed all night.
Aug 26 - Uncle Mart took us to the Factory & Mama got us some skirts. Mama is standing the trip nicely, but I am billious.
Aug 27 - This morning Ollie took us up to Uncle Joe Glick's and I was in bed nearly all day. After supper we went out in the orchard. It is the steepest hill I ever saw.
Aug 28 - I was better this morning. Uncle Joe took us all to Sangersville to the Ministerial Meeting. I went with Annie & Mama & Papa in the new buggy.
Aug 29 - Uncle Sam drove off with my telescope & I came to Cousin Jack Millers.
Aug 31 - (Sunday) Lenna took us to Bridgewater Lake & my telescope was at Uncle Mart's.
Sep 1 - I came to Aunt Sis's before breakfast this morning & put out a wash. I ironed some this afternoon. The roomers came today & Aunt Sis was busy. (Aunt Sis rented rooms to Bridgewater College students) Mama & Papa went home today. I hated to see them leave.
Sep 2 - Aunt Sis & I went to the opening of the school this morning. They have enrolled between sixty and seventy students. I got better today.
Sep 3 - We got Uncle Mart's horse & buggy & Aunt Sis and I went to Aunt Dianna's. We had a fine dinner & enjoyed the day immensely.
Sep 4 - I finished my ironing this morning. This afternoon Aunt Sis & I went to the store & got some presents. This evening we left Bridgewater for good. I got another letter this evening.
Sep 5 - Alas Gnagey brought us to Cousin Dan Early's. Inez & I went to Dayton & wrote a card home & went through the school building.
Sep 6 - Inez & I worked at our handkerchiefs. Cousin Mary Early came down on her wheel (chair?) & we all went to New Hope this afternoon to Mary Garbers. We got there at about dark & had the nicest kind of supper, and ice cream also.
Sep 7 - (Sunday) About 11 o'clock we all went over to Cousin Abe Earlys for dinner. The boys are so sociable. At six o'clock we started for home and had a nice drive. We got home at eleven.
Sep 8 - We got up very early this morning & Cousin Dan took us to Pleasant Valley to take the train to come home. We had a fine ride in the train. Mrs. Sager was at Manassas to meet Inez, & I went with them to Brentsville as 'twas the opening of school. The girls were there & also Mr. Davis. Mr. Davis walked with me to the gate & we had a splendid little talk again. He came to go to school.
Sep 10 - Papa, Mama & Daisy went to Warrenton today to get Daisy's wedding clothes. She will be married the 14th of Oct.
Sep 12 - Ella & I sent in our Society resignations this week.
Sep 14 - (Sunday) We went to S.S. & Messrs. Davis, Flory & McKinney were here for supper & went with us to church.
Sep 15 - We all went to preaching tonight. Bro. Bonsack & Bro. Peck were here tonight.
Sep 16 - Bro. Peck was here all day and he liked to talk to us girls. Tonight I went to church & Ira & Mr. Davis were there and came home with us.
Sep 20 - I baked pies & cleaned chickens. Went to church tonight.
Sep 21 - (Sunday) Went to S.S. & church this morning and heard a fine sermon on "Faith." Mr. Davis came along for dinner, then we went to S.S. at the Valley this afternoon. Ira took Ella. We went to church tonight. Mr. Davis was one horseman.
Sep 22 - We went to church tonight. Ira & Mr. Davis were out & came with us home.
Sep 23 - This morning we made saur-kraut. Went to church tonight & Ira brought Mr. Davis out again. They brought us some candy.
Sep 24 - I didn't go to church.
Sep 25 - We went to preaching tonight.
Sep 26 - We all went to church tonight.
Sep 27 - We went to church tonight. Mr. Davis came along tonight.
Sep 28 - (Sunday) Today was lovely. The morning with its beams of sunlight put forth in us new energy. Our company entertained themselves by singing till we all went to church. Many were here for dinner. The girls & Mr. Davis & I walked. We went to church tonight. Today will long be remembered.
Sep 29 - Mama & we girls had a nice talk together about different things. Mr. Davis brought to me a book to read called "Mr. World and Miss Church Member." Tonight I went to church. Ira & Sherman brought us home.
Oct 1 - (Wednesday) This afternoon we had preaching at the church & were fifteen baptized. Went to church tonight & was a large crowd.
Oct 2 - Tonight we all went to church.
Oct 3 - Was a large crowd at preaching.
Oct 4 - Papa & Bro. Bonsack went to Mr. Hales to settle a little trouble between Fleeta and Mr. Diehl, in order that Mr. Diehl may join the church. This afternoon they went to Cannon Branch to a fussy Council. We had a large crowd at church tonight.
Oct 5 - (Sunday) We went to church this morning & heard a fine sermon on "Christian Fellowship." Four were here for dinner. We had lots of music this afternoon & all went to church tonight. Tonight was the farewell sermon.
Oct 7 - Papa went to Manassas for ingredients to bake a wedding fruit cake which we baked this evening.
Oct 8 - Daisy mailed some wedding cards today.
Oct 9 - Alverta & Cora came over & we bake four cakes this morning.
Oct 10 - I went to the station to mail a lot of invitations.
Oct 11 - This evening Mr. Crumpacker came & Russell met him at the station.
Oct 12 - (Sunday) We all went to church this morning. Ola & I went to Brentsville to church & Young People's Meeting.
Oct 13 - This afternoon Papa & Emory went to Manassas for the license. They are having a fine time tonight. Old Aunt Manda Thomas came to help with the work.
Oct 14 - The boys and girls decorated the parlor this morning then John & Emory went to Brentsville. Alverta & I made the ice cream after dinner. Emory & Daisy were married at half-past six, ate supper, then took the 8 o'clock train for Washington. Four couples of us went to the depot. There were 20 strangers here. A crowd came and serenaded them good. Ira was chosen as a waiter with Viola, but owing to his bruised face from playing "base" Mr. McKinney took his place with Ella & John Crumpacker. Mr. Davis was here also. They received lots of presents.
Oct 15 - Aunt Manda was here all day. Ella seems entirely lost without Daisy. John Crumpacker left on the early train & Prof. Long went to visit the school at Brentsville.
Oct 16 - We did our morning wash. Lelia & Ola went to school.
Oct 17 - We got a letter from Daisy & she is having a fine time. I also got one from P.S.D. saying we are going after chestnuts tomorrow, so I fixed a chicken, baked pies & made some candy tonight.

Oct 18 - Mr. Hanft, Katie Kerlin & Mr. Davis came out here soon this morning in Kerlin's surrey. Mr. McKinney came in his buggy to take Ella. We started out & went to New Baltimore, about ten miles from here & got some candy then we came back a piece where we looked for chestnuts & ate dinner which the boys enjoyed immensely. Mr Hanft took our pictures with his Kodak while we were seated around our refreshments. Mr. Hanft drove coming home & we came around by Haymarket and Buckland. We stopped at the latter at Dr. Brown's for a drink of water & at Haymarket we had our horse shod. We indeed had an enjoyable ride home and today will long be remembered by us all. We arrived at the Early home about half past seven o'clock and P.S.D. stayed all night.
Oct 21 - Ella & I washed this morning & made sauekraut and canned apples this afternoon.
Oct 25 - Ella baked and I cleaned up. Papa bought two horses yesterday.
Oct 25 - (Sunday) We all went to church this morning but Ella. Papa preached. Messrs. McKinney & Davis were there & they went to Hale's to dinner & came over here this evening and surprised us.
Oct 30 - We put up the parlor stove this afternoon. Papa got an overcoat today.
Nov 6 - Got a letter from Daisy & she is not homesick.
Nov 7 - Ella & I went to Brentsville this afternoon. I visited the typewriting class, Ira was the only one in.
Nov 16 - (Sunday) Barbara Miller & Mr. Davis were here for dinner. Mr. S. brought me some pictures that we had taken on our chestnut hunt. We all went to church tonight. Papa preached.
Nov 17 - We buried the cabbage this afternoon.
Nov 20 - Ella and I went to Manassas & got me a black dress.
Nov 21 - I got by express a collar & cuff box for which I sent to the Youth's Companion.
Nov 27 - Thanksgiving. Ira came for Ella & we all went to the Valley to Meeting and to a turkey roast at Mr. Geo. Flory's. Had a nice time. We came home and went to Fleeta H's. birthday party. She had about 30 young people. After a lively time we returned.
Nov 28 - We butchered today. I did the work in the house.
Nov 29 - I baked and Ella cleaned up this morning. Ella & I went to Prayer Meeting. Mr. Davis was there & told me he is summoned home on a court trial & will leave tomorrow night. He gave me my photos he sent for.
Dec 3 - I received a letter from Pa. today & answered it tonight.
Dec 5 - Ella & I made out orders for Birk's Christmas cards, etc., tonight.
Dec 11 - Ella & played a joke on Ola by fixing up a pig tail in a box. She was a little angry for a while.
Dec 12 - Papa went to Nokesville for the mail & I got a letter from Pa.
Dec 14 - (Sunday) We all went to church except Ola & Lelia and Papa preached. Came home for dinner & went back for S.S. Nobody came today.
Dec 15 - I got my Christmas cards & a letter from Paul Snell.
Dec 16 - I finished Mama's dress & they baked fruit cakes.
Dec 19 - This afternoon Ella & I took a stroll through the woods for evergreens to decorate for Christmas. It was a reminder of happy times last winter.
Dec 20 - I was on for a recitation at Young People's. Ira told me Daisy is sick.
Dec 21 - I went to Mr. Sam Flory's to stay all night. I went over to see Mrs. Huffman & had a real nice time.
Dec 22 - I went to Brentsville after Viola.
Dec 23 - Mama & Ella went to Nokesville. We baked a cake this afternoon.
Dec 24 - Ella baked & I cleaned up for X-mas. Daisy, Emory & Delia came on the morning train. Daisy phoned home. We had a nice time tonight. Daisy brought us each a little present.
Dec 25 - X-mas morning & the ground is white with snow. We all, except for Mama, went to church & Emory preached. Ira, Mr. Davis, Mr. Seese & Mr. McKiney were here for dinner. Mr. Davis has an extremely bad cold. I gave him a cuff & collar box for a X-mas present and he gave me a silver watch chain. We had a nice time tonight. Mr. Davis went home tonight.
Dec 27 - Went to Mr. Hales to spend the day. I looked for company but didn't come.
Dec 30 - Was a lovely day, fine for visiting. Paul & I went to Alvertas & Daisy packed her things.
Dec 31 - Daisy, Emory & Delia started for home this morning & Ella & I took them to the train. Daisy hated very much to go again. Paul went with them to Midland on the same train.

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Mary was 17 years old

January 1, 1903 - Mama & I ironed. Paul came back last night & was here all day. We played on the board tonight & I beat.
Jan 2 - Paul, Ella & myself went to Mr. Hales to spend the day & had a nice time. We played crokonole & checkers. Papa loaded Daisy's things today & also sent a horse, Lock-Glen to her.
Jan 3 - Mr. Davis came to see me tonight on the 6 o'clock train.
Jan 4 - (Sunday) This was a rainy day. P.S.D. seems to strike rainy days for visiting here. We went to S.S. Ira came & I got supper for the boys. We had a lovely time tonight. Sherman went back with Ira.
Jan 8 - Ella & went to the store after dinner. The roads are terrible. Got a letter from Emory, they received the horse alright.
Jan 18 - It was down to 12 this morning. They gathered ice today.
Jan 14 - Was cold & clear. Ice wagons were numerous. I dressed my doll & got a letter this evening.
Jan 17 - Papa & Ella went to Prayer Meeting. Mr. Davis came to Nokesville on the train. He brought me some hickory nuts which his brother sent me & a book to read "Tales from Shakespeare."
Jan 18 - (Sunday) Mr. Davis took our pictures this afternoon. We all walked to church tonight. Papa preached.
Jan 20 - Tonight I read in my good book.
Jan 23 - I joined my ocean-wave quilt & is very pretty.
Jan 27 - We knotted three comforters today and pieced a quilt tonight.
Jan 31 - (Saturday) Had church Council & had a pleasant meeting. Mr. Davis came on the train.
Feb 2 - Mr. Davis stayed till noon.
Feb 9 - We washed this morning & I finished piecing the star quilt. Papa bought a pony today.
Feb 13 - This was a very busy day for me. I walked to Nokesville this afternoon. I received a beautiful picture today. We studied S.S. lesson tonight.
Feb 14 - Papa & I drove to Manassas & I had two teeth filled. We came home through the rain. Went to Prayer Meeting at Nokesville church in evening.
Feb 17 - I received a valentine of pretty cards & a ring this evening, mailed at Midland.
Feb 18 - It was down to 4 above zero this morning. Papa bought a horse. Feb 24 Washed this morning & set hens this afternoon. Papa & Mama went calling to Mrs. Millers this evening.
Feb 25 - I got a Bible for a birthday present & also received a letter. [Mary’s 18th birthday]
Feb 26 - Papa went to Mr. Walker's sale today. He sold Grace & two other horses this week.
Feb 28 - (Saturday) I baked & Ella did the house cleaning.
Mar 5 - Ella & I walked to Alverta's & had a very pleasant time.
Mar 6 - I cleaned up & Ella baked cakes. We played and sang tonight.
Mar 7 - (Saturday) The day was extremely rainy & prevented Messrs. Hanft, Davis & Flory from coming to take a walk to the R.R. bridge.
Mar 8 - (Sunday) We went to the Valley church. Mr. Davis came home with us. Rained very hard & we did not go to S.S. Mr. Davis went home with Ira.
Mar 9 - Papa visited the sick.
Mar 10 - Ella went to the store & got me a sunbonnet. I gathered 38 eggs this evening.
Mar 11 - Made my bonnet this morning. Papa went to Calverton to a sale. Grace Hershberger was married this evening Left for Pa.
Mar 14 - (Saturday) With many blessings I enjoyed this lovely day. Messrs. Davis & Hanft came on the ten o'clock train. Ira came after dinner & we all took a walk to the R.R. bridge. Took our pictures & then came home & went to Prayer Meeting. Prof. Crist was here a while this evening. We ate peanuts & candy & the day was a most enjoyable one.
Mar 15 - (Sunday) We went to S.S. & back for dinner. Took more pictures, today & Mr. Davis & I took a stroll through the woods. Mr. Hanft had a very pleasant time teasing. Went to church tonight & the boys went home on the train.
Mar 16 - Ella has decided to attend school this term. Saturday I received from George a birthday present, a bottle of perfumery & a book called "Familiar Biblical Quotations."
Mar 17 - Ella & I went to the school house to the closing & sang a piece. The eggs are hatching today. Papa went to look for a horse.
Mar 19 - I put up a hen with 18 little chickens.
Mar 20 - Mr. Seese had engaged Ella & Ito sing at the entertainment at his school, so Tasker Massheller came over after us this evening. We went there for supper & walked over to the school house; a large crowd gathered & had a nice program. Ella & I each sang a solo, and a duet. We are having a nice time here, eating apples & talking. They are all so jolly.
Mar 21 - We enjoyed the morning until it quit raining, & Tasker brought us home.
Mar 23 - (Monday) Russell took Alverta home & Ella to Brentsville to start to school. Papa went to Warrenton.
Mar 24 - Papa went for a horse which he bought yesterday. We bought some bananas, oranges & vanilla extract from a peddler.
Mar 25 - I am reading a very interesting book entitled "The Orphan Children."
Mar 26 - Papa sold his dun horse for $125. (Note: dictionary says "dun" is a dull grayish brown color. A dun horse is one with a black mane and tail).
Mar 27 - (Friday) This afternoon I went after Ella. I visited a class. Saw & talked to Mr. Davis a little, then came home. Finished my book tonight.
Mar 29 - (Sunday) We all went to S.S. & Mr. Davis came along & Papa, Mama & Lelia went to Mr. Millers for dinner. Ira came & we all laughed heartily when I read funny pieces from Mr. Hanft's book. Mr. Davis went home with Ira.
Mar 30 - Papa took Ella to Brentsville & Russell took our visitors to the train. Papa & Russell worked on the road. I sent an April Fool to Ella & Ola sent one to Mr. Davis.
Apr 1 - Ola & I washed & I worked at the flower bed. I got an April Fool from Brentsville. Have more little chickens.
Apr 2 - The school board met at Nokesville & there are many applicants for teachers, among them Mr. Davis & Mr. Kerlin.
Apr 4 - (Saturday) Papa went to Cannon Branch to Annual Meeting but didn't get the horse show matter settled. Went to Prayer Meeting & Enoch came with me home but is both the first & last time.
Apr 5 - I lay in bed till nine o'clock. Mama, Lelia, Ella & Papa went to Mr. Mark's for dinner & I looked for company but didn't come.
Apr 5 - Papa took Ella to school & went from there to Manassas.
Apr 6 - I set five hens.
Apr 11 - (Easter) We went to church in the morning. Came home for dinner & went to S.S. at Nokesville. Messrs. Davis & Flory came along down & we all enjoyed the ice cream quite much. Ola & Viola played a little trick on us by tying a string to the door knob.
Apr 14 - Papa went to Brentsville to Board meeting. He informed me that Mr. Davis is being solicited as Principal of the school.
Apr 21 - Our large horse, Dick, wounded Minnie by kicking her. A large piece of flesh was torn from her hip. Mr. Miller came over to doctor.
Apr 22 - Phone for Mr. Hedrick & he came out & sewed up the snag in Minnie. Was a very deep & painful wound.
Apr 23 - Russell plowed the garden. Minnie is no better.
Apr 24 - Made garden & cleaned up. Mr. Hedrick was here & he thinks Minnie is better.
Apr 26 - I took Ella to Brentsville & drove Bird.
Apr 29 - Papa helped & we fixed up the flowers & put bulbs in the front yard. Put up 50 more little chickens.
May 1 - I went to Nokesville this morning & Papa went to Manassas. We baked & I went after dogwood for the parlor.
May 2 - (Saturday) We all went to Council Meeting at the Valley church. Ira & Sherman came here this evening & brought peanuts & candy. Then we went to Prayer Meeting.
May 3 - I boiled ice cream & George came & helped freeze it.
May 4 - Papa took Ella to school. Mr. Hedrick & Papa went to Manassas Court. No licence was granted for a saloon at Nokesville though they fought for it.
May 5 - Papa went to a Board meeting at Brentsville this afternoon & they are having a night session. No principal has yet been secured.
May 7 - Papa reported that J. C. Beahm has been made principal & Mr. Davis teacher.
May 9 - Papa went to Brentsville to Board Meeting; hired one teacher, Miss Crissie Heddings.
May 10 - (Sunday) All went to church. Mr. Davis with Ella & I went to Mr. S. Hedricks for dinner. Had a real nice time. Ira came & we four went to S.S. at Nokesville. Went for flowers this evening & enjoyed the walk immensely.
May 20 - Went to Brentsville for Commencement & I staying with Ella. Ira & Mr. Davis took us home & had a pleasant little walk to the well.
May 21 - I enjoyed the day. I went with Ella to Chapel & they called on me for a speech but I refused. I went in some classes but were all examinations. Ate dinner at Kerlins. After dinner Mr. Davis & others & I took a stroll for ferns, & had a very pleasant time. Came back & I took supper at Mr. Hookers & had ice cream & strawberries.
May 22 - We rose & fixed some bouquets for the historians. In all there were eleven graduates. After adjournment Mr. Davis came with us home. Ira & Ella stayed for dinner. Tonight the boys went home.
May 24 - (Sunday) Andes's folks, Prof. Crist, Ira, Mr. Davis, Viola & Mollie were here for dinner.
May 26 - Ira is to start for Mr. Morris tomorrow & he came by this evening to tell us goodby, perhaps will not see him for three years. I gave him my picture.
May 31 - (Sunday) Went to S.S. this morning & Mr. Davis came for dinner.
June 1 - Mr. Davis left for home on the 7 o'clock train. I sent a few roses to his mother.
June 5 - My administration as cook sets in today & I baked bread.
June 11 - Papa went to Mr. Hales to sell the pony to a man from Washington, but failed
June 15 - Put my quilt in frames. Men worked on the road. Finished reading "The Lamplighter."
June 18 - Alverta came over & helped us quilt. Had new apples today, the first. Sent for a new sewing machine with Alverta.
June 19 - Finished quilt till noon & hemmed my quilt this afternoon. Got a nice letter. Canned gooseberries.
June 23 - Papa went to Remington & missed the train coming home.
June 24 - Papa came home this morning. We quilted but is slow work. We had ice cream for dinner. The men cut wheat today.
June 28 - (Sunday) Weather is very inclement. We almost stuck going to church.
June 29 - Papa sold a cow to Mr. Marks.
July 6 - Is Lelia's birthday & we made ice cream. We dried apples & picked blackberries.
July 7 - We boiled apple butter today. The men made about forty five gallons of cider.
July 8 - I received a book from Mr. Davis & answered my letter tonight.
July 10 - I did my mending & got dinner for hay hands. I went after berries this evening. Read some in my book. -
July 11 - We got our new sewing machine today and like it splendid.
July 14 - Ella went to Manassas to teacher's examination. I took her to the depot & then went after berries. After dinner I canned seven cans, baked cake and pies, & killed chickens. Men are making hay.
July 16 - Ola helped unload hay. I wrote a letter & then Ella & I went to Nokesville. Got home late & finished the work.
July 23 - Mama & Ola went for berries. I made pickles & pies. George was here plowing. I wrote some on my essay this evening. Horse Show ended today.
July 27 - Papa went to Warrenton and bought a horse.
July 28 - Another wreck on the railroad.
July 30 - George moved here & will rent the farm. Ella is fixing to leave tomorrow to see Daisy for a month.
Aug 1 - I was chorister at Prayer Meeting.
Aug 4 - Mama & I took chickens to the store & bought some things. Made Ola a skirt this afternoon. Papa went to Brentsville.
Aug 6 - The Board of Directors met to settle a difficulty existing between J. C. Beahm and S. F. Kerlin about the moving of the phone. It is dreadful.
Aug 7 - We ironed and filled the dry-house. I worked among the flowers this afternoon. I got a letter at noon.
Aug 11 - Ella was appointed teacher at Nokesville school.
Aug 14 - I made Papa a shirt, & myself a skirt. They killed a beef this morning
Aug 15 - I canned six cans of peaches. Papa went to Orange. Got a letter.
Aug 20 - I made Papa a shirt & Lelia a dress. Made peach pickle & jelly.
Aug 21 - Papa, Mama & I went to Manassas after dinner. Came around by Brentsville & hired a room at Dr. Wine's for me.
Aug 26 - We ironed & sewed a little & filled the dry-house. Papa went to Auburn to see about a horse.
Aug 27 - I went to make Cora a dress. Papa sold two horses yesterday.
Sep 3 - I went to meet Ella tonight. She came on 7:30 train & brought us little items of love.
Sep 5 - Papa has rheumatism very bad. I read in "Little Women."
Sep 7 - Papa went to Manassas to the Dr. Emory sent us a barrel of watermelons, got them this evening.
Sep 10 - I looked for Mr. Davis this evening but he didn't come.
Sep 11 - George went to a sale at Brentsville & as Mr. Davis was there he came home with George. He gave me a beautiful little watch. I made ice cream.
Sep 12 - We cut a watermelon, then Mr. Davis went with George to Millers. Mama & Papa went after our trunks.
Sep 13 - (Sunday) Mr. Davis & I went to S.S. Mr. D. went to Brentsville.
Sep 14 - School at Brentsville opened. We all went excepting Mama. Ola & I will room at Dr. Wine's and go to school.
Sep 15 - We moved out here today. I have five hard studies. The people here are very kind to us. School opened with about forty five pupils.
Sep 16 - I got up very soon and studied. Went to school & got along fairly well. Mr. Davis taught my algebra class. Mr. Wine's are very good to us.
Sep 18 - (Friday) I studied very hard this morning. Had planned to take a walk but had to forgo that pleasure as Ella came for us. A Literary program is being rendered.
Sep 21 - (Monday) Papa brought us to school. I went to Prof. Beahms & Ola went to Prof. Whitmers. I am having a time with algebra.
Sep 22 - It was bright without but dull within college walls for me. Have a cold & hard lessons. Mr. Davis gave me a cute little pencil this evening.
Sep 24 - Got some news this evening.
Sep 25 - I received several good jokes about my paper tonight. Ola was on for a recitation.
Sep 26 - (Saturday) Mr. Davis came on the 6 o'clock train.
Sep 28 - (Monday) School went all wrong. We can't get our trunk unlocked & the boys all take great interest in it. Mr. Davis came over this evening but didn't get it done.
Sep 30 - I taught U. S. History. I feel "blue" and gloomy.
Oct 1 - Mr. Hylton & I got our rhetoric together. I am very much discouraged.
Oct 2 - Mr. Davis is President of debating.
Oct 4 - (Sunday) Oh, such a pretty day. They all went to Valley S.S. but myself. I studied my lessons. Went to church tonight.
Oct 5 - We came to school & Papa stayed till after dinner to visit school. Mr. Whitmer is a very poor teacher.
Oct 6 - Mr. Davis came to see me on a little business. We used the parlor. School is good.
Oct 8 - I got a good grade in History.
Oct 9 - Papa came for us before Society but we got substitutes. We ironed all evening after we got home.
Oct 10 - (Saturday) I went to Alverta's & did her work. We all went to Valley church in the evening. Mr. Davis came along home with us.
Oct 11 - Papa brought Ola, Mr. Davis & I to Brentsville this afternoon. Mr. Davis came a while tonight & Mr. Jones came with Ola.
Oct 14 - I have felt very much discouraged all day. I talked home.
Oct 15 - Mr. Jones & Ola, Mr. Davis & I & other school boys went to church.
Oct 16 - Mr. Davis cut his hand on a window glass & he went to the Dr. & had it dressed.
Oct 18 - (Sunday) Mr. Davis came in to have Dr. Wine dress his thumb. Dr. Wines are very kind to us.
Oct 19 - School was fairly good. Mr. Davis came over to Dr. again this evening. I went down & held the lamp for him.
Oct 20 - I went to school & got along very well. Tonight we went to church & Mama brought us some things. Tonight was a memorable night for us.
Oct 21 - I spent a miserable night and day. Lessons were fairly good. Mr. Davis came over to have his hand dressed, Dr. wasn't here so Mrs. Wine & I did it. I had a talk with him which straightened out matters.
Oct 22 - Mama brought us chicken & other good things. Mr. Yoder, Ola, Mr. Davis & I went to church tonight (Thursday).
Oct 23 - Went home after Society. (To Nokesville)
Oct 24 - (Saturday) I went to Nokesville and then we went to church. Mr. Davis came home with us.
Oct 25 - We all went to S.S. & church. Went to Brentsville & Mr. Yoder & Mr. Davis went with us to church.
Oct 27 - Had very hard lessons. There is some little trouble in school. I wrote three essays.
Oct 28 - I made good grades in General History, but we had a time in Algebra. I am kept very busy.
Oct 29 - I went to school, and studied very hard after school in order that I might go to church. Mr. Yoder & Mr. Davis went with us.
Oct 30 - I fared very well although my lessons were not complete. Tonight we went to Society & Mr. Yoder & Mr. Davis came in a while. We had a nice time. I wrote an essay after they left.
Oct 31 - (Saturday) I cleaned up our room while Ola went to the store, and Mr. Davis then came over & walked with us to Council meeting at the Valley church. Ella & I went to G. Flory's for supper & then went to Prayer Meeting. I was on for an essay. We drove home alone.
Nov 1 - (Sunday) Papa went to church & Mama & I stayed home. Papa brought three home with him for dinner. Went to S.S. & preaching tonight.
Nov 2 - I did up work in the house, & Mama brought us to Brentsville.
Nov 3 - I was sick but went to school. We had the picture of the school taken this morning. Got some medicine from Dr. Wine.
Nov 4 - Got excused from my morning classes and Mrs. Wine gave me some medicine. Went to school this afternoon. Mr. Davis came over to see me this evening.
Nov 5 - Went to school & got along better. Phoned home this evening.
Nov 6 - (Friday) Alverta came after us. We got very cold going home. I studied some tonight.
Nov 7 - (Saturday) I worked hard cooking for hay-bailers & about noon Mr. Ringgold & wife came. Baked little cakes & some pies. This afternoon I studied & Mr. Davis came for a while. He brought me some nice candy and was so kind as to write my debate for me. It was a perfect day.
Nov 8 - (Sunday) I stayed home this morning & studied rhetoric while the others all went to church. I had dinner ready when they came, and we went to S.S. Came home and again went to Brentsville. Mr. Davis went home & Mr. Yoder came in for a while.
Nov 9 - The teachers are having a dreadful time with some affairs.
Nov 10 - The teachers are having some trouble with a few of the students.
Nov 11 - Mr. Davis gave me my debate this morning.
Nov 12 - School is getting along nicely with a few exceptions.
Nov 13 - I am having a very hard time in Miss Crissie's classes.
Nov 14 - Saturday) Ella went to Brentsville to a teacher's meeting. Mr. Davis came back with Ella.
Nov 15 - (Sunday) Ola, Mr. D. & I went to Dr. Wine's for dinner. We had a grand time.
Nov 16 - I talked to Prof. Beahm about dropping History. Got along very well in school.
Nov 19 - I undertook to cook beans & attend recitation at the same time, but failed. My dinner burned.
Nov 20 - Papa came out to Society & I was on the debate. Resolved, The World is Growing Better.
Nov 22 - (Sunday) We all went to church. Mr. Davis & Prof. Beahm were here for dinner. Profs. went to S.S. & Ella brought us to Brentsville. Went to Young People's meeting & our company came in for a while.
Nov 24 - Mr. D. came for my watch to send it with Mr. Kerlin to Manassas. Worked some on my essay.
Nov 25 - (Wednesday) We had quite a good discussion in rhetoric. I made a good mark on examination in General History. I have an attack of the grippe and am scarcely able to be up. Alverta came after us this evening.
Nov 26 - (Thursday) I did not go to church but stayed at home and fried chicken and doctored myself.
Nov 27 - Ella taught school, Ola ironed and I have the grippe. They had school at Brentsville and Society.
Nov 28 - Ella went to Manassas on the 7 o'clock train and she and Mr. Davis came back on the 6 o'clock.
Nov 29 - (Sunday) I felt no better today. Mr. Davis left on the noon train.
Nov 30 - Papa took Ola to school today and I had to stay home. I am still the same.
Dec 1 - Dr. Wine came out this afternoon and gave me three kinds of medicine. Ella made out some X-mas orders for us.
Dec 2 - I feel better today. I worked button holes on my gown. Alverta and George went to Nokesville and left Cora here. She cried the whole time.
Dec 3 - I fixed my dress and Mama went to help Alverta knot a comfort this afternoon. I was here alone. I wrote an essay. We just heard that A. P. Bucher has come to teach in Whitmore's place.
Dec 4 - This afternoon I went to Brentsville and took the people on surprise.
Dec 5 - (Saturday) We started home early this morning. I studied some.
Dec 6 - (Sunday) We got up very late and were here alone all day. This afternoon we went to S.S. and to church tonight.
Dec 7 - Papa brought us to school this morning and I was very cold. My lessons are all hard and I am discouraged.
Dec 8 - I got along fairly well today. They butchered at home today.
Dec 10 - George came out this morning and will take Whitmore's place in school. They started the new studies and I take Etymology.
Dec 11 - Mr. Davis got Katie to sing in Chapel because he was very hoarse. It snowed again last night but we came home after Society.
Dec 12 - (Saturday) Thermometer registered 12 degrees above zero. Papa and George sawed wood. I helped to bake and did a little sewing after dinner. Studied my lessons tonight.
Dec 13 - (Sunday) We went to S.S. and coming home the horse kicked up. Came to Brentsville tonight and Enoch took the surrey home. Prof. Beahm preached and then I had a good talk once again.
Dec 14 - Papa brought us some wood. Mr. Yoder came in to see Ola and I had to clean up room.
Dec 15 - I went to school and had very hard lessons. We practiced a quartet at noon for Greenwich Teacher's meeting. I talked home this evening. Ola went to store and Mr. Davis gave her some candy for us.
Dec 16 - I knew my lessons well today. I have finished an essay and it is now 12 o'clock.
Dec 18 - (Friday) We practiced our quartet at noon and Alverta came after us third period. I studied after I got home, and Mr. Davis and B. D. Kerlin came out here after Society. They got extremely cold.
Dec 19 - (Saturday) Ella, Ola and B. D. went in the surrey and Mr. Davis and I in the buggy to Greenwich to Teacher's Meeting. The crowd was very small and we got home about 2 o'clock. Mr. Davis made a speech and we sang two quartets. George went to Nokesville and got us candy and peanuts. Played on the Board and I got beat nearly every time.
Dec 20 - (Sunday) We went to S.S., came home, got dinner and then Ella brought us to Brentsville. I wrote an essay and went to Young People's Meeting. Mr. D. and Mr. Jones came in and the boys hid their overshoes.
Dec 21 - I went to school and didn't know some of my lessons. Mr. Davis is sick again.
Dec 22 - Rhetoric class was small but well prepared. George came over this morning to have me fix his trousers.
Dec 23 - My lessons were very well prepared. The Board met this afternoon and Papa brought the surrey out for us to go home. He then came with Mr. Hale and told us they gave the music class to Prof. Beahm but he will not accept it.
Dec 24 - (Thursday) I went to Nokesville early this morning and got some Xmas gifts. Ella and I baked a cake and made pies. Mr. Davis came this evening on the 6 o'clock train to stay over Sunday. Joe Herring's house burned down today.
Dec 25 - Xmas morning dawned pouring down rain. Each one enjoyed the presents placed on the table for them. I received a traveling hand satchel and other things together with the Diary Book that Mr. Davis gave me. I gave him hat & coat mark and pocket glass. He has rheumatism very bad so he and I stayed at home with Mama, Lelia and Cora. We had our Xmas dinner.
Dec 26 - I cleaned up some and finished my waist. Mr. Davis wrote a letter to his mother this morning and teased the girls. Had a late dinner and no supper. I fixed the boxes for my S.S. class while Mr. Davis wrote essay for Ola. Had a nice time tonight.
Dec 27 - (Sunday) We all went to S.S. meeting and preaching. We had no more company, and so we enjoyed the oysters very much. Mr. Davis took a nap and I read.
Dec 28 - Mr. Davis went to the run where they were getting ice and this, evening his rheumatism is much worse. He sent money with George to Nokesville to get some candy.
Dec 29 - They hauled ice again and we had six men for dinner. Ella and I baked pies, washed dishes, etc. After dinner Mr. Davis and myself went to Nokesville, and he gave me money to buy a New Year's gift. Bought box of writing paper.
Dec 30 - The Board of Directors have relieved Prof. Beahm of Principalship for not accepting Vocal Music. Mr. Davis had a very severe spell this afternoon. Talked of going to Brentsville but decided to wait.
Dec 31 - We started for school before 7 o'clock. B. of D. met and hired J. A. Garber as principal of school. Prof. Beahm much hurt.

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Mary was 18 years old

Jan 1 - (Friday) Mr. Davis took charge of Chapel exercises. We practices quartet at noon. Mr. Davis came to the Dr. after school, he looks very bad. I substituted for Mr. Yoder in News. Prof. Beahm's resignation was read.
Jan 2 - (Saturday) Papa came to Stockholder's Meeting and,-we came home. Mr. Davis came to see me before we left, he is some better. An old man claiming to be a retired missionary came here tonight. I studied my lessons.
Jan 3 - (Sunday) Got up late and at last got "old foxy grandpa” away. Studied my lessons and played with Cora. Helped Mama get dinner and went to S.S. George went to Brentsville. We started but found it too slippery.
Jan 4 - Had horse shod rough. Papa brought us to school then went to Manassas. Like Prof. Garber very well as a teacher. Mr. Davis gave me a letter this morning and came to see me tonight.
Jan 5 - I knew my lessons very well. Mr. Davis teaches Music. He is better today. Retiring bell has rung.
Jan 6 - Ola is sick and did not go to school. Dr. came up to see her. School, was lively. Took my first lesson in Type-Writing. Mr. Davis is no better.
Jan 8 - I took supper at Kerlins. Went to Society, was on for an essay. "Our boys" came in after Society. We had a good old time.
Jan 9 - (Saturday) Ola and I stayed out (at Brentsville). This afternoon Mr. Davis came over to see me, brought his pictures along. Studied tonight.
Jan 10 - (Sunday) (Entry torn out of the diary)
Jan 11 - Board of Directors met this morning and gave Mr. Davis permission to go home. Papa came out to see about things. Mr. Davis came over to see me before he left for home. He will come back as soon as he gets well.
Jan 13 - School was well represented this morning. Everyone misses Mr. Davis so much. Received a letter from him, he is somewhat better. Ola stayed at home, she has rheumatism.
Jan 14 - I got up very early and studied my lessons. Got a letter, Mr. Davis is no better. George came over after school and cut a little wood.
Jan 15 - (Friday) Papa came after us. We found them all sick at home. Dr. was there today. They have a contagious sore throat. Got a letter from Mr. Davis, he is better.
Jan 16 - I cooked and baked today. Mama is better, also Lelia. Wrote an essay this afternoon. I wrote a long letter tonight. Series of Meetings begin at Brentsville tonight.
Jan 18 - (Monday) Ella is sick so I taught school for her and got along very well. The sick are improving. I studied my lessons tonight.
Jan 19 - Papa brought me to Brentsville this morning and it was very cold. I received two letters today and answered them tonight. Went to church tonight. I have sore throat too.
Jan 20 - Went to school today but I was scarcely able to go. I am taking the mumps, my jaws are sore and swollen. Went over to Mr. Hookers tonight, they are so good to me.
Jan 21 - I did not go to school but came to my room to do some work. I got a letter this morning, Mr. Davis will be back Sunday. Phoned home, they are better. My face is very swollen. Went to Mr. Hookers again tonight. Papa came to church and to see me.
Jan 22 - I got up this morning with a very swollen face. I stayed at Mr. Hookers all day and made a cap for Mrs. Hooker.
Jan 23 - I was not so well today. I phoned home, they are yet complaining.
Jan 24 - (Sunday) Mr. Davis came back this morning. He came by to see me after dinner. Mama also came to see me and take me to my room.
Jan 25 - I felt very well today. I slept a long nap this afternoon. Mama went to the store and got some things. Mr. Davis came to my room to see me tonight. Mama went to church.
Jan 26 - Mama phone home and Cora is right bad off. I am better. Mrs. Wine came to see me, Miss Davie came after school and Mr. Davis came just before church. George came over and carried up wood. Mama did not go to church.
Jan 27 - I got up very late. Ola drove out here and Mama went home. I am much better. Mr. Davis brought me some candy and went with us to church. Many people seemed glad to see me back.
Jan 28 - I studied this morning and went to school this afternoon. They all laughed at me much. Mr. Davis came to see me this evening.
Jan 29 - I went to school and stayed there at noon. Took a lesson in typewriting.
Jan 30 - (Saturday) I studied hard this morning and after dinner Mr. Davis came over. Went to Prayer Meeting and church tonight.
Jan 31 - Went to church. Mr. Davis was here for dinner, and we went to see Miss Myrtle.
Feb 1 - Went to school and had a hard time. Had an exam in General History on one century. Ordered some valentines tonight. Mr. Beahm went away this morning with his wife's parents.
Feb 2 - Got up early and studied hard. We had a hard time in phonetics, but knew my other lessons. Had a funny time in Music class.
Feb 4 - Prof. Garber has started a class in elocution. Mr. Wine and I worked our Algebra problems tonight.
Feb 5 - Prof. Garber went to Washington to a debate. Mr. Davis took charge of Chapel, taught rhetoric and his other classes. Went home after Society.
Feb 6 - (Saturday) Mr. Wise and wife and Mr. Davis came with us to Council. We all had a jolly time. Had a letter from Aunt Sis.
Feb 7 - We went to church at the Valley and Mr. Davis went on to Brentsville.
Feb 8 - Alverta brought us to Brentsville. Went to school very happy. Prof. Garber is back and things are moving very nicely. Mr. Davis came over this evening. The city of Baltimore is on fire, caught yesterday and still burns.
Feb 9 - Mr. McKinney was at school this afternoon and walked with me home. Mr. Wine and I worked Algebra tonight.
Feb 10 - The Baltimore fire is still burning, no lives lost, loss of property immense.
Feb 11 - My eyes are very sore. Went to school. Had a time in rhetoric. Typewriting goes very good. Mr. Davis came over for me to sew some buttons on his coat.
Feb 12 - (Friday) Alverta came after us before Society. Got very cold going home. Had a snow storm after dinner.
Feb 13 - (Saturday) Got up soon and helped with breakfast and baked pies and a cake. I sewed on my waist this afternoon until Messrs. Davis and Jones came about 5:30. We had supper in honor of Alverta's and Cora's birthday. Had guinea. Had a splendid time.
Feb 14 - (Sunday) All went to church but Mama and Lelia. Mr. Davis and Jones went on to Brentsville and we to Mr. Saul Flory's to dinner. I helped to get it, and then in the evening we came to Brentsville and went to church.
Feb 15 - Went to school feeling very happy. Made many mistakes in typewriting but my teacher was so very kind to me. Three of the students stopped school. Mr. Hylton is ill with mumps and grippe.
Feb 16 - Was not feeling very well but went to school. Prof. Garber was very cross in Music today. Ola talked home, and Ella and Lelia have the mumps. Dr. Wine has moved in his new office.
Feb 17 - Got along better in Music, also in rhetoric. Wrote a letter for Mr. Davis on the typewriter.
Feb 20 - (Saturday) Mr. Davis went with us to Manassas on the surrey. Had my teeth fixed and then Mr. Davis treated us to an oyster stew. It was fine. Bought candy and apples.
Feb 21 - (Sunday) Got up late, went to S.S., came home and Mr. Davis read to me in "Maurine." Ate dinner and then came to Brentsville.
Feb 22 - Knew my lessons very well. They had a time with the stoves in the school house. Mr. Davis gave me a beautiful gold pen for a birthday present.
Feb 23 - We are having a fine time in rhetoric scanning poetry. Mr. Jones came over here this evening and carried on a bit.
Feb 25 - Slept late this morning. Today was my birthday [19th], Ola gave me a handkerchief, and tonight Mr. Davis kindly remembered me by bringing some salmon cakes and candy to me. We had a little feast in the parlor.
Feb 26 - Papa and Mr. Hale came to see Prof. Garber & Davis about school. Papa brought us things to stay over Sunday. Went to Society and it was good. Messrs. Davis and Jones came in.
Feb 27 - (Saturday, at Brentsville) I studied my lessons. Mr. Davis came to see me this evening and Mrs. Wine played a little trick on me.
Feb 28 - (Sunday, at Brentsville) Got up late, went to S.S. and to Mr. Kerlin's for dinner. Mr. Davis after dinner brought the boys down and I had to play for them. Went to Bible meeting, I was appointed leader.
Mar 3 - Mr. Garber gave a talk in Chapel about examinations. I carried wood. Borrowed Mr. Wine's glasses to study.
Mar 4 - (Friday) Papa came out to get us before Society. Glad to get home again.
Mar 5 - (Saturday) Ella and I made Mama's black dress. Mr. Davis came to Nokesville with Dr. Wine & walked here for dinner. Papa started to Midland but missed the train. This evening Mr. Davis and I met Miss Myrtle and Mr. Hylton on the 6 o'clock train. They brought Mr. D's mail which I read. Had nice time tonight. Played on the game board.
Mar 6 - (Sunday) We enjoyed the morning and dinner & then prepared to come to Brentsville on road wagon. Melvin brought us and we had a funny time. We went to Mr. Hookers after V.P. Mr. Davis wanted to talk to him.
Mar 7 - Ola's eyes went shut and could not be in school. Reviewing our books for examinations now, and it is a hard week. I wrote three letters for Mr. Davis. He has decided to be at home next year.
Mar 8 - Ola was no better. Hale's boys bro't medicine to her, but Papa came after her this evening. I am alone. Got a new typewriter today at school.
Mar 9 - I have commenced writing on the typewriter a book called Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Phoned home, Ola is better.
Mar 10 - Had a little talk with Mr. Davis after school. It is now past midnight.
Mar 11 - Got up and outlined my General History before school. Practiced music for Society, a quartet. Ola came to Society after us. Mr. Davis gave an interesting lecture on furniture of ancient Jews.
Mar 12 - (Saturday) Ella left this morning for Bridgewater where she will attend school. Papa took her to Manassas. I baked a cake and finished my waist, ate dinner and went to schoolhouse to Teacher's Meeting.
Mar 13 - All went to Valley church. Ola and I went to Mr. Sam Flory's for dinner and Ola brought me to Brentsville. Talked with Mr. Davis.
Mar 14 - I went to school and examinations have commenced. I have contracted a bad cold.
Mar 15 - School was rather blue for me. Ate no dinner, stayed at schoolhouse. Mr. Davis came to see me and gave me some candy.
Mar 16 - Went to school but was scarcely able. Did very well on Algebra and Rhetoric. Papa brought me some wood. Mr. Davis came over again to bring me candy for my cold.
Mar 17 - Was sick this morning and didn't go to school. Studied my Algebra and got all in examination this afternoon.
Mar 18 - (Friday) Went to school and took examination. Rhetoric was very hard. Papa came after us this afternoon and Mr. Davis went along with us. Ate a hearty supper then Mr. Davis read to me out of "Maurine." It is such a nice book.
Mar 19 - (Saturday) I helped bake pies, then washed & dressed before dinner. After dinner read some, then Mr. D. and I took a walk to where our names are on a tree, and to the sawmill. Came home & I made candy "float," got supper and then enjoyed the evening.
Mar 20 - (Sunday) Went to S.S. I am chorister. Came home and read some more. Ate dinner, and Mr. D. and I again took a walk, to the woods where he outlined his village and home which was very interesting to me. Went to church tonight.
Mar 21 - Enoch came & took us to Brentsville this morning. Got here in time for Chapel. It is beginning of spring term. I take up Astronomy & Civil Government. Mr. Davis teaches Astronomy. He came over with me to show a letter he wrote home.
Mar 22 - Got up early and studied. I took my other examination in Rhetoric. George came to my room to eat some supper.
Mar 23 - Studied astronomy very hard this morning. Have six in class. Looked up news this evening to announce in Chapel in the morning.
Mar 24 - Went to school, had very hard Astronomy lesson. Have two Commencement programs made out. I am on for News Thursday night.
Mar 25 - (Friday) Phoned home at noon, will go home Saturday evening. I finished my book on typewriting this evening. Mr. Davis gave me some cakes.
Mar 26 - (Saturday) I slept this morning till Dr. Wine called me to talk on the phone. Studied my lesson & Mr. Davis came over to help me in astronomy. Went home after dinner.
Mar 27 - Went to church. Had company here for dinner, five. Went to S.S.
Mar 28 - Ola brought me to Brentsville early. Had a funny time in Music. Mr. Davis came over to see me tonight. We decided it is to our interest that he teach no more at Brentsville. Explained astronomy.
Mar 29 - We have some new scholars, two little boys. Have a large Music class and good selections to sing.
Mar 30 - Class had poor Astronomy lesson. Teacher is positive, but not cross. Phoned home. Papa and Ola went to Washington to have eyes examined.
Mar 31 - Music class is learning pretty pieces for Commencement. Finished another book on typewriting.
Apr 1 - (Friday) Papa came after us after dinner. Studied some. Alverta has moved up to her house.
Apr 2 - (Saturday) I made Ola's waist, fixed my waist & skirt & baked a cake & colored Easter eggs. George went to Manassas & Mr. Davis came along back with him & brought us oranges, bananas & candy.
Apr 3 - We slept late this morning. Spent the morning pleasantly, had dinner, eggs, then went to S.S. Mr. Davis substituted for me in singing. Came home, had supper, then went to church.
Apr 4 - We got up soon & Ola brought us to Brentsville. 'Twas cold & Mr. Davis had no overcoat.
Apr 5 - I went over at noon and talked to Mr. Davis about coming back to be Principal. Some of the Board met to procure him.
Apr 6 - Got up early & studied. Class had a good astronomy lesson. Knew all my lessons. Got a letter from Ella, she is well & happy. Gave it to Mr. Davis to read. He came over to see me tonight and brought me candy.
Apr 8 - Had another visitor in Chapel, Mr. Wurts. He went to sleep while visiting Music class. Some of school boys went to trial in Manassas, & Lester Hooker came back drunk. Went to Society & was Pres.
Apr 9 - (Saturday) Got up early & studied. Mr. Davis came over at 7 to see me. Papa came after me. Went to Manassas on noon train to get Commencement dress. Mr. Davis was there and got some soda water and bananas & we then came home on 6 o'clock train.
Apr 10 - (Sunday) All went to church at Valley & Papa brought us on to Brentsville for dinner. Studied S.S. lesson & went to S.S. & then to Union church but there was no preaching. Mr. Davis came over after supper, went to Young People's Meeting and church.
Apr 11 - Woke up this morning & broke out with Roseola (a rash) before school so I didn't go. Sent a little note to my teacher. This evening Mr. D. came over to see me. Mr. Hylton carried wood for me. - -
Apr 12 - Went to school but am broken out with Roseola. Mr. Wine carried my wood for me.
Apr 13 - Sick this morning & didn't go to school. Mrs. Zirkle brought me a fish for dinner. Went home with George this evening. Mr. Davis came over a minute.
Apr 15 - (Friday) Intended to go with George to school but Mama thought it best not to. Got a nice letter from P.S.D.
Apr 16 - (Saturday) I baked bread & it got good. I studied some this afternoon
Apr 17 - (Sunday) We went to S.S. and to Mrs. Katie Miller's for dinner. Came home & studied & went to church tonight. I had to lead the singing.
Apr 18 - George & I came to Brentsville this morning. Very glad to get back. Knew my lessons fairly well. Mr. Davis came over to see me and parted in peculiar unhappiness.
Apr 19 - Went to school & was a very disagreeable day. Studied very hard & Mr. Davis came & bro't some nice sweet oranges. He left & I studied astronomy. -
Apr 20 - My lessons for tomorrow are very hard. I don't understand them.
Apr 22 - Had an awful time in Astronomy. Made 99% in Etymology. Went to Society and had a good one. Got along very well.
Apr 23 - (Saturday) Ola came after us this morning. Baked a cake & tried to entertain company for awhile. Went to bed & studied Astronomy.
Apr 24 - (Sunday) We all went to church & S.S. Papa preached. Papa brought us to Brentsville. Profs. Garber & Davis came over & we all took a walk. It was so nice, then we went to Y.P.M.
Apr 25 - Got up early & studied. Went to school & made it very well. Mr. Wine & Mr. Hylton & I studied on the porch this evening.
Apr 26 - Music is very interesting now, singing Anthems. I wrote some poetry for Mr. Garber. Took charge of Civil Government for Miss Crissie for awhile. Went in to see Mr. Wine after school. Wrote an essay tonight.
Apr 30 - (Saturday) Ola came after George, Mr. Davis & I and took us to Council Meeting at Valley. Went home, walked from Nokesville, & then Ira & Mr. Davis came. We played Flinch and had a good old time.
May 1 - (Sunday) The boys stayed in the kitchen while we washed dishes. We took a walk to the woods, came home, got dinner then went to S.S. We then went to Brentsville. Mr. Davis was on for a talk at Y.P.M.
May 2 - Got up and studied before school. Mr. Davis came over to show me a letter from I. N. H. Beahm about school at Elizabethtown. Wrote Mr. Hylton's Valedictory for him on typewriter. Have piece of music to play at Commencement.
May 3 - Got up early and studied. Mrs. Zirkle brought me some fish for breakfast. Mr. Laymon from Roanoke visited the school-prospecting as principal. Got Astronomy lesson with Mr. Hylton.
May 4 - I knew my lessons very well. The Board has hired Prof. Laymon as Principal next year & want Mr. Davis as teacher. He came over to see me about it. Wrote on typewriter for Papa, he dictated to me.
May 5 - (Friday) Got up early & went back of Brentsville in a meadow and studied astronomy. Rising bell rang while there. Papa came to Society and took me home. Ira came out before Society & talked to Mr. Davis about being here in school.
May 8 - Ola, Mr. Folk, Mr. Davis & I went to church in the surrey. Went to Mr. George Flory's for dinner. Ola brought me to Brentsville.
May 9 - Got up and studied astronomy on the porch. Went to school. Papa came out to see Prof. Garber. He is cross at Papa & Mr. Davis.
May 10 - Went to school. Have begun to review in Civil Government. Went to the store this evening, George, Mr. Davis & Mr. Jones were there & got candy. Talked home. Mr. Jones walked home with me from school.
May 11 - Went to school knowing my lessons. I studied very hard. Mr. Davis came over to see me & then went out to see Ira.
May 12 - Went to school but was rather a blue day. Wrote some letters for Mr. Davis. He received one from Ella & came over to show it to me.
May 14 - (Saturday) Ola & I started to go to the store but found the surrey to be broken. Looked for company but disappointed.
May 16 - George walked to Brentsville and we borrowed Mr. Garber's buggy for Ola to take me out. Stopped by store & got slippers. Mr. Davis came over after we practiced our quartet.
May 17 - Went to school but was sick. Had exam in Civil Government. Practiced our quartet after supper. Mr. Davis walked with me home. I feel very blue.
May 18 - I ate supper at Mr. Hookers. Wrote some on my paper. Everyone is very busy now with Commencement duties. -
May 20 - (Friday) Got up early & studied. Ola, Alverta & Cora came out this afternoon. We cleaned up my room. Went home before Society & studied.
May 21 - (Saturday) Today I made my white waist with blue ribbon drawn through insertion. We looked for Messrs. Davis & Jones but didn't come.
May 22 - (Sunday) We all went to S.S. Alverta & George were here for dinner. We had chicken. I studied after dinner & we all went to church. I led the singing. -
May 23 - We got Garber's buggy & Ola took me to school. George walked. Missed Astronomy class. Mr. Davis came over to see me this evening.
May 24 - Examinations were today. Practiced music for Commencement. Sang our duet after school.
May 25 - Got up early & studied. Got along very well in Astronomy. First program in Commencement was rendered tonight, large crowd, was good.
May 26 - Finished exams today. Got an "A" grade on all. I worked on my News all day. Prof. Garber helped me awhile & then Mr. Davis. He dictated & I wrote on the typewriter. Very large crowd tonight. I was on & got three bouquets. We got candy & had a nice time after adjourning.
May 27 - The saddest of all was today. Graduates were all on. Had History & Prophecy by Mr. Hylton Valedictorian. Was indeed sad. Went with Wines out to Aeries awhile. Kept buggy out there & Mr. Davis came out home this evening. - -
May 28 - (Saturday) Papa & George went in road wagon & Mr. Davis in the buggy to Brentsville to move & see about things. Mr. Davis fixed up the books of school.
June 1 - I made my black waist. Took a nap after dinner. Talked to Miss Myrtle on the phone. It is so lonely without our friends. I read tonight till I went to sleep. Have a very bad cold.
June 2 - Didn't get to walk today. We cleaned up some. Got a letter from Mr. Davis. He got home at noon yesterday. Wrote a letter tonight.
June 4 - (Saturday) I took Papa to the train to go to Orange. The horses broke out of the field & gave us much trouble.
June 6 - Papa took me up to Miss Maria's to sit up. She is poorly with heart disease.
June 7 - I came home at 9 o'clock & got dinner. After dinner we went to help clean up the church. It rained very hard & we came home with Jack on the wagon. I made some lemonade.
June 8 - I got supper then we went to Manuels & I stayed. I fixed my fountain pen, took it with me & wrote a long letter tonight.
June 9 - Miss Marie is much better. Four of us girls picked wax cherries to take with us & then started home. Mama & I put them up after dinner. Lelia & I made pineapple ice cream. The men worked on the road.
June 11 - The Dr. came to see Ola's face of poison & was here for dinner. Studied some tonight.
June 12 - (Sunday) Went to church this morning & S.S. this afternoon. Papa & Mama went to Brentsville tonight & I milked.
June 13 - I got a letter this morning. Mr. Davis is going to Elizabethtown, Pa. to teach next winter. I answered the letter tonight.
June 14 - I ironed all day & cleaned up some. Worked in the garden this evening.
June 17 - I made me a cook apron. Got some pansies plants from Alverta and set them out.
June 19 - (Sunday) There were 22 strangers here for dinner.
June 24 - I went to Nokesville to mail letters and do some dealing. Papa brought me home in the cart. We worked in the garden & I fixed flowers this afternoon.
June 25 - I picked cherries for pies. Cleaned up & mended my clothes.
June 26 - (Sunday) All went to church except Mama. This evening milked & made ice cream.
June 28 - I studied after dinner again. Got a letter this morning & answered it tonight.
June 30 - Finished Lelia's dresses & made some on Mama's. They finished with the wheat, so we had ice cream for dinner.
July 1 - Baked bread, doughnuts & pies this morning. Mr. Sol Flory & Ira came out to put spouting on the barn. Were here for dinner. Studied some tonight.
July 2 - (Saturday) I baked pies and cake. Washed & studied after dinner.
July 4 - I made Papa a shirt this morning. Got dinner & again went to my books. Papa went to Nokesville and mailed my letter.
July 8 - Mama & I worked in garden & I drove horse to hay fork.
July 10 - (Sunday) I talked with Mama a long time after S.S.
July 12 - I went to Manassas on train to take Teacher's Examination. Katie Kerlin & I bought our dinners. I felt very blue so came home this evening. Had a shower of rain that prevented me from getting out of town.
July 13 - Ella took me to Manassas and stayed all day. Examination was hard.
July 19 - I picked a few berries this morning & then we washed. Made apple dumplings for dinner. We cut apples to dry this afternoon.
July 21 - I cut apples to dry. Papa helped make ice cream for dinner.
July 22 - Ola helped me clean up our room. George went to Winchester to see about getting work.
July 23 - Mama and I went again for berries. I then canned them and also apples. Made some nice jelly.
July 27 - Papa attended a Board Meeting all day. Talk of not having school this year.
Aug 5 - I churned and then went to Alverta's to make a baby dress for Daisy. We are alone tonight.
Aug 6 - Mama went to Alverta's. Cora has a brother. I came to stay with Alverta.
Aug 7 - (Sunday) I did up the work, dressed Cora and went to church. I came back, got dinner then Mama came up & I went to S.S. I talked with Ella and Ira, kissed them goodby & came back. Baby is doing very well.
Aug 12 - Mama and I went to Nokesville, also Papa. Got things for Alverta, and a letter from Springs. Helped Mama to pack up for them to go to Daisys. Answered my letter after dinner.
Aug 13 - I took Mama and Lelia to the train to start to Daisys. Came home and Ola & I did the work, then bathed. We are staying alone tonight.
Aug 17 - Got a letter and second grade certificate today.
Aug 19 - I baked bread for Alverta, it got real good. Came home, killed chicken, made peach ice cream.
Aug 20 - Mr. Davis starts for here tonight.
Aug 21 - Mr. Davis came to see me, came on morning train. Mr. Seese & Ira were here for dinner. Ira brought a cantelope. Had a very nice talk tonight.
Aug 22 - Mr. Davis wrote to Prof. Beahm & I read. We had a late dinner & a jolly time. We went to orchard after peaches & made ice cream. Went to church at Valley, came home & ate ice cream.
Aug 23 - The girls worked at the peaches. Mr. Davis & I walked to Nokesville, got Ira a birthday present, slippers for Sherman, & bananas. This evening Joel went to P.O. and got Sherman's mail.
Aug 24 - Sherman & I went after mail, got none. Had a good talk to ourselves this afternoon. We four went to celebrate Ira's birthday as a surprise party. Had a nice time.
Aug 25 - Ira came out, he & George & Sherman went after watermelons & we four went to Cannon Branch to church.
Aug 26 - Had a very lively time all day. Have lots of tomatoes to eat, Sherman enjoys them much.
Aug 27 - (Saturday) Sherman went to Nokesville and we cleaned up and baked. Sherman and I then went to Mr. Hershberger's & met Ella and Ira at Hookers, from there went to Prayer Meeting & then home. Had a nice time.
Aug 28 - Sherman and I went to Brentsville to church. Went to cousin Jacob Millers for dinner.
Aug 29 - We fixed lunch and Ira came out and we "four" went to Manassas. Boys had their pictures taken together. Roads are very dusty. The boys treated us to soda water. Ate watermelon after we came home. Had a nice time this evening.
Aug 30 - I washed up all the dishes while Sherman wrote a letter home. I also wrote some to his mother. Sherman & I went to meet M. Podelia. Bro't me a set of black pins.
Aug 31 - Sherman left me this morning on the early train. I helped him pack his grip. Leave for Elizabethtown to teach.
Sep 1 - Girls washed and I canned tomatoes and got dinner. I baked pies and bread and we got supper for thresh hands. Made 211 bushels of wheat. Got a letter from Sherman today.
Sep 4 - (Sunday) We all went to church. Bro. Miller preached, granted P.S.D. a letter of membership.
Sep 7 - Papa bought a new horse. Got a nice letter this morning.
Sep 8 - Ella & I ironed till noon. Mama wrote some letters. Ella and I went to Herrings, I cannot get board there. Tried at King's also. Ella will stop giving music lessons.
Sep 10 - Ella & I went to Prayer Meeting and to Mr. Jimmie Flory's all night.
Sep 12 - Us three girls went to opening of school at Brentsville. Had some fine talks. Went to Wine's for dinner. Ella and I each got letters.
Sep 16 - Papa and Ola went to Washington. Dr. Simpson also. Ola got glasses. I got a lap bell for school.
Sep 17 - I baked pies and cake. I then went to Fairfax on noon train. Ethel Jones met me. They treated me so very nice. I played the organ and they sang. Got a card from P.S.D., picture of College on it.
Sep 19 - (Monday) Ola brought me to Kings Roads to teach school. I was sick all day. I am boarding at Will Herrings. They are so nice to me. Had only 9 scholars today. Mr. Herring brought me a letter.
Sep 20 - Got along nicely today. Was almost homesick, but Rhet had a nice supper and talked to me so nicely. I feel better. Wrote a letter this evening. Read some in J. A. Garfield.
Sep 21 - We eat breakfast about 6 o'clock. I read some and then went to school. Kept one in to get her lessons over. Had a good supper this evening. Talked to Mama on the phone.
Sep 22 - Only had 10 scholars today. They are very obedient. Had a fire all day. The children brought me some apples & a peach.
Sep 23 - (Friday) Went to school and got along very well, but was glad to see Papa come for me. Got a nice letter this evening. Worked on my speech.
Sep 24 - (Saturday) I baked pies and Mama the bread. Went to Alverta's to make Early a cap. It looks well. Ella, Ola & I went to P. M. I was the leader.
Sep 26 - (Monday) Papa brought me to school this morning. Had a time to make the children study. Worked some on a pen wiper for Sherman after school. Got a catalogue from Union Bridge.
Sep 27 - Went to school but was almost sick. Were not many there on account of a funeral at White Hall. Worked some on the pen wiper. Went to bed early.
Sep 28 - Read some before school. I have a time with Isaac Godfrey. Enjoyed school today. Used apple to illustrate motions of the earth. Finished the pen wiper.
Sep 29 - Read awhile this morning then went to school. I like my school very well. After school I went to bed. Charlie brought me a letter & points on my essay. Was glad to get them. Wrote a letter tonight.
Sep 30 - My students were very, good today. Ola came after me this evening. Killed a beef at home. Got a letter this evening that made me very sad.
Oct 3 - (Monday) Papa brought me to school, drove the matches. Had two new pupils. Worked on another pen wiper after school. Did not eat supper.
Oct 6 - Was damp and chilly, had a fire after dinner. Children were all very good. When I got home a long letter awaited my coming. Was one that requires much careful thinking.
Oct 7 - (Friday) Carried telescope to school house. Papa came after me driving the matches. Wrote a letter tonight. Today is P.S.D.'s birthday. Sent him pen wiper.
Oct 10 - (Monday) Ola brought me to school. Stopped at store, mailed four letters. Have seventeen scholars now. Pieced quilt this evening.
Oct 11 - Enjoyed school today. Went to King's tonight, had a nice time, they are so sociable. Henry is to go to Brentsville school. Had a good supper.
Oct 12 - Got invitation to a wedding, phoned home for a dress but got here too late. I wore Rheta's silk waist. Got good letter.
Oct 13 - Had a funny time at school. Made Bertha & Ortho cry by talking to them for saying bad words. Wrote a long letter today by spells.
Oct 14 - (Friday) Papa came after the beef and took me home. Went to S.S.
Oct 15 - Made out my report this morning. Got a good letter.
Oct 17 - Papa brought me to school. Enrolled 19 today. Went to church.
Oct 21 - Had a long talk with the mischievous students at noon. Papa came after me. Went to Teacher's Meeting & church.
Oct 22 - (Saturday) Mama and I dressed three chickens and baked pies. Got a letter this morning & wrote one this afternoon. Good sermon on "marriage" tonight.
Oct 24 - (Monday) Papa brought me to school. Got a letter from Paul Snell. Went to church.
Oct 25 - Had a nice day in school. Got a letter from Sherman. Went to church and wrote after I came home.
Oct 27 - Mr. King's folks went to church on a straw ride and took me along. Wrote some on an essay tonight.
Oct 31 - (Monday) Had no school. Had baptizing this forenoon, 12 were baptized. We had 24 strangers for dinner. It is lonely tonight.
Nov 1 - Papa brought me out to school. Had two new scholars.
Nov 2 - Had a hard time at school today. Bertie came and went with me to Judson Herring's to see Kate Chambers. Slept in awful hard bed. Got a letter.
Nov 4 - Papa came after me, drove Climer & Van Less. Got my warrant cashed
Nov 11 - (Friday) Went to school this morning. Papa came after me. I trimmed Cora's hair after I got home. Wrote a letter. Had Teacher's Meeting.
Nov 12 - (Saturday) We got an early start to Warrenton. Bought over $40 worth of goods. Ella and I got some of our wedding clothes. Also got mufflers for our boys. Clerk gave us some candy. Got home 5 o'clock.
Nov 13 - (Sunday) Winter today, rained & snowed hard. I wrote two letters. Papa went to preach a funeral. All at home tonight and no company. It was very nice.
Nov 23 - Went to school, had some trouble, kept them after school.
Nov 24 - Today was Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for. I had to teach.
Dec 2 - (Friday) Talked to Mrs. King about boarding there. Ola came after me. Got shoes at store.
Dec 3 - (Saturday) Was up the entire night last night. Lelia has the rheumatism bad. Got breakfast early. Papa went to Midland & I met him at the train tonight.
Dec 4 - (Sunday) Papa went to see Dr. Simpson about Lelia. I went to church. Had no company for dinner. I read the rest of the day.
Dec 10 - (Saturday) Snowed all day and is very cold. Papa went to Nokesville. A fellow dropped in to stay all night, don't know him.
Dec 12 - Papa brought me to school part of the way, then went to Manassas. Got my watch & overshoes. Came to Mr. King's tonight. Had 14 pupils.
Dec 14 - Went to school house early to make a fire. Had a big time with mice in the school. Talked home, Papa is making a sleigh.
Dec 15 - Talked to Mama on the phone. Will close school for two weeks on account of a skin disease going through the school.
Dec 16 - (Friday) Papa came by in sleight today and picked me up.
Dec 17 - Ola & I did the work all up. Made vegetable soup for dinner.
Dec 18 - (Sunday) All went to church this morning. Came home, ate dinner, went to Valley in sleigh to S.S. reunion.
Dec 19 - I will not teach this week.
Dec 21 - I finished Mr. Davis's cushion.
Dec 23 - Baked two cakes. Looked for Mr. Davis but he sent a telegram that he missed the train.
Dec 24 - Mr. Davis came last night, half past ten. We had oysters for dinner. Spent a pleasant afternoon.
Dec 25 - Xmas morning. Had breakfast very late. We were all at home. S.D. gave me a fur for a present. Had oysters.
Dec 26 - George & Mr. Davis walked to Nokesville before dinner. Got bananas, peanuts, etc. Got some nice Xmas presents.
Dec 27 - Emory & Daisy & baby came home tonight. Mary is real fat & pretty. They brought us lots of candy. Dr. came up to see Early this morning.
Dec 28 - We washed this morning. Mr. Davis went to Nokesville. Mr. D. & I walked to station after dinner.
Dec 29 - Emory & Sherman went to station while Ella & I ironed. Sherman got shaved. The boys churned this afternoon. We ate candy & had a jolly time.
Dec 30 - Mama & Papa went to Manassas. They got us some Xmas presents. Mr. Davis isn't well.
Dec 31 - Sherman was sick all day. Gave him hot lemonade tonight. Last day in Old Year.

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Mary was 19 years old

Sun. Jan. l. Went to church. Emory preached. Mr. D. is better and went with me. Mr. Seese here for dinner. Some went to P.M. Mr. D. left tonight. Was hard to see him go.
Note: Mr. D. is Sherman Davis, who must have been visiting.
Mon. Jan.2. I went to school, was a blue day. Had 14 pupils. Came home tonight. Have Rural Free Delivery now. Pieced quilt tonight.
Note: When the weather was bad, she stayed at a house near school.
Tues. Jan. 3 Drove to school and back. Turned cold and snowed. Had 9. Got postal card from P.S.D. Ella and I cut out slumber robe pieces tonight. Cora is sick.
Wed. Jan. 4 Very cold and windy. George brought me to school. Came to Mr. King's tonight. Got a letter and wrote one. Got College Lines also.
Thurs. Jan. 5 - Went to school and was a bad cloudy day. Home folks visited Coffmas today. Had Teacher's Meeting tonight.
Fri. Jan. 6 Poured rain all day. Papa came after me. Had 10 pupils today. Ella and I cut out quilt pieces tonight.
Sat. Jan. 7. Mama and I baked pies and cakes. Ella sewed. Emory went to Nokesville and got a lot of candy. Papa went to Brentsville to Stockholder's Mtg.
Sun. Jan. 8. Went to church. Emory preached. Ella kept babies. Went to Jimmie Flory's for dinner. Ole and I came to Sunday School. Ola went with Enock to Brentsville tonight.
Mon. Jan. 9. All but Ella and Lelia were sick last night. Geo. taught for me. Daisy and Emory went to Otha Hedrick's. I got a letter and answered it today. Was a pretty day.
Tues. Jan. 10. I drove to school today, had 14. Mrs. Miller, also Mrs. Jonas were to see Daisy. Mama and I baked pies tonight.
Wed. Jan. 11. Snowed last night. Drove to school. Lottie and Lila were here today. Wrote a letter tonight. Papa has a carbuncle on his neck.
Thurs. Jan. 12. Was such a very rainy day until evening. I drove to school today. Got along very well.
Fri. Jan. 13. Daisy and Emory went to Mr. Herrings and took me to school. Emory, Ola and I went to Brentsville tonight. Stayed all night. Got a letter.
Sat. Jan. 14. We came home this morning, Prof. Layman with us. Snow last night. Had our Teacher's Meeting here. Wrote a letter this evening.
Sun. Jan 15. Went to S.S. and church. Emory preached on Hope. J. T. Lelongs, Coffmans, Jacob Millers, here for dinner. Some went to S.S. Prof Layman and Ola went with Millers to C.W.M.
Mon. Jan. 16. Drove to school this morning, was very cold. Had 11. Daisy and Emory went to give George's Goodbye. Wrote to Miss Myrtie tonight.
Tues. Jan. 17. Was just a lovely day. Had a nice time teaching. Wrote on my speech tonight for Saturday night.
Wed. Jan. 18. So warm, like spring. Got two letters from Mr. Davis. Back at College. Wrote a letter tonight.
Thurs. Jan. 19. A nice warm day but roads vary rough. Have the sore throat. Worked on my essay tonight.
Frl. Jan. 20. Sick but went to school. Had some trouble with Lema King. Teacher's Meeting at George's tonight. I did not go.
Sat. Jan. 21. Made out report. Wrote my essay. Alverta and Ola went to Holsinger's after dinner, we kept children. Started to P.M. (prayer meeting) but late and quit, went to P.O. Got a letter from Paul Snell.
Sun. Jan. 22. Fair day. Papa went to Brentsville. I went to P.O. got my letter, answered it. Went to S.S. had a fine class. Willie Bodine came to see Ola. Getting cold.
Mon. Jan. 23. Papa brought me to school. Roads very rough. Came to Mr. King's tonight. Have a bad cold.
Tues. Jan. 24. Fair day, Had 20 pupils, all very well behaved. Read in my book tonight. Snowing some this evening.
Wed. Jan. 25. A real blizzard. Went to school, had 5 scholars. Talked to Ella on phone, she had no school. Very rough.
Thurs. Jan 26. Was a very rough day. Had only five pupils. Florence H. came to Mr. King's tonight. Read some. -
Fri. Jan. 27. Was a very pretty day. Wind had eased. Mr. King brought me home this evening. Had Teacher's M. at Miller's. I was leader. Got a letter from Sherman.
Sat. Jan. 28. Mama and I did the baking. Ella and Ola cleaned up. They went skating. Cut out silk pieces for my sofa pillow. Ella and I wrote letters tonight.
Sun. Jan 29. Ella and I went to Coffman's after S.S, and the rest to Mr. Shaffers. Had a nice dinner. Went to C.W.M. tonight. Snowed hard. Enoch came with me.
Mon. Jan. 30. Papa took me to school in sleigh. Had a good school. Went to Mr. King's tonight. Read in my book, "We two" by Lyall.
Tues. Jan 31. Very cold today. Folks at home and Miller's came out and took Bertie and I a sleigh ride to Mr. Will Millers. Had a nice time.
Wed. Feb. 1. Was a cloudy day. We all went up to Mr. Saul Hedrick's awhile. Keram Miller was married today.
Thurs. Feb. 2. Went to school, very cold. Got a letter at noon. Felt a little blue. Answered it tonight.
Fri. Feb. 3. Got up very late. George came for me. Extremely cold. Shopped at store. Was so glad to get home again.
Sat. Feb. 4. All went to Council Meeting. Big crowd, Transacted much business. Took dinner. Messers Seese and Yoder came with us. Teacher's Mtg. at Noah Garber's.
Sun. Feb. 5. All went to church. Mr. Sam Flory preached. George and Alverta, Mr. Yoder here for dinner. Organized Christian W. M. after dinner. Made off program. Wrote letters tonight.
Mon. Feb. 6. Geo. took me to school in sleigh. Had a good school. Wrote my essay tonight for C. W. M.
Tues. Feb. 7. Went to school. Got two letters today, one from Myrtie and Sherman. Answered one tonight. Cold day.
Wed. Feb. 8. Sick all day. Got a valentine. Went home and went to bed. Have invitation to two parties. Weather cold.
Thur. Feb. 9. Better today. Went to school. Boys very bad. Went to songing at Saul Hedrick’s tonight. Girls were there.
Fri. Feb. 10. Glad school is out for awhile. Bertie came along with me. Got letters from W. L. Houchins and Sherman. Went to Teacher’s M.
Sat. Feb. 11. Millers. Alverta, and us coasted down the hill this morning. Had a fine time. Mr. Miller and Giluta (?) helped make off P.M. programs. Went to C.W.M. tonight.
Sun. Feb. 12. Was a very rainy day. I wrote a letter and after dinner went to S.S., stayed there for C.W.M. Had a good meeting. Rode home in sleigh.
Mon. Feb. 13. Ola took us to school this morning. Got a letter and answered it tonight. Was cold today. Can still sleigh.
Tues. Feb. 14. Went to school. Got a lovely valentine. Mrs. King and I went to see Rhett Herring – she is sick. Mrs. K. stayed all night.
Wed. Feb. 15. Got another pretty valentine today. Read in my book tonight. Mama and Papa went to Manassas to see Doctor.
Thurs. Feb. 16. Had a time in school with a boy. We went to Mr. A. U. Earlys tonight awhile. Weather has moderated.
Fri. Feb. 17. Ola, Ada and Barbara visited school this evening. Teacher’s M. here tonight. We went coasting after it was over. Got a nice letter.
Sat; Feb. 18. Papa went to Grange. Lelia and I went to store. Made out my report. Went to C.W.M. tonight, large crowd there.
Sun. Feb. 19. Mr. Miller preached. Mrs. Saul Hedrick and Anne Miller's folks were for dinner. Also Bertie and John King. Went to Alverta's tonight, also wrote a letter.
Mon. Feb. 20. Ola brought me to school, was rainy, took Ada back from King's. Had a hard day in school. Read in my book tonight. Finished my letter,
Tues. Feb. 21. Was a fair day. Got letters from Sherman and Mr. Houchins.S. is sick. Finished reading my book tonight. School was very small.
Wed. Feb. 22. A pretty day. Drove to school. Roads very bad. Went to Teacher's Meeting at Mrs. Millers. Worked on my essay.
Sat. Feb. “25”. A lovely day. I made a cap for Mrs. Kitchin. Went to station, Papa gave me money to get birthday present, got glass stands. Ella gave me some dishes, Alverta vinegar jug. [Mary’s 20th birthday]
Sun. Feb. 26. A nice day. I wrote a long latter to Sherman. George went away. Alverta cam down here. Went to S.S. after dinner. Read tonight. Papa went to Valley to church.
Mon. Feb. 27. I walked part of my way to school. Was a rough morning. School small. Finished my book, Inez, tonight. Went to see Rhett after school.
Tues. Feb. 28. Was a lovely day. I got a letter and College Lines. Mr. King and Henry went to Washington to get work for Henry. Worked on Ella's handkerchief
Wed. Mar. 1. Snowy. Rather cold all day. Had few scholars. Hugh Bell and Sam Kaughner came over here tonight.
Thurs. Mar. 2. Bright. I got up late and went right to school. Stayed at school house and wrote a letter to Sherman.
Fri. Mar. 3. Bright. Hugh Bell brought us some oysters from supper at Asbury last night for breakfast. Geo. came for me. Teacher's M. at Millers. Mama Papa got
Sat. Mar. 4. Lovely. I went to store this morning. I went to see Early (this) afternoon, he is sick. Came (?) was here awhile. Papa and Mama came home tonight.
Sun. Mar. 5. Cold and fair, Went to S.S. and church. Mr. Miller preached on "The Tongue". Had no company. Wrote a letter this afternoon. C.W.M. tonight.
-----She skipped a week here ---
Mon. Mar. 13. Very warm. Had only seven scholars. Went to Grandmother Herring's tonight. Got a letter and wrote one today. Papa brought me out.
Tues. Mar. 14. - Nice day. Had good apples in my lunch. Bertie and I went to Mrs. Smith's place tonight, had a nice time.
Wed. Mar. 15. We all came to school this morning, and a pretty day it was. I walked to Nokesville. Went to Ella's entertainment tonight. Had company.
Thurs. Mar. 16. Ola brought me back to school. Such a warm day. Went to Mr. King's tonight, my last night there. Talked to Mr. Seese on Phone.
Fri. Mar. 17. My last day of school. Had speaking and some visitors, Mrs. Smith, Ella, Ola and Lelia. Went home then went to Alverta's awhile, the children are sick.
Sat. Mar. 18. Bright. I made off my reports then baked a cake. Ella went to help Alverta. Went to Christian Worker's M. We are going to board day operator and his wife. Here is here tonight.
Sun. Mar. 19. Like June, All went to church. Mr. Sam Flory preached. Mr. and Mrs. Kerlin were here for dinner. Wrote a letter this afternoon. Went to stay with Alverta.
Mon. Mar. 20. Rainy. Girls washed. I took my register up to Mr. Allen. Ella and I went to Nokesville after dinner. I fixed my clothes.
Tues. Mar. 21. Very rainy. We put my basket (quilt) in frames and quilted some. Got a letter and wrote one tonight.
Mon. Mar. 20. Very unfair. Washed this morning. Ella and I went to Nokesville. Operator's wife comes tomorrow. Went to see Mrs. Allen.
Tues. Mar. 21. Rainy. Put my basket quilt in frames today, quilted some. Got a letter and wrote one tonight. Mrs. Showalter came.
Wed. Mar. 22. - Cloudy. We finished quilt today. Hemmed it tonight. Papa went to see Mr. Britton, he is sick. Ella got her letter.
Thurs. Mar. 23. Cloudy. Ola and I ironed, Worked on my silk sofa pillow. Willie Bodine, Joel Barbar, and Omega came tonight to play croconoli.
Fri. Mar. 24. Threatening. We cleaned up some today. Prof. Kline of Bridgewater College came and stayed all night. Worked on my pillow (this) afternoon. Made cream pie for supper.
Sat. Mar. 25. Beautiful day. Ella went to store and baked while we cleaned up. wrote a letter after dinner, took it to P.O. and went to C.W.M. Papa took Prof. Kline to Shaffers for dinner. He talked tonight.
Sun. Mar. 26. Showery. Ola, Papa, Goe. and I went to Brentsville. Prof. Kline preached. Went to S.S. meeting after dinner, I was chorister. All but Ola, Lelia and I went to Valley tonight.
Mon. Mar 27. Was a pretty day. We washed. Ola and I went to Nokesville this morning. I got a letter and wrote one tonight. Fixed my black lawn dress.
Tues. Mar. 28. Very warm like June. We ironed this morning. girls worked in yard and I cleaned up kitchen. Made garden today.
Wed. Mar. 29. Another very warm day. Alverta and I went to the store. Moved out in out kitchen. Did some writing tonight.
Thurs. Mar 30. A fair day. Ella and I cleaned up the back yard. We wrote to Aunt Sis and Daisy after dinner. Mrs. Showalter went to Nokesville.
Fri. Mar. 31. A - model day. Ella and I visited the Brentsville school. Edna Miller was there also. We had a nice time but the school is constantly going down. Were at Dr. Wines for dinner and supper.
Sat. Apr. 1. Today was very pretty but I am sufferinq agony. Mama and Papa went to Council at Canon Branch. I baked pies and candy cake. Ella went to store.
Sun. Apr. 2. Was pretty. Went to S.S. and church. Mr. Holsinger preached. Ella and I went to Mrs. Millers for dinner. Went to C.W.M. tonight. Newt Miller is here. Stopped in tonight. Wrote a letter.
Mon. Apr. 3. Beautiful. Papa, Mama and I went to Manassas. I had three teeth filled. Mama and I went to Mr. Sagers for dinner. Got some writing paper.
Tues. Apr. 4. A pretty day. The girls washed. I have sore throat. Got a letter and wrote one today. Had a thunder shower. Mama was at Alvertas. Ella and Ola fishing.
Wed. Apr. 5. Rainy day Rained this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Showalter went to Brandy tonight. We were going to a singing in honor of Newt Miller but rained too hard.
Thurs. Apr. 6. Was cold. I was in bed most of the day. Ella made a cape for Ola. Mr. Showalter is to work at night now.
Fri. Apr. 7. Was a fair cold day. Started to join my quilt. Mrs. Allen, her children and Miss Annie Florence were here after dinner.
Sat. Apr. 8. Cool and clear. Ella baked and I cleaned up. I got letters from Ira and Sherman, Ella from Ira and Lloyd Holsinger. Got our goods from ?
Sun. Apr. 9. Lovely day. Papa went to Auburn, the rest of us to Valley. Mr. Miller preached. Came home for dinner. Went to S.S. and C.W.M. tonight. John Miller was here this evening.
Mon. Apr. 10. Was a pretty day. I finished joining my quilt. After dinner Addle Bodine came to see us, was here for supper. Alverta and children came down, also Barbara.
Tues. Apr. 11. Very warm. Ella and I washed. Papa painted the buggy. Made a shirt for Papa after noon. Wrote my speech tonight for C.W.M.
Wed. Apr. 12. Rainy. Made a lamp mat for parlor. Talked to Myrtle Houchins on phone. Ella and I went to train to see her.
Thurs. Apr. 13. Was a pretty day. We made garden and ironed, also set some hens. Got and wrote a letter today.
Fri. Apr. 14. I baked bread. Mr. Showalter came over and paid us for board. Ella went to Nokesville this morning.
Sat. Apr. 15. I baked pies and cake. After dinner I washed and read some. Went to C.W.M. tonight, led the singing.
Sun. Apr. 16. Cold, very. Went to church. Papa preached on E. 12:1. Barbarbra, Ada and John King here for dinner, then a crowd of us walked to railroad bridge. Went to C.W.M. tonight.
Mon. Apr. 17. Cold. Croqueted some this morning. Alverta, Ella, Mama and I went to store. Got some slippers.
Tues. Apr. 18. Fair. A lot of women came today to do some sewing for Mrs. Robinson. Got a letter. It made me blue.
Wed. Apr. 19. We washed before dinner and I ironed after. Ella and Ola worked at the flowers. Went to Nokesville.
Thurs. Apr. 20. A warm day. Lelia and I went to Nokesville and Millie Allen came with Mr. Johnson and Louise to take music lessons. Painted on the fence.
Fri. Apr. 21. Very windy and showery. Ella and I went to do some sewing for Alverta. Papa planted corn and finished today. Studied our S.S. lesson tonight.
Sat. Apr. 22. A pretty day. Geo., Alverta and the children went with Ella, Ole and me to Manassas to have our pictures taken. We three girls had ours together. Got me a broadcloth skirt.
Sun. Apr. 23. Was a lovely day and Mama and Papa went to Brentsville, then to Mr. Hershbergers for dinner. I wrote letters, went to S.S. after dinner and took walk to Nokesville. Today was Easter.
Mon. Apr. 24. Was beautiful. Worked in flower garden before dinner then Miller girls and us went fishing, took a lunch along. Caught nine fish. Had a lot of fun. Papa went to Manassas.
Tues. Apr. 25. Bright and warm. Ella painted at the fence awhile. we washed. Painted all afternoon. Ola went to Nokesville. Papa and Mr. Allen went to a sale
Wed. Apr. 26. Threatening. Mama ironed while Ella and I painted the fence. Ola's eyes were shut. I made a sunbonnet this afternoon for Mama. Read some tonight.
Thurs. Apr. 27. Had a hard shower after dinner. I went to Nokesville, got a nice letter. Cleaned up green room afternoon, wrote a letter tonight.
Fri. Apr. 28. Very bright. We cleaned up the two spare rooms, also planted potatoes. Ola went to Nokesville.
Sat. Apr. 29. Was pretty. I baked lemon pies and banana cake. Read after dinner. Alverta was down this evening.
Sun. Apr. 30. Cool and clear. Went to S.S. had a good one. Ola went to Millers for dinner. We had no company till Willie Bodine came. Was at Alverta's awhile. Went to C.W.M. tonight.
Mon. May 1. Lovely day. We washed til 9:15, then Lelia went to store. Put my quilt in frames afternoon and quilted some. Alvarta was down.
Tues. May 2. Was cool. I quilted the livelong day. Alverta left the children here while she and Cora went to Nokesville. Got a letter, answered.
Wed. May 3. Threatening. Alverta came down and helped quilt. We had chicken for dinner. Ella went to her house to paint some. Papa went to District Meeting yesterday at Beaver Creek.
Thurs. May 4. Was fair. Mrs. Allen and children came this morning and Annie Florence after dinner, also Ada Miller. Got the quilt out tthis evening. Ola ironed
Fri. May 5. Was pretty. Ella baked while Lila and I cleaned. Mama worked in the garden. Studied S.S. lesson and bathed tonight. Papa came home this evening
Sat. May 6. Very warm and we went to Council Meeting at Valley. Had a big dinner. Mattie Landis was baptized. Went to Mr. Sam Florys for supper and then to C.W.M. Mr. Houchins took supper there also.
Sun. May 7. A beautiful day. Mr. Miller preached this morning. Mrs. Bodine and Mary, Mrs. Robison and children, and Grandmother were for dinner. Willie Bodine came and we went to C.W. Meeting.
Mon. May 8. The girls washed while I sewed, then ElIa and I went to Nokesville. I cut out my broadcloth skirt after dinner.
Tues. May 9. Very bright. I made my skirt and fixed over my straw bonnet. Ella sewed also. Aunt Sis came on the noon train. Alverta came down this evening
Wed. May 10. Lovely. I made caps all day. Ella fixed her bonnet. She heard from Ira, he is sick. Set out potato plants today.
Thurs. May 11. Was a nice day. Mrs. James and Mrs. Walter S. Flory and children were here for dinner. They and Aunt Sis helped me hem my quilt. I got a letter and answered tonight. Sewed some.
Fri. May 12. Very hot. Mama, Aunt Sis and Ella baked communion bread. I made my waist. Cleaned up also. Mama and Aunt (Sis) want to Mrs. Millers. Ola's eyes were shut all day. (Did she have a spring allergy, I wonder?)
Sat. May 13. Very pretty. I baked. Ella went to Nokesville. All but Lelia went to Love Feast at Valley. Aunt Sis went to Cousin Jacob Millers. I went and came with George.
Sun. May 14. Papa and Enoch went to Auburn, the rest but Ella went to valley. Mr. Miller Preached. Mama and Aunt Sis at Forester's for dinner. Went to S.S., rained very hard. Papa went after Mama and Aunt Sis. Had no C.W.M.
Mon. May 15. Ella and I went out to church to help clean up. Got flowers from Mrs. Harpine. Mama and Aunt Sis went to Mrs. Millers. I sewed Ella worked the flower garden. Papa went to Midland for horses.
Tues. May 16. Rainy. Mama, Aunt Sis and Lelia went to Mr. Jimmie Florys. I made curtains. Got a letter and answered tonight.
Wed. May 17. Rainy, but we washed. Ella and Aunt Sis went to visit Alverta. I painted some. Ella and I play a duet on the organ. Read some tonight.
Thurs. May 18. Very fair. Aunt Sis and I went to Hale's awhile, then she stopped at Ed Garber's for dinner. We finished the curtains after dinner. I iron
Fri; May 19. Cool and bright. I baked bread and made my apron this morning. Then we took Aunt Sis to Sagers and went to Manassas for the electric shocking machine for Ola’s eyes.
Sat. May 20. Very pretty. I baked. Ola cleaned up. At noon Papa and Mama and Ella started to Midland to S.S. convention. Mr. Yoder came out tonight. I got a letter and answered tonight.
Sun. May 21. Lovely. Went to Midland on train. Took Cora with me. Had a splendid meeting of three sessions. Went to Chambers for supper, then Enoch went with Ella and I to John Hinegardeners. The rest came home. Ella's birthday.
Mon. May 22. Was pretty and Ella and I drove home. The Fairfax crowd came here tonight six of them. Had icecream. Papa went to Brentsville to a stockholder's meeting.
Tues. May 23. Our company left and we washed after dinner. Ben Kerlin and Mr. Bowman were here for supper, then we went to Valley to hear Mr. Bowman preach
Wed. May 24. Very cool. Went to the church to clean up a place in the carpet. Ola and I ironed and cleaned up parlor. We girls went to Commencement tonight, was good.
Thurs. May 25. Bright day. Finished the parlor. Put in new carpet. Cleaned up bedroom also. I went to Manassas to meet Mr. Davis, we went on to Brentsville to Literary.
Fri. May 26. Warm. Mr. Davis and I went to Mr. Hershbergers corn. Had a nice time. Corn was fair. Came this evening and had strawberry icecream.
Sat. May 27. Very warm. Sherman and I had a long talk, he took a nap after dinner. Went to C.W.M. and he substituted for Papa, made a fine talk. Geo. took exam, of mail carrier today.
Sun. May 28. Hot. Mr. Davis left on 7 o'clock train and I was lonely all day. Went to S.S. and then took supper with Millers folks. Had strawberries and cream.
Mon. May 29. We washed this morning, this evening it stormed savagely. Went to Nokesville. Mr. Houchins is in Hinegardner's store. - -
Tues. May 30. Ella and I ironed this morning. Ola and Lelia went to Mrs. Bodine I remodeled some clothes. Ella finished her wrapper.
Wad. May 31. Rainy. Ella and I made our white waists. Fleeta came over to help make off. C.W.M. programs. Got a very nice letter and answered it tonight.
Thurs. June 1. Warm. We finished up our sewing today. Milly came to take a music lesson. Ada Miller was here this evening. Papa went to Manassas before noon
Fri. June 2. I baked pies for our lunch. Ella and I with 15 others started for Bristol, Tenn. tonight at 11 o'clock for Annual Meeting. Millers folks went to train with us. Will stop at Daisys.
Sat. June 3. Very warm. Got to Bristol at eleven five. Dan and John Shickle went with us all the time. Bro. Lahr preached in tabernacle. Very large crowd. Room at Mr. Justin Kings.
Sun. June 4. Attended S.S. and then I. B. Trout preached in tabernacle. John S. treated us to dinner. Gayland Royer preached after dinner, and I.N.H. Beahm tonight. I wrote two letters.
Mon. June 5. Went to Educational Meeting at 8:00 then to Missionary Meeting. Got a lunch and came home for awhile. Met many folks. Went to Bridgewater College meeting. B.T. Meyers preached tonight. Will S. took me in to supper.
Tues. June 6. Warm and dusty. We went downtown this morning. Took a nap after dinner. Shickles boy went home. Mr. Cobb preached tonight. About 12000 at the
Wed. June 7. Went to tabernacle early. Business continued today. Mrs. King treated us to dinner. Had a severe thunder shower. Stunned (?) some at dining room. Viola and I went to town, and we came to Roanoke tonight.
Thurs. June 8. A fine day. Newt and John Glick were at Aunt Nancys. We had some fine singing and music on phonograph. Will took Nary S. and I on a automobile ride. John took Ella. Went to C.W.M. tonight. Had icecream for dinner.
Fri. June 9. Had a fine time today. John took me a fine automobile ride on phonograph a piece we sang. Will and John brought us to Daisys this evening. We were glad to see them.
Sat. June 10. Viola and I picked cherries for pies, then Shickles boys brought Glick boys to see Daisy and we all went to strawberry patch. Emory went to preach a funeral. We wrote letters tonight. Got one today.
Sun. June 11. I have a bad cold. We all went to Bethel church and went to Mr. Crumpackers for dinner. Had a nice time. Came home and read some.
Mon. June 12. Was fair and we washed. Daisy and I then picked strawberries and made icecream. Dan and John Shickel came down to see us and took supper here. Came in automobile.
Tues. June 13. Daisy took us to Mr. Willie Crumpackers for dinner. Had a nice time. Went to Bonsacks and got our letters. Planned to go to Natural Bridge Thursday.
Wed. June 14. We seeded cherries and wrote our letters before dinner. We fixed up our meals to take with us tomorrow. Will start at 2 o'clock at night. Have to pay 1.00 to see the Bridge.
Thurs. June 15. Was very warm. Daisy left Mary with Mrs. Crumpacker and were six in our crowd. Cot there 12:00 M. Sight cannot be described, it has to be seen to be appreciated. Started home 4:30, arrived home 2:30 A.M.
Fri. June 16. We slept till nearly dinner, after dinner got ready for supper for 10 harvest hands, and two visitors, Dilia and Fleeta. we are having a nice time.
Sat. June 17. Very hot. Mr. and Mrs. John Crumpacker and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Crumpacker were here for dinner. I worked all day. I wrote a letter home and sent my application for a school. Went to Mr. Sam Shavers tonight.
Sun. June 18. Went to church with Shavers at Troutville. Mr. Falkenstein preached. Went to Mr. Kinsey's place for dinner. Had a real nice time. Came home this evening.
Mon. June 19. So very hot I rode Prince after the mail. Daisy took Viola to Cloverdale to take train for home. We read and slept this afternoon.
Tues. June 20. All were down at Mr. Crumpackers for dinner. Ella and I went with John and Della to Roanoke to take Fleeta to train for home, it rained very hard. Stayed there all night.
Wed. June 21. Was hot. "Aunt" Annie and her daughter-in-law were here for dinner. Ella and I went to the P.O. Took Mary along. Had a very hard shower. Took a walk.
Thurs. June 22, Ella and Daisy washed, I did the work in the house and kept Mary, then we went to Miss Sallie (T) for dinner. - We enjoyed it much. Canned cherries tonight.
Fri. June 23. We ironed all morning. Had fried chicken and apple pie for dinner. Emory and Daisy took us to Corner Springs, then to Roanoke, to Aunt Nancys, all stayed all night. Heard phonograph.
Sat. June 24. Bright day. Emory and Elsie, John S. and Ella, John C. and I went up on Mill Mountain. Took pictures and just had a fine time. I went back with Daisy and Ella stayed here.
Sun. June 25. John Crumpacker took me up to Valley Church. Mr. C. preached went to Mr. Ben Niningers for dinner, then to Roanoke. Will went with me to church, John with Ella. Mr. Eller preached.
Mon. June 26. I got sick last night, slept all morning. John did not work after dinner. Much better this evening so John took us to the Furnace tonight but too late to see it pour. Rained some today.
Tues. June 27. Will went to Bluefield. John worked at his automobile. We took dinner with Annie, John took Ella and Will took me to Daisys for the last time. J. took us to Casina tonight.
Wed. June 28. John drove us to Market this morning. Will and Ella, John and I went in automobile to Salem. Took some pictures, went to meet Alice then John treated me to soda cream. Ed came and went with us to Furnace.
Thurs. June 29. Ella, Edna, E1sie, Alice, John and I climbed the mountain again. Had a fine time, took more photos. Took automobile rides again. Spent a very pleasant evening at Aunt Nancy's, then the boys took us to depot to catch midnight train.
Fri. June 30. Travelled all night, reached Nokesville 7:10. A.M. Ella came after us. Ella slept. I worked all day. Got a letter and answered it. The folks all right well.
Sat. July 1. Warm. I baked pies and banana cake. Rode Minnie to Nokesville to mail letters. Inez Sager and Bro. Flohr were here tonight. Mr. Goe. Florys are in P.W. (Prince William) now.
Sun. July 2. Fair. All went to S.S, and church. Mr. Miller preached. I was so very glad to see my S.S. class. Inez was here for dinner. Took a nap, then all went to C.W.M. Had a good meeting. Decided to solicit to have a singing by Geo. B. H.
Mon. July 3. I took our company to train this morning. Cleaned up the house. Picked blackberries after dinner. Mr. Houchins came over tonight to help us eat icecream. -
Tues. July 4 Was fair and we washed. I planted cucumber seed in the corn field. The men are making hay. Joel and Larkin are here.
Wed. July 5. Ola and I ironed. I also baked bread. Ella and Fleeta went out-soliciting for money to get Prof. Holsinger to have a singing here. Got a letter and answered it.
Thurs. July b. Ella and Ola went to Nokesville this morning. I did some mending and baked pies. Ella is sewing for Lila. Rained today.
Fri. July 7. Was a bright hot day. Joel was here for dinner, Noah and Larkin for supper. Ella and Ola went out and helped turn hay awhile. Mama went for berries.
Sat. July 8. I canned the berries and made pies, the girls cleaned up. Studied S.S. lesson after dinner. Ella and I went to C.W.M. at Valley. Ella was on. (program)
Sun. July 9. Papa and Mama went to Auburn. Ola and I went to Valley. Mr. Holsinger preached. S.S. this afternoon and C.W.M. tonight. I had an assay.
Mon. July 10. Papa and I went to the funeral of Mattie Long's baby, 4 months. Was very sad. Papa preached. Mama and I went for berries (in) afternoon. Wrote to John Shickel tonight.
Tues. July 11. I canned berries while the others washed, Ola went to Nokesville. I answered the letter I got this morning. Made ice cream this evening.
Wed. July 12. Was pretty. I canned berries while the others washed. Went to Nokesville (this) afternoon. Expected Prof. Holsinger, he did not come. We had a social singing.
Thurs, July 13. Ironed this morning, Ella sewed. Made chair cushion. Prof. Yount came today, preached tonight, in Nokesville church. Prof. Holsinger came also.
Fri. July 14. Prof. H, here all day. He put up his boards and charts and wrote on his typewriter. Ella and I went for berries. Went to Valley to hear Prof. Yount preach. Rained very hard. He came home with us.
Sat. July 15. Ella baked. Ola and I cleaned up. I drove horse to the hay fork. Prof. Holsinger began the singing tonight. Papa and Prof. Yount went to Midland. Ira came home.
Sun. July 16. All went to S.S. and church. Sam Flory preached. Will Miller, Ira and Mr. Houchins were for dinner, also Prof. H. Had singing this afternoon. Went to hear Prof. Yount tonight at Valley.
Mon. July 17. We washed, Prof. Holsinger wrote letters on his typewriter all day, Took a nap after dinner. Had a good singing tonight. Was so very hot all day,
Tue. July 18. Very hot. I made Lelia a dress. I got a letter and answered it. Ola went with Pearl Shaffer tonight.
Wed. July 19. We ironed all day and was so hot. Prof. Holsinger writes letters every day on typewriter. Had a shower this evening. Made icecream. Singing well attended.
Thurs. July 20. Was the horse show. Papa and Prof Holsinger went to his Uncle Tom's. Ella made her skirt. Mama and I took a nap. Went to singing tonight.
Fri. July 21. Mrs. John Good buried today at Midland, all but Lelia and I went to funeral. Mrs. Showalter came for vegetables. Millie came to take music (lesson). Prof Holsinger went to Millers.
Sat. July 22, Rained. Did up our work and after dinner Geo. and Ira Flory came and we all went to church to have a singing. Large crowd there tonight. Have it at Valley church now.
Sun. July 23. Wrote a letter to John, got dinner and went to S.S. Enoch and Flora went with us to church at Valley. Mr. Johnny Holsinger preached.
Mon. July 24. Was bright and cool. We washed. Alverta came to cut out her skirt. Took a nap after dinner and went to singing tonight. Was so very good.
Tues. July 25. Was cool. We Ironed some. Ella and I went to Nokesville. I got a dress and waist. Got a letter also. Went to singing and Prof. Holsinger and I went to Mr. Hales.
Wed. July 26. Had a pleasant visit today. Prof. H. played the piano for us. Fleeta and I took a nap after dinner. Had ice cream, then went to singing again, was a good one.
Thurs. July 27. Mama, Lelia, and Ella went to Nokesville. I baked pies and got dinner. Wrote a letter then made a waist for Alverta. Went to singing tonight.
Fri. July 28. Did some of Sat. work today. Had Harvest Meeting after dinner. Sol Garber preached, also Geo. who is here tonight. Had our last singing tonight. Prof. Holsinger was here and cleaned our organ.
Sat. July 29. All but myself went to Ministerial Meeting at Cannon Branch. I baked cake and pies then went to meet noon train. Will and John Shickel came. Was very glad to have them. Had a hard storm this evening. Ella and Ira came home tonight.
Sun. July 30. We stayed at home this morning and enjoyed ourselves, got dinner for more company, then all went to S.S. and singing. Will went with me. Went to church tonight. John went with me. Sol Garber preached. Prof. Crist here all night.
Mon. July 31. The boys, Lila and I drove around by Brentsville To Mr. Sam Hedricks for dinner, by Kerlins, then home. Made icecream this evening. Went to Alvertas tonight. Was a grand day.
Tues. Aug. 1. The boys took some pictures this morning. John and I went after mail. Had big dinner then Papa and I took the boys to Manassas to go home. John brought his guitar to me to learn to play. We hated to see them 1eave.
Wed. Aug. 2. We washed this morning. Ella is sick. I sewed a little on my waist after dinner. Walter is here breaking the colts. Prof. Grist went to Midland to hold a series of meetings,
Thurs. Aug. 3. We ironed all day today. Canned some corn also. Ella is better again. Papa went to Manassas to a phone meeting,
Fri. Aug. 4. Ella and I baked a checkerboard cake, got real nice. Cleaned up and baked pies and bread. Finished my dressing sauce after dinner.
Sat. Aug. 5. We all went to Council Meeting, had a nice meeting. We girls visited the Miller sisters awhile this evening. Ella and Ira went to C.W.M.
Sun. Aug. 6. Went to S.S. and church. Papa preached. We had no company for dinner. I read Maurine through after dinner. Went to C.W.M. I was leader. Willie Bodine came to see Ola.
Mon. Aug. 7. Was pretty. We got washing out till 9 o’clock. Ella and I sewed. Got a letter this evening and answered it tonight.
Tues. Aug. 8. We ironed. I made the skirt of my blue dress. I am unhappy. I must forgo the pleasure of taking a long anticipated trip to Penn.
Wed. Aug. 9. Rainy. I finished my blue dress today. Ella is sewing on her wedding clothes. Got a letter from John Shickel.
Thurs. Aug. 10. Still raining. I sewed for Lelia. Made icecream for supper. Ira came to talk with Mama and Papa on a “special” subject. Made some caps.
Fri. Aug. 11. Was fair. I did some cleaning up and made family pie for supper. Ola and Enoch went to Fairfax. Lelia and I went to store.
Sat. Aug. 12. Got through my work till 9 o’clock. Got a letter and answered it. Made my white waist after dinner. Geo. and Alverta went to Manassas.
Sun. Aug. 13. Mama, Papa and Lelia went to Auburn, Ella and I to Valley church. Mr. Holsinger preached from John 14:6. Came home for dinner. Went to S.S. Ira came with Ella. Studied the guitar awhile.
Man. Aug. 14. Made applebutter. Canned apples and cucumbers. Worked in the garden. Mama and Papa went to Midland to hear Prof. Crist preach, closed the meeting tonight.
Tues. Aug. 15. We washed. Mama and Papa came home. Lelia and I ironed after dinner. Ella sewed. I made my white silk collar. Wrote some letters tonight.
Wed. Aug. 16. We finished ironing. Alverta and Mama filled the dry house with apples. Afternoon I sewed a little and packed my telescope to go to Springs, Pa. tomorrow.
Thurs. Aug. 17. Was bright. I started from Nokesville to Myersdale to visit Mr. Davis in his home. He met me there at 4:20 and took me home. Like the country. Met his Mother and brothers tonight.
Fri. Aug. 18. Was extremely cool. I helped Mrs. Davis clean raisins while Sherman did some writing. Went to Salisbury to see Sydney (a sister) tonight. She had lunch and ice cream.
Sat. Aug 19. I did the sweeping upstairs then did some writing on the typewriter for Sherman. They are all so kind to me. Went to Grantsville to see Savannah Tressler, there for supper, then went to an Amish singing. I am having a fine time.
Sun. Aug. 20. Was raining this morning, but we got up soon and drove to see Prof. Beahm and family, about 16 miles, Mr. Branniman and family, also Sherman went 9 mi. further to stay all night and look at timber. I went to a singing tonight.
Mon. Aug. 21. Was bright. I spent the morning with Prof. Beahms, the rest came for me about three o’clock, then we drove home. Reached home at 7:20. Heard fine play on the violin.
Tues. Aug. 22. Did some more writing on the typewriter, then we read and talked till dinner. I went with Sherman to Salisbury on a business trip. We went to Mr. Yoders home tonight, had ice cream. There are many coal mines here, some places are falling in.
Wed. Aug. 23. We sat on the porch awhile. I went over to see Mrs. Brenniman. After dinner Sherman and I started to Garret to S.S. Convention, had a program tonight. Served supper in the basement.
Thurs. Aug. 24. Stayed all night at Mr. Pollards, attended the convention today. Met some people I knew. Sherman brought me to Myersdale to take train for home. Left on N.Y. Limited at 9:35 P.M. I hated to leave.
Fri. Aug. 25. Reached Washington this morning at 3:20. Went to Penn-depot and waited there for 7:35 train and came to Nokesville. Walked home and surprised them. They dried apples today. Got two letters while away.
Sat. Aug. 26. Was pretty. Papa, Mama, and Ella went to Manassas, we did the work. Went to C.W.M, tonight. Mr. Jimmie Flory came down to help make off programs.
Sun. Aug. 27. Was bright. Papa went to Brentsville to preach. Mr. and Mrs. Hackley were here for dinner. Went to S.S. and church at Valley tonight.
Mon. Aug. 28. We washed and ironed some after dinner. Papa sold some horses today. Ada Miller was down awhile.
Tues. Aug 29. Fair. The school property at Brentsville was sold. Ella and I went with Papa. Dr. Wine bid it in at $12,00. Mr. Hinegardner went with us. I got a nice letter.
Wed. Aug. 30. Was fair. Mama, Lelia and I went to store, got shoes etc. I worked on Ella's wedding handkerchief after dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Little were here, had a watermelon.
Thurs. Aug. 31. I was sick in bed before noon. Did some fancy work and made a family pie for dinner, Papa sold some horses and took them to Warrenton this morning. Ira came this evening for supper.
Fri. Sept. 1. Ola and Alverta went to Mr. Marks sale. Mama and I washed, scrubbed, etc. Did some mending after dinner. Sal and Mr. Houchins were here tonight.
Sat. Sept. 2. Papa and Mama went to Midland, and rained very hard. I did my baking and went to the store. Wrote some letters this evening. Got a good letter.
Sun. Sept. 3. Mr. George Flory preached on "The King's Highway". Mrs. Millers folks were here for dinner, also Ira. Mr. Flory preached tonight on "Practical Religion".
Mon. Sept. 4. Was pretty. Alverta and Geo. went to Manassas, we kept the children. Miss Etta Heddings was here this afternoon. Ella took her to Hales.
Tues. Sept. 5. We washed this morning. I baked pies for supper. Read some tonight.
Wed. Sept. 6. Was cool. Mama and Ella went to Nokesville, I ironed. I made Lelia a dress also. Went to church at Valley to hear Geo. Flory preach,
Thurs. Sept. 7. Mama and Ola picked beans, I did the morning housework. Remodeled some clothes. Got a letter and answered tonight.
Fri. Sept. 8. Was fair. Papa and George cut corn for Mr. Garber. I took a nap after dinner. Peeled apples after supper
Sat. Sept. 9, Mama and I canned tomatoes and baked. Had hands for dinner and supper. Studied S.S. lesson. Went to see Alverta afternoon.
Sun. Sept. 10. Mama and Papa went to Auburn. Ira took Ella and the rest of us went to Valley. Uncle Johnny preached. Went to Ira's home for dinner. Came to S.S. to C.W.M. tonight.
Mon. Sept. 11. Rained hard. I sewed some. Ella made her bonnet. Got a letter and answered two.
Tues. Sept. 12. Bright. Had hands to cut corn today. Made myself a bobonet cap after dinner. Alverta and the children were down.
Wed. Sept. 13. Very bright. We washed and baked pies etc. The men finished cutting corn this evening. Got letter from Daisy. Ola went to Nokesville.
Thurs. Sept. l4. Was fair. Ola and I ironed, we all cleaned up the sitting room. The men helped Noah Barber to cut corn today.
Fri. Sept. 15. We cleaned up the dining room this morning. I slept this afternoon. Went to a party at Mrs. Millers tonight.
Sat. Sept. 16. Papa went to Orange, Ella and Ola to Manassas. I baked pies and cleaned up. Did not go to C.W.M.
Sun. Sept. 17. Was very rainy. Went to S.S. and church. Mr. Miller preached. Had no company but had chicken for dinner. Ira came out this evening.
Mon. Sept. 18. Fair. We, Ella and I baked 4 cakes and Mama washed. Alverta came to help us fix for Ella's wedding on Wed. 20th. Gertrude Carrier and Lizzie Swartz came over. Weimers here all night.
Tues. Sept. 19. We ironed and was so hot. I baked another cake and the rest killed six chickens. Papa went to Manassas, got candy, bananas etc.
Wed. Sept. 20. Hot. Was Ella's wedding day. Mr. Davis came this morning. They were married 6:30 P.M. by Mr. Sam Flory, had supper, then Mr. D. and I took them to train to go to Washington. Were belled and riced. Were 30 odd here, strangers.
Thurs, Sept. 21. Cool. Things seem rather lonely. Mr. Davis is here, he had a chill last night, and another this afternoon. He is very sick. Could not go back to Elizabethtown.
Fri. Sept. 22. Mr. Davis in bed all day, very sick. Think he has fever, Could eat very little. Looks very bad.
Sat. Sept. 23. Dr. Simpson came up to see Sherman, he has typhoid fever. I will have to give him medecine every hour tonight, he will start for home tomorrow morning.
Sun. Sept. 24. Mr. Davis started for home but very weak. We all went out to reception today. Ella and Ira came last evening. Came to S.S. meeting. Saw Mr. Hylton.
Mon. Sept. 2. Very cool. I heard nothing from Sherman. Lelia started to school. Miss Fannie Early teaches. I made two aprons today.
Tues. Sept. 2. Cool. Gat a card from Sherman. Stood the trip well. We picked off wild grapes today, got 1/2 bu. Mama and I went to Nokesville.
Wed. Sept. 27. Warmer, We washed, canned grapes and pears today. Heard nothing from Sherman. Alverta was down this evening. Got my blackboard for S.S. class
Thurs, Sept. 2. Fair. We ironed some. Mama and Papa went to the funeral of Elmer Conner's child. Heard from Sherman, he is vary weak, temperature 102 1/2.
Fri. Sept. 29. I churned and helped iron. Mama and Papa went to Midland to attend Love Feast Sat. Ella and Ira came after her trunk. Ira brought me his magazines.
Sat. Sept. 30. I baked and Ola cleaned up. Lelia went to Noah Garbers. I read after dinner then we went to Nokesville and stayed all night with Lucy.
Sun. Oct. 1. Went to S.S. and church. Sal brought us the mail, got a letter from James, Sherman is better. Ella and Ira here for dinner. Mama and Papa came home. Wrote a letter.
Mon. Oct. 2. Fair. We made some taffy this morning. Fixed over my black silk bonnet, also Lila's.
Tues. Oct. 3. Did some more sewing, churned, and went to the store with Papa in road wagon. Got a letter from Sherman, he is getting along very well.
Wed. Oct. 4. Was bright. We washed. Ola has poison on her face. I sewed after dinner. Papa went to Manassas.
Thurs. Oct. 5. Got up (at) 4 o’clock. Papa and Geo. went to Remington for apples. Ironed till 10 o’clock. Went to Nokesville after dinner. Sent Mr. Davis handkerchiefs for birthday present.
Fri. Oct. 6. Was fair. I churned and cleaned up this forenoon, then Mama and I went to the woods for hickory nuts and grapes. Papa went to Kerlin’s for beef.
Sat. Oct. 7. Frost last night, heavy. I baked pies. Made vegatable soup for dinner. Went to Council at Valley, had a time about horse show. Stopped at store
Sun. Oct. 8. Beautiful. Papa went to Auburn, Mama, Lelia and I to Valley. S. Flory preached. Home for dinner, to S.S. and then C.W.M. I am chorister. Ella and Ira were here.
Mon. Oct. 9. We washed and ironed. Ola and Lelia went to Mrs. Bodines. Lucy brought me a jacket suit to make for her. Men are husking corn.
Tues. Oct. 10. Was bright. I commenced a jacket suit for Lucy Hinegardner, of broadcloth. Went to Nokesville.
Wed. Oct. 11. Very rainy. I sewed all day on Lucy's skirt. She came over to try it on. Heard from Sherman, he is slowly improving.
Thurs. Oct. 12. Cold. I finished the suit, and made an apron for Lelia. Lucy came after her suit.
Fri. Oct. 13. Pretty and bright. Made Lelia a dress before dinner. Ira, Ella came, also Mrs. Miller, to help bake communion bread. Met for Harry Bear's trial, but he apologized.
Sat. Oct. 14. Lovely. I helped Mama with the baking. Lila cleaned up. Bro. Zigler was here, for dinner, then we all went to Valley for Love Feast. Heard from P.S.
Sun. Oct. 15. Fair. All went to church. Came home for dinner. Mrs. Andes and Mrs. Heddinqs were here. Went to S.S. Enoch came in awhile then all went to C.W.M. and church tonight. Cousin Susie Spitzer is here tonight.
Mon. Oct. 16. Was bright. Mama and Cousin Suzie Spitzer went to see A1verta, I did some mending. Mr. Jimmie Flory came after me to keep house while Mrs. F. goes to Valley. (I think, she means the valley of Virginia where many people had relatives.)
Tues. Oct. 17. Fair. Mrs. Flory went to the Valley this morning, I commenced my housekeeping Got a letter from Sherman, he is improving.
Wed. Oct. 18. Threatening. I mended hose this forenoon, and wrote some on my essay, after dinner. We all went to church tonight.
Thurs. Oct. 19. Threatening. 1 worked more at my essay. Went with Mrs. Coffman to Nokesville after dinner. Went to church tonight.
Fri. Oct. 20. Was bright, turned very cold. Baked a cake after dinner. Mirian goes to school. Went to church tonight.
Sat. Oct. 21. Very cold. I baked bread and pies. Mr. Flory comes in at 12:30 for dinner. Got beef and I made vegetable soup for supper. Went to church.
Sun. Oct. 22. Very bright. We went to S.S. and church. My folks and Prof. Zigler were here for dinner. Did not get to Nokesville to S.S. Went to church
Mon. Oct. 23. I had three hands for dinner, Ira, his father and Otho Hedrick. I read some today. We went to church tonight.
Tues. Oct. 24. Warmer. I washed this morning. Mirion went to shoo1. I went over to see Mrs. Coffman after dinner. Rained some tonight. Crowd at church was small
Wed. Oct. 25. Rained all day. Was no schoo1, teacher is sick. I ironed, got dinner and read awhile. Did not go to church tonight, played the organ.
Thurs. Oct. 26. Gloomy again today. Went to church. Crowd rather slim.
Fri. Oc. 27. Edna Miller is sick, hence there has been no school for 3 days. I baked bread today. went to church tonight.
Sat. Oct. 28. Very pretty. I took Mirian to the church to be baptised with two others. Ate dinner at Mr. Sam Flory. Ada Miller came with us. Did my work this afternoon.
Sun. Oct. 29. Cleaned chicken then all went to S.S. Alverta and Geo. were here for dinner. Bro. Zigler preached on Love. Went tonight, his farewell sermon.
Mon. Oct. 30. Beautiful. I rid up things this morning. Mrs. Coffman and children came after dinner, Mirian went to school.
Tues, Oct. 31. Bright. 1 washed this morning. Had Everet Forester for dinner, Read this afternoon. Mr. Flory brought Mirian and I some chestnuts.
Wed. Nov. 1. Bright. Was a busy day for me. I ironed and got dinner for two hands.
Thurs. Nov. 2. Cold. I churned this morning. Got dinner then Mrs. Harpine came and took me to home to the organization of Sisters Aid Society. Ella is president.
Fri. Nov. 3. Pretty. Mr. Flory started to the Valley this morning. I read all day, no one here at all. Was rather quiet and lonely.
Sat. Nov. 4 Very pretty. Marian and I went to Council Meeting at Valley house. Came home, stayed by our last night and tonight. - (?)
Sun. Nov. 5. Cold. We went to Nokesville church and home for dinner. Mr. Miller preached. Ernest Landis's were home for dinner. Went back to Mr. Florys this evening.
Mon. Nov. 6. Bright and warm. I churned and washed this morning. Went to see Mrs. Clagget and Mrs. Coffman this afternoon.
Tues. Nov. 7. Pretty. I ironed and baked bread. Got good. Read after dinner. Everett was here this evening hauling coal.
Wed. Nov. 8. Was nice. Mr. and Mrs. Flory came home. I had dinner ready for them, had vegetable soup. Mr. Flory paid me $5.00 and brought me home.
Thurs. Nov. 9. Fair. Ola and I ironed this forenoon. Afternoon Mama and I went Out to Mr. Kerlines to meet a committee. Went in our new buggy, Saw Ella th
Fri. Nov. 10. I made Lelia a silk bonnet and helped make mincemeat, also wrote to Sherman. Practiced on my guitar tonight.
Sat. Nov 11. Very beautiful. I helped bake while Ola cleaned up. Papa and Mama then went to see Annie Mccormick. I went to Cannon Branch to Love Feast with Noah Garber. Bro. Zigler was there.
Sun. Nov. 12. Very bright. Nobody from here went to church. I wrote a letter, went to S.S. and C.W.M. Ella and Ira were here awhile. Papa and Mama came home.
Mon. Nov. 13. Fair. I will teach Lucy H. and Elsie Garber this winter, she came this morning for the first. Went to Mr. Millers after dinner. Ola and Mama went to Mrs. Bodines.
Tues. Nov. l4. Very cold. Lucy here today. We had chicken for dinner. We all, Including Alverta and children, went to the store. Got a letter and ans. tonight
Wed. Nov. 15. Cold and clear. Mr. Miller helped us butcher today. Alverta was here.
Thurs. Nov. 16. Pretty. We washed, had school, and after dinner went to Sister's Aid Society, at Will Millers. Stopped at the store.
Fri. Nov. 17. Ola and I ironed after dinner. I also baked a checkerboard cake for Sunday.
Sat. Nov. 18. Fair. Papa and Mama, Mr. and Mrs. Miller went to Fairfax. I baked, and then we and Millers girls went after persimmons. C.W.M. tonight. Ella and Ira here.
Sun. Nov. 19. Mrs. Emma Hedrick was here all night also. All went to S.S. and church. Mr. Sam Flory preached. John King and Charlie Herring here for dinner. Wrote a letter tonight.
Mon. Nov. 20. Snowed hard all day. Mama and Papa came home, brought us some good candy. Played my guitar and pieced a quilt square-woolen.
Tues. Nov. 21. Beautiful. Ada and I went to Mr. Al Kings, about 4 o'clock Papa phoned for me, Mama was taken suddenly sick. Dr. came, stayed all night.
Wed. Nov. 22. Mama rested fairly well after midnight. Ella came out this morning. Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Noah Barber were here after dinner. She got worse
Thurs. Nov. 23. Mama was some better today. We ironed. Ira came after Ella tonight. Alverta came down. Dr. came tonight
Fri. Nov. 24. I baked this morning. Mrs. Emma Hedrick came to sea Mama. She is tolerbly good. Mrs. Alien was here also.
Sat. Nov. 25. Very warm. Mama was worse. We did the Sat's, work, and I then went to Nokesville. Wrote to Daisy.
Sun. Nov. 26. Ola and Lelia went to church. Mama was much worse today. I went to S.S. Alverta came down. Dr. came up this evening, Lila and Ira were here.
Mon. Nov. 27. Ira bro't Ella out to stay all week. They have left Florys. Mama seems better today.
Tues. Nov. 28. Ella and Ola washed and I tended Mama and the cooking. Mama improves very slowly. Got a letter.
Wad. Nov. 29. A pretty day. We ironed and baked pies and hickory nut cake for Thanksgiving. Ira was to come but did not.
Thurs. Nov 30. Cold. Ola stayed with Mama, the rest went to church at Nokesville. Ira was here. We had guinea for dinner. Very windy.
Fri. Dec. 1. Got a letter today. I went to Nokesville, then Papa took Ola and me to Manassas. Mama is some better.
Sat. Dec. 2. I made Mama a wrapper, the girls did the work. Ella and I went to C.W.M. at Valley to get Ira.
Sun. Dec. 3. Very rainy. I stayed with Mama, the rest went to church. C.W.M. tonight. Newt Miller and Ada called on us after church.
Mon. Dec. 4. Very rough. Geo. took a horse to Washington. I cut out Ola's suit skirt. Papa went to Manassas.
Tues. Dec. 5. Bright. Was fire in Manassas last night. Hynsons and Mrs. Adams store, P.O. and Shannon's drug store, Printing Office and other buildings. Raimy was tried for shooting a man. Mama is the same.
Wed. Dec. 6. Was pretty. We ironed and I made pickles. Papa helped Millers butcher. Ira went to the Valley to see bank board. Got a letter and ans.
Thurs. Dec. 7. Warm and bright. Ella helped me to make Ola's jacket. After dinner Mrs. Jonas and Grandma Free came to see Mama.
Fri. Dec. 8. Beautiful. Ola and I went to store. Mr. Houchins is back. Bridgewater school has closed till after Xmas. Boilers burst. I made a Christmas present for Sherman. A silk handkerchief case.
Sat. Dec. 9. Gloomy. I got up early and baked pies, then Papa took me to the store. I got a letter and ans. after dinner. Mama is better.
Sun. Dec. 10. Very windy and cold. Papa. Ella, Mr. Houchins and I went to church. Mr. Miller preached. Mr. H. came with me f'rom S.S. we went to C.W.M. had subject of marriage.
Mon. Dec. 11. Was fair. Ira came home at noon. Ella and I baked a fruit cake. I sewed some, made Papa a shirt. Mama is not so well again.
Tues. Dec. 12. Was beautiful. Papa and Ira went to Mr. Lamb's sale. We knotted Ella's comfort. I went to Nokesville. Got letter from Aunt Sis. Answered tonight.
Wed. Dec. 13. Was pretty. Ella and Ola went to the store, then washed. Miss Sallie Miller was here all day. We had a social tonight and some refreshment
Thurs. Dec 14. I pieced my comfort squares for S.A.S. After dinner Ella and I went to the Society at Mrs. Harpines. Went down home for some things for Ira. Dr. came up tonight.
Fri. Dec. 15. Snowed all day, very cold. I made Lelia's dress, Ella made her sheets. Mama is getting better.
Sat. Dec. 16. Sleeted, snowed and rained. Ella helped me bake, then she and Ira went out home. I got a nice letter. Mama is about same. I stayed with her tonight.
Sun. Dec. 17. Went to church in the sleigh. Mr. Miller preached. Mr. Shaffers were here for dinner. Went to C.W.M. at Valley tonight, brought Mr. Houchins back with us.
Man. Dec. 18. Put quilt in frames. Ira read to us while we quilted. Joel and Ada came down and went with us to Nokesville tonight. Ella's S.S. class got her a set of spoons for a present.
Tues. Dec. 19. We washed, Ira helped, then we quilted. Mama went to the table to eat today. Geo. took Alverta to the store after dinner.
Wed. Dec. 20. Was a very rainy day. We quilted all day. Aiverta and Ada Miller came to help us. Mama is better. Got a letter from Will Shickel.
Thurs. Dec. 21. Was still a gloomy day. Ada and Barbara came down, we shook cat in the quilt. Ira took me to Nokesville tonight. Got a letter.
Fri. Dec. 22. Was beautiful. We ironed, baked bread and cake. Ella is sick, Mama is better. Sent Mr. Davis a handkerchief case for a Xmas present.
Sat. Dec. 23. Was very pretty. I worked hard all day, did all the baking, Ola the cleaning up. I got a nice Xmas present from Mr. D. – a handkerchief and glove case.
Sun. Dec., 24. Cold and clear. Ira took us to church. Mr. Houchins went with us. Papa preached. Came home for dinner. Went to S.S.
Mon. Dec. 25. Beautiful. Went to Valley again to church. Mr. Holsinger preached. Had a special dinner. Ella's S.S. (class) came here and gave her a present, spoons.
Tues. Dec. 26. Pretty. We washed and knotted two comforts. Mrs. John Hedrick and Pearl were here all day.
Wed. Dec. 27. Bright. Ironed. I made Ole a waist, then we went to a party at Kerlin's tonight. Too many to be a success. Ella and Ira packed their box.
Thurs. Dec. 28. We butchered. I baked pies and got dinner. Went to see Nettie Wood after dinner, also to the store and P.O.
Fri. Dec. 29. Rainy. I baked bread. Geo. and I went to meet Daisy and Emory, and Mary tonight. We were so glad to see them.

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Mary was 20 years old

Jan 1 - Got up early and had breakfast ready when they rose. I wrote a letter this forenoon. Made on my waist then.
Jan 2 - All but Mama and Ola took dinner with Alverta. She hada splendid dinner. I made her waist. Came home this evening and got supper. Mr. Rogers is staying all night with us. Mama is better.
Jan 3 - I went up to finish Alverta's dress. Came home. Dr. was here today.
Jan 4 - Mr. Wenrich came up and took the picture of our family, we are all together now. Got a letter from P.S.D. and answered it tonight.
Jan 5 - (Friday) We ironed & baked bread, etc. Emory preached for us tonight at the church. Mary (Crumpacker) talks everything, she is very cute. Mama improves slowly.
Jan 6 - I baked, Ola cleaned. Ella and Ira leave for Illinois tomorrow. They finished packing this evening.
Jan 7 - George and I took Ira and Ella to depot, was so hard to see them go so far as Mt. Morris, Ill. I got and wrote a letter.
Jan 8 - Papa and I went up to Aliens. They have given me the school to finish teaching, and I went to sign a contract. Did some modeling of clothes.
Jan 9 - I commenced school today, had seventeen pupils. Got along very well indeed, all are very obedient and respectful. Got a letter from Mr. Hauchins.
Jan 10 - School went well today, had twenty. Baked some sugar cakes this evening. Had a card from Ella, they were in Chicago when she wrote.
Jan 11 - Went to school today. Mr. Allen put some new window lights in for me. Got a letter from Sherman, answered it tonight. Daisy helped with the cooking.
Jan 12 - School was somewhat slim today. I went to Nokesville after school, got me a knife and overshoes.
Jan 13 - (Saturday) Baked bread and pies. Got a letter from Ella. She is well, is in her own home now. Alverta came over with the children this afternoon.
Jan 14 - (Sunday) No one went to church. Went to S.S. Had chicken for dinner
Jan 15 - Went to school, got along nicely. The roads are extremely bad now. I did my sewing for the Aid Society tonight.
Jan 16 - School was interesting, have 22 enrolled. Have some bright and working pupils. Got a letter and answered it tonight.
Jan 18 - I went to Nokesville early this morning, then went to school. Getting along very nicely so far.
Jan 19 - Had a good turnout at school. Lila came to visit a while, then came with me home. We talked till nearly midnight.
Jan 23 - Had no fire in school house today, it was too warm. Got two letters today, from B'water and E'town. Wrote one tonight.
Jan 24 - We think little Mary has the whooping cough.
Jan 31 - School went very well. I whipped a boy, tho. Mama is getting better. Little Mary also improves.
Feb 2 - Went to school, had eighteen. Was Alverta's birthday. We gave her a cake stand with a cake on It. Got a letter today.
Feb 3 - (Saturday) Had Council meeting today. Made a new preacher, Mr. 3. F. Flory, he accepted but his wife would not. Poor man. Enoch took me to Valley church tonight. Wrote some letters.
Feb 4 - (Sunday) Went to church. Mrs. 3. F. Flory made an acknowledgment to the church. Mr. Coffman's were here for dinner.
Feb 5 - School went fine. I like it first rate. Got my congress shoes, fit perfectly. Mrs. Miller was down to see about weaving carpet. Made off my report tonight.
Feb 6 - Went to Nokesville before school. Got a letter from Mr. Hauchins. Little Mary welcomes me home each evening.
Feb 9 - Roads are bad. George took and brought us home from school. Daisy packed up to leave today.
Feb 10 - (Saturday) Ola and I took Mary and Daisy to the train this morning. We met S. A. Sanger and B. Miller on same train. They, Papa and Mr. Conner settled a family money trouble at Millers.
Feb 11 - (Sunday) Ola, Alverta and I went to Valley. Bro. Sanger preached an excellent sermon on 28th verse of Mat 26.
Feb 15 - School went very well but some are very bad children. Went to Nokesville, called to see Mrs. Armstrong, Nettle Wood & Mrs. Ed Garber, got subscriptions for the "Housewife."
Feb 16 - Teaching was very hard work today. Got a very nice letter from Myrtle and Sherman. Got silk pieces from "Housewife" as a premium.
Feb 18 - (Sunday) Mama went to church, the first time for three months. Mr. Rankins and wife were here for dinner.
Feb 19 - School is going along nicely now. I like it much. Roads are splendid for this time of year. Lucy gives me trouble in school.
Feb 21 - School was a burden today, everything seemed to go wrong. George went to Maryland to see about getting work. He wants to stop the farm.
Feb 22 - Got along nicely at school today. Pupils all behaved and studied.
Feb 23 - Was a model day. Excellent for February. Had a full school, had a spelling match this evening.
Feb 24 - (Saturday) I baked pies and bread till dinner. George came home this morning, did not get a place. Ola and I washed the new buggy. Got a nice letter and a birthday present, a knife.
Feb "25" - (Sunday) Birdie King was here last night, she, Ola, Papa and Lelia went to church. I read Beaulah and wrote some letters. Was my birthday. I went to S.S. after dinner. Ola and Charlie Herring went to C.W.M. at the Valley. [Mary’s 21st birthday]
Feb 26 - School went very well today. Am getting nice practice in arithmetic. Celebrated my birthday tonight. Miller's youngsters came and we pulled taffy, made popcorn balls. Enoch gave me a set of sauce dishes.
Feb 27 - Snowed and blowed all day. Went to school, had fourteen pupils. George has bought about 20 acres of land from Papa on the Run.
Mar 1 - Had a large school today. Heard from Dr. Clarkson, he endorsed my Certificate.
Mar 2 - Mama is not well. We had speaking at school this evening, they did very well. I came home and baked pies & got supper, etc. Got a letter from Mr. McKinney.
Mar 3 - (Saturday) Got a nice letter from Elizabethtown. Baked cake & bread.
Mar 5 - Went to school today, everything went fine. I sent for some picture rolls for my students. Made out my report tonight. - -
Mar 6 - Had a good full school. Am enjoying my work much. Helped Ola write her essay tonight.
Mar 9 - Was sick all day. Got a very sad letter.
Mar 10 - (Saturday) I taught school to make up a day. Had a full school, all on time. Got a letter from Aunt Sis.
Mar 11 - (Sunday) Ola and I went to church in the new buggy. Miller's folks stopped here for dinner. We had guinea. Wrote a letter this evening.
Mar 15 - The trees and fences are loaded with icicles, makes a pretty scene. Got a letter from P.S.D. Also got my pictures.
Mar 17 - (Saturday) Papa and Enoch walked to Manassas fixing up the telephone line. I baked pies and cake.
Mar 19 - Went to school. Snowed, sleeted and rained. I went up to Mrs. Millers and stayed all night. Papa is sick.
Mar 20 - Enoch took me to school in the sleigh. Dr. Wine came to see Papa, also Dr. Simpson this evening. Mr. Conner came up and Papa was anointed. He has kidney trouble.
Mar 21 - Papa was some better today. Enoch came down to sit up with him. I had neuralgia very bad last night and tonight. Got a letter and answered it tonight.
Mar 22 - Papa is still improving. Cora came to school at noon.
Mar 23 - Went to school with neuralgia. The sick are improving. Got a letter from Will Shickle today. Enoch came in this evening again.
Mar 24 - (Saturday) Baked pies and cake. Read some in my book. Stayed downstairs all night.
Mar 25 - (Sunday) People went sleighing today. None of us went to church. I have a very bad cold. Mr. Hale came over here to see Papa. Ada and Enoch stopped a while to see me.
Mar 26 - I went to school but was almost unable. Papa is slowly improving.
Mar 28 - Papa took me to school and then went to Nokesville. He is not very well yet though. School work went fine this week so far. I am not at all well, have neuralgia.
Mar 31 - (Saturday) Papa is worse, and I have much trouble with my teeth. I baked bread, it got lovely, and pies.
Apr 1 - (Sunday) Went to church. Dr. Simpson came up to see Papa, he and Mr. Newt Miller were here for dinner. Ola, Mr. M. & I took a long stroll by the creek. Went to C.W.M. tonight.
Apr 2 - Went to Manassas on noon train. Mr. N.M. was on the train. He hurt his finger, I tied it up for him. Got me a black silk waist, had three teeth filled. Came home on six o'clock train.
Apr 3 - I made Early a dress, a boy's dress. Got a letter and answered it. Enoch went to Nokesville & got us some fish.
Apr 8 - (Sunday) We all went to the Valley to church for the first time since November. Went to Mr. Will Miller's for dinner. Came to S.S. Charlie Herring came with Ola. Had neuralgia all day.
Apr 11 - We rose early and Ola & I went to visit Dr. Wine's. Stopped at Mr. Hedricks to have Minnie shod. We had a fine visit, such a good dinner.
Apr 12 - I put up a hen with 23 chickens, and set out some flowers.
Apr 14 - (Saturday) I came to Washington this morning to see Fleeta. Lizzie & the boys came too. Othes took us down town tonight. Am having a nice time
Apr 15 - (Sunday) Went to church on the car. Heard Bro. Bonsack preach a fine sermon. Came back to Fleeta's for dinner. Got company this evening. Lizzie & the boys went home. Went to church tonight.
Apr 16 - Fleeta took me out shopping after lunch, we then drove to the "zoo." I saw the elephant, it is a huge animal. Tonight Dan took us to the library. It was fine, went all through it. I cannot conceive of its grandeur.
Apr 17 - Othes and Joe took me out this morning. We walked up in the Dome of the Capitol. I almost gave out. Fleeta and Joe took me to the Museum after lunch. Went to Art Gallery this morning. We are tired this evening.
Apr 18 - Fleeta, Joe and I went to Mrs. Hooker's for lunch. I intended going home but stayed with them all night. A severe earthquake shocked San Francisco at 5:15 A.M. It is very distressing to read the accounts.
Apr 19 - Edmund, May and I went to the store before lunch. I got some books, "St. Elmo," "The Wide, Wide World," and Ella Whistler Wilcox's poems on Love. Came home this evening, was glad to get home again.
Apr 20 - We worked in the front yard and also made garden today. Willie Bodine and Enoch came here tonight.
Apr 22 - (Sunday) Papa and I went out to church. We went to Mr. Shaffers for dinner. Came to S.S. and went to Valley to C.W.M. tonight.
Apr 25 - Ola & I went on a hunt for wintergreen. Had a long walk but found it.
Apr 30 - We washed and cleaned up the kitchen. Took down stove in sitting room. Very tired this evening. Got a letter from P.S.D.
May 1 - We cleaned up the sitting room and dining room. Put down new carpet. Worked in flower garden after supper.
May 3 - Looked for Papa but he did not come. Helped Ola pack her telescope to go to the Valley.
May 4 - I took Ola to the train this morning. Then I cleaned up and baked bread. Went to meet Papa. Baked a cake.
May 7 - Lucy was here all night. Lelia & I washed. Mama is not well. Set some hens.
May 8 - I took Papa to the train to go to District Meeting at Mt. Vernon. Ironed till dinner, then sewed for Lelia. Got two letters.
May 10 - I sewed all day. Wrote a letter to E-town tonight.
May 11 - Baked bread and sewed some. Alverta and I went to Nokesville & called on Rose McCarthy. Papa came home tonight.
May 13 - (Sunday) Papa went to Auburn. Mama, Lelia & Ito Valley, Mr. Miller preached. Came home for dinner. I got toothache and couldn't go to S.S.
May 14 - I made Lucy's skirt. Got a letter from E-town. Got severe toothache again this evening.
May 15 - Alverta and I went to Manassas to have teeth fixed. Melvin Quann & wife came today to work for Papa. Got a postcard from Ola.
May 16 - We washed today, Anna helped us some, but is very delicate. My tooth is much better, does not ache.
May 17 - We got through ironing till 10 o'clock. Then we had the hay bailers for dinner. Mama, Alverta & I went to Mrs. Shoffers to the Aid Society. We knotted a comfort.
May 19 - I baked pies, bread & cake till dinner. Lucy Hinegardner came and took me to Canon Branch. I came home with Papa.
May 20 - (Sunday) Went to S.S. & church. Papa preached a good sermon on "Christ's Ambassadors." We got no company and went with Ada and Barbara. Papa took me to Valley to C.W.M. tonight. I was on for an essay.
May 21 - Mama and I cleaned up washhouse for Melvins to move in to cook and eat. Mr. John Click got his leg broken, horses ran away.
May 22 - We ironed this morning. Mama and Papa went to see Mr. Click and I made Lelia a dress. Got a letter from E-town, answered it tonight.
May 24 - Lucy came after her dress after dinner. Paid me $.75.
May 26 - (Saturday) Mama baked pies and I cleaned up. Got Papa's pictures, they are fine. Went to C.W.M.
May 27 - (Sunday) Mama and I went to church. Mr. Jimmie Flory preached his first sermon on "Sin." Handled it well. Went to Mr. Sam Flory's for dinner. Had strawberries. Went to S.S. this afternoon.
May 28 - Got my pillow cases and made some today. Got a letter from P.S.D.
May 29 - I put up 36 little chickens this morning. Worked on my pillow this afternoon. Went to the singing tonight. Mr. Miller brought me my pictures. Not good.
June 2 - Took Papa to the depot to go to Orange. Baked cakes and pies.
June 3 - (Sunday) Went to church. No company for dinner. I went to Millers after dinner and got strawberries. Went to C.W.M. tonight.
June 4 - Worked on my sofa pillow. Ada Miller went with me to Manassas to have teeth filled.
June 5 - Was sick nearly all day. Sewed a little and slept after dinner. Millers came and we had strawberry ice cream this evening. Wrote a letter.
June 8 - We ironed this morning. Anna washed. Mama and I went to see Mr. & Mrs. Glick, they are better. George and Alverta came down to help eat pineapple ice cream. Got a Commencement invitation from Elizabethtown.
June 11 - Ola still didn't come home. Got a letter from E-town.
June 13 - Finished some sewing I had on hand. Got a card from Ola. She will come home Saturday. Picked a few cherries.
June 15 - Cleaned up some. Picked raspberries and cherries after dinner. Mama baked bread. Put up 3 cans of cherries this evening.
June 16 - (Saturday) Looked for Ola this morning but didn't come till evening, just to Manassas then. Baked pies and cake. Alverta and children came down
June 17 - (Sunday) Went to S.S. and church. Ola came home. Mr. & Mrs. Sam Flory were here for dinner. Charlie Herring came this evening. I am very lonely.
June 18 - I went to pick cherries but got sick. Went to bed at 5 o'clock. Got a letter from E-town. School has closed.
June 20 - Am feeling some better. Mama and I went to Coffmans. Men are harvesting.
June 21 - Canned cherries, I got dinner. I pieced on my slumberrobe, Ola on her quilt. We talked much. Wrote my essay for tonight.
June 24 - (Sunday) Was at home all day today. Prof. I.N.H. Beahm stopped to see George, then came down here awhile.
June 25 - Papa, Mama and I went to John Glick's baby's funeral, was very sad.
June 26 - Mama and Ola quilted. I made apple pies. Have two fresh cows.
June 29 - Ola, Lelia and I went to Nokesville, got dresses. I finished my painting, improved the looks much. Worked in the flower gardens this evening. Ada brought me some plants, cypress, etc.
June 30 - (Saturday) I did the baking. Got a nice letter answered this afternoon. Alverta and children came down.
July 1 - (Sunday) All but Anna went to church. Papa preached. Charlie Herring was here for dinner. I went to Alverta's. We made ice cream this evening.
July 3 - We put my quilt in the frames this morning and worked hard on it all day. Alverta came down. Lucy came over for me-to fix her bonnet. Was quickly done, looks better.
July 4 - Mama and I worked on the quilt all day. Ola got dinner and slept this afternoon. As this is a holiday, the mail carrier did not go.
July 5 - Finished the quilt till dinner. Noah Garber was here for dinner, helping make hay. Ola and Mama took some apples to Mr. Glick's family.
July 7 - I baked, Ola cleaned up. Had 3 hands for dinner. Read after dinner. Got a letter from John Shickel.
July 8 - (Sunday) We all went to church at the Valley. Papa, Mama and Lelia went to Coffman's for dinner, Ola and Ito Seese's. Had ice cream. Came to S.S. then went to C.W.M. tonight.
July 9 - I made caps today for Mrs. Emma Hedrick. Mama is not well. The men are making hay.
July 10 - I went after blackberries, got 3 gallons. Slept about 3 hours, didn't eat anything all day. Mama is better.
July 11 - We washed this morning. Cut a few apples to dry. Worked on my essay for S.S. this afternoon. Got two letters. They are thru making hay.
July 13 - I went for berries and got many, got home till dinner. Started to remodel a skirt this afternoon. Canned berries this evening.
July 15 - (Sunday) Went to church. Mr. Hasting Herring's were here for dinner. Mama took very sick. Papa went for Dr. Simpson.
July 16 - Papa and Melvin went for berries. We cut apples to dry. Canned berries and made jelly after dinner. Mama is some better.
July 17 - Mama is about the same. Dr. was here for dinner. We filled the dry house again. Had a good letter from P.S.D.
July 18 - Worked with the apples, Alverta helped us. Mama improving slowly, is still in bed.
July 19 - Had Miss Adams for dinner, had apple dumplings. I worked on my essay after dinner, also wrote a letter. Got two today.
July 20 - Ola's eyes were shut all day long. I had to iron, milk and do everything else. Was very tired this evening. Got two letters today also.
July 23 - Miss Adams is still here. I made Lelia's dress and began Ola's skirt.
July 24 - Miss Adams left this morning for Philadelphia. Got a good letter from Sherman, it made me happy.
July 25 - Got a letter from Ira. They have a son, born on the 22 id of July.
July 26 - Ola ironed while I made my dress. Made it in one day. Mama is still improving some.
July 28 - Baked cakes and pies. Cora fell from the fence and broke her arm. Dr. Brown set it, Dr. Numan helped. Sanger & Kline here all night.
July 29 - (Sunday) Had our S.S. meeting at Valley, three sessions. Cora is getting along very nicely.
July 30 - Papa and I went to the church to help clean up. Mama and I went up to see Alverta after dinner. Worked in the flower garden.
July 31 - We washed. I got a letter, also my pins. Wrote a letter. Alverta, Cora and Early came down. I went to see George's house.
Aug 2 - I made at Mama's wrapper this afternoon. Made some crabapple jelly this evening.
Aug 3 - Papa and I drove to Fairfax this afternoon, went to Bro. Neff's to spend the night. Missed the road a little. Had a nice supper.
Aug 4 - Had a nice breakfast then all went over to the church at Oakton to the Ministerial Meeting. Papa was Moderator. Morning session was rich. We ate dinner, and the afternoon session was still richer. A great wave of inspiration overrided the audience. Bro. Bonsack with many others gave us the pure truth. Had a good supper at intermission. Mr. N. J. Miller and I took a walk in the cemetery, a very old one, we found. Then we found a very nice place in the church to sit and enjoy the richest of all the sessions. What a blessing to the soul at such a meeting.
Aug 5 - (Sunday) Had the Doctrinal Sermon by cousin Hiram Miller. Was fine. Went to Bowman's for dinner, then came home this afternoon. Stopped at Canon Branch to hear Dr. B.B. Garber preach, was good. Was almost eleven when we got home.
Aug 6 - We worked with the peaches all day. Put up 8 cans and dried some, also sold some. Canned 7 cans of tomatoes this evening. Alverta came down this evening, Cora is getting along fine.
Aug 7 - Mama was sick, in bed about all day.
Aug 8 - I worked at the peaches. Papa sold some, also apples. Made pies, killed chickens for Council Meeting. Got a letter today from Pennsylvania.
Aug 9 - Got a letter from Ella. They named the baby Harold Michael.
Aug 11 - (Saturday) Papa and Mr. George Shaffer went to Fredricksburg to preach. Mr. N. J. Miller called me up on the phone this evening.
Aug 13 - Georges moved today in their new house. Barbara, Ola, the boys and I helped them. Had some fun. Children stayed here for dinner.
Aug 14 - We worked at the peaches the live long day. Sold some, too. Got a nice letter from Springs, very busy now. Wrote one tonight.
Aug 16 - Lelia and I ironed. Ola and Mama put up peaches. Barbara and I went to Mr. Sol Hedricks to Aid Society. I was put in for Treasurer. I can't keep caps on hand, demand is too great.
Aug 17 - We still have peaches to can and dry.
Aug 18 - (Saturday) Mama was sick most all day. I baked cake and pies. Made peach preserves after dinner.
Aug 19 - (Sunday) We went to church. Papa preached. He woke up the sleepers. Had two for dinner. Had fried chicken. Am lonely tonight.
Aug 21 - Made little Mary Crumpacker a pink lawn dress and skirt for her birthday gift. Made two gowns. Got a letter and answered it tonight.
Aug 22 - We got a bbl of watermelons from Emory. They are fine. One weighed 44 pounds. We made ice cream. George & Alverta came up.
Aug 26 - (Sunday) Papa and I went to church. Mr. Sam Flory preached. Came home for dinner. Mr. Johnson came. It poured rain. Had no S.S. Could not get to singing at Valley church.
Aug 28 - I sewed. Ola and I went to Nokesville through the rain. Got a good cheering letter from P.S.D. today.
Aug 30 - Is thundering and raining very hard tonight and Papa is out away from home.
Sep 2 - (Sunday) Went to S.S. and church. Had no company for dinner so Mama and I went over to see Mattie Garber & her boy. Went to singing.
Sep 3 - A crowd of us went watermelon hunting. I had toothache nearly all the time. Had lots of fun. Ate watermelon when we got home.
Sep 6 - I sewed all day. We went to Mr. Ike Wright's tonight to a singing, was an immense crowd there. Threshing machine came here after dark.
Sep 7 - We killed chickens, baked cookies and pies for hands. Had 12 for dinner. Made 237 bushels.
Sep 12 - We got a letter from Ella and Ira. Their baby is not growing much. Men are cutting corn.
Sep 15 - I baked pies, cake and bread this morning. Went to Manassas on train to have a tooth pulled. Hurt very bad. Came home at 6 o'clock. Went to C.W.M. tonight.
Sep 16 - (Sunday) Mama is sick today. Went to church. Five here for dinner. Went to singing at Valley.
Sep 17 - I made Lucy's dress today. Got my new song, "When My Golden Hair has Turned to Silver Gray."
Sep 18 - Went for mail, got a letter from P.S.D. Papa mowed his alfalfa field.
Sep 19 - Mama and I went to cousin Jacob Millers and spent the day. Had fried chicken, apple pie and other good things for dinner.
Sep 21 - I baked bread and was a complete failure. I sewed all day for Lelia.
Sep 23 - (Sunday) Papa is not well. Ola, Lelia and I went to Valley.
Sep 25 - Helped Ola make her dress, showed her how, etc. She makes a poor seamstress.
Sep 27 - Wrote on my essay tonight for Sunday S.S. Reviewed "Jesus enters Jerusalem in Triumph."
Sep 29 - I made Lelia a fall jacket. Ola and Mama baked pies. I baked a cake. Got a letter from Mr. Houchins today.
Oct 2 - Ola and I took Lelia to school, then went to Nokesville. Finished my sewing. Kate Chambers came down and stayed all night. We had lots of fun with her.
Oct 3 - We washed, Kate helped us, and Ola and I almost hurt ourselves laughing at her. We three peeled apples tonight while Papa and Mama went to Garbers. Kate is a case.
Oct 4 - Kate, Ola and I went to see Mrs. Will Miller. She has a baby girl. Kate will go there to work.
Oct 5 - Papa took Kate to Mr. Conners. She is a great girl, so comical, but goodhearted.
Oct 6 - I baked and sewed. Papa took me to Nokesville. He talked to John Glick again, he left his wife.
Oct 7 - (Sunday) Had a good S.S. Papa preached. Will Herrings, Dave Landes, Mr. & Mrs. Sol Hedricke & Ed were here for dinner. Ed is a case, laughs so much, weighs 220 lbs. Singing tonight.
Oct 10 - Worked at my caps the whole day, and my eyes feel it sorely. Will have to have them treated. Mr. Sager was here for dinner. Papa was gone.
Oct 11 - Worked at caps all day again.
Oct 12 - Had heavy frost. Froze some of my flowers. Finished caps.
Oct 13 - Got a letter from Sherman. He is sick again.
Oct 15 - Mama and I went to see Alverta awhile. George is clerking in Mr. Hinegardner's store. Helped Alverta cut out her dress.
Oct 17 - Papa dug sweet potatoes. Got a good letter today.
Oct 19 - I baked bread, didn't get good. Papa sold 2 horses for $390.
Oct 21 - (Sunday) Went to church. Ola and I went to Millers for dinner. Went to preaching tonight, had an hour's study before hand. Was a dreary day for me.
Oct 25 - (Thursday) As we got to the church this morning we found Mr. Davis there, he was away over a year. We took a little walk after dinner. Went to church tonight.
Oct 26 - (Friday) All went to Bible study. Mr. Davis made a survey of George's farm, Ola and I went with him. Papa and George helped. Church tonight.
Oct 27 - (Saturday) I went to church, Mr. Davis to Nokesville. Got some candy. We went to Alverta's for supper, then I took him to the train to go home. I then went to church.
Oct 28 - (Sunday) Had a very large crowd at church. Had 8 for dinner. We took a walk for persimmons. Church tonight.
Oct 29 - Got a post card from P.S.D. Home Ok.
Nov 1 - I had a surprise social for Ola's birthday. Was a success. Had 15 strangers.
Nov 2 - Had three strange men here for dinner, just stopped in. Alverta and children came to pick apples this afternoon.
Nov 6 - We got up early and put out our wash, then Ola and I went to Lera's for dinner. Had a nice visit. We went to the sawmill, then came home. We were tired, for we walked.
Nov 8 - Ola and I went to the store. I worked at my slumber robe and finished piecing it this evening.
Nov 11 - (Sunday) Nobody went to church. George, Alverta & Adria came for dinner. We went to S.S. after dinner. I had neuralgia. - -
Nov 12 - I finished my slumber robe. Mama and Ola helped me to knot it. I made some Society caps after dinner.
Nov 13 - Got letter today from P.S.D.
Nov 14 - Had toothache this morning but is better this evening.
Nov 16 - I went to the store and finished buying our goods. Went on a wagon load of wheat.
Nov 18 - (Sunday) We went to church. Papa preached. Mr. Hackley was here for dinner. Papa went to Auburn to baptize a man. I wrote a letter to Sherman. Went to C.W.M. tonight.
Nov 19 - Ed Herring got his hand crushed in the corn shredder. He is bad off. I made me two gowns today. We got Harold's picture. He is pretty.
Nov 20 - I made a night dress for Lelia and cut out Mama's silk bonnet. Dr. took Ed Herring's two fingers and thumb off today.
Nov 22 - Lelia went with me to Mr. Sol Flory's place. I learned from Lily how to croquet slippers. Stopped at the store.
Nov 24 - (Saturday) Lelia helped me churn. Finished my cleaning up and after dinner Mama went to see Alverta, Lelia and I to Millers for turnips. Went to church to have our review lesson on Bible exam.
Nov 25 - (Sunday) I went with Ola and Charlie to church. We stopped at Will Miller's for dinner. We came to S.S. I went back to help on a program. N.3-Miller took me to C.W.M. and brought me home.
Nov 26 - Mr. Sol Flory came to help us butcher. I crocheted a hood for Mrs. Will Miller's baby, my namesake.
Nov 27 - I am sick. Got a letter and answered it this afternoon.
Nov 28 - I was at home alone all day. The others went to Manassas. I baked pies, made Mama a pin cushion for a Xmas p
Nov 30 - (Friday) I made Papa's shirt & fixed over Ola's and my bonnet. Took our Bible examination at the church.
Dec 4 - I sewed. Papa, Lelia and I went to Manassas. I had a tooth pulled, it hurt so very bad. Was hard to pull. Wrote a letter tonight to Sherman.
Dec 6 - They baled hay all day. I sewed all day. Cora came to see them bale.
Dec 7 - An oculist, a Jew, came, he examined my eyes & sold me glasses. He stayed all night.
Dec 8 - (Saturday) Studied my S.S. lesson this afternoon. Papa & Melvin hauled hay. I added up the pounds in each bale.
Dec 10 - George butchered. I went down and got dinner. Went to Nokesville early this morning. Came home after dinner and cut out caps.
Dec 11 - Went to church at noon to train the children in singing. Made caps all afternoon. Had a good letter today.
Dec 12 - I finished my caps and made two Society aprons. We went to the church again. Papa had a letter from Emory. They are well but not coming home at Xmas.
Dec 15 - I baked pies and a cake. Edna Miller sent my kitten to me.
Dec 16 - (Sunday) Jim Flory preached. My S.S. class came here for dinner. N.J. Miller came to practice singing with them. He took us to C.W.M. and brought Lelia and I home.
Dec 17 - Kate Chambers came to have her suit made. Cut & fit it on her today. Had lots of fun.
Dec 19 - Finished Harold's dress and we then fixed up Xmas packages for both Daisy and Ella. Ola and I took Kate's suit out to her, fit well.
Dec 21 - Lelia is worse, has bad sore throat & cold. Went to church to train children. Ola came and we went to the school entertainment, was not much. Got lots of candy.
Dec 22 - Lelia is right bad. Dr. Simpson came this evening. She has quinsy, symptoms of diphtheria.
Dec 23 - (Sunday) No one went to church. Dr. came up this morning. Lelia is no better. He used antitoxin. We went to S.S. after dinner.
Dec 24 - I worked hard baking cakes etc. for Christmas. We have no company at all as yet. Everything seems dull. Lelia seems better.
Dec 25 - (Tuesday) I was not able to go to church. Lelia is better.
Dec 26 - Made my waist today. It's rather dry for Xmas time, socially. Roads are bad.
Dec 27 - We washed. I went to Nokesville, got Enoch an album for a birthday present. We got up a crowd and surprised him tonight.
Dec, 28 - I made Mama a wrapper today. A crowd of us went out to see Pearl Shaffer tonight. Charlie came for Ola. Newt, Miller went with me. Had a fine time.
Dec 31 - Was not feeling very well, tried to sleep. Ola and I went to Garber's tonight to learn to operate the switchboard. The old year died gloomily. We take the switchboard commencing Jan. 1, 1907 to keep for 3 years with the privilege of five, for $250. a year.

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Mary was 21 years old

Jan 1, 1907 They started to move the switchboard here but didn't finish. Ola went to Garbers to operate it. We washed. I got a pretty work box from Sherman, also a letter.
Jan 2 - We had five men here for dinner and they still did not get through. We ironed. Ola was at Garbers again. Barbara came down this afternoon. Mama has a spell of rheumatism.
Jan 3 - Had seven men here for dinner today. Mr. Furbish, a young man from Iowa, helped. Got the board in, it works very well. Three lines are not connected with us. Made Lelia's doll a dress after dinner.
Jan 4 - Lelia and I went to Alverta's to spend the day, had an April shower while there and it turned cooler. I made a sofa cover pillow of silk. We had a good dinner, cake etc.
Jan 5 - (Sat) I cleaned up the house and yard. Messrs. Smith & Furbish were here working on the switchboard. Papa went to Canon Branch to the Council Meeting. Studied S.S. lesson.
Jan 6 - Just like a May day but roads are muddy. Mr. Sam Flory preached. We had no company at all, it was lonely for me. Ola went to Hale's. Went to C.W.M. tonight, good crowd. Aunt Mag Early was buried today.
Jan 7 - Lelia and I washed, got done till 9 o'clock. Switchboard keeps one busy. Mr. Enzer also Mr. Smith were here for dinner. I made a sofa pillow. Wrote to Sherman after dinner.
Jan 8 - Still very warm, had no fire to sit by. I tended the "pet." Messrs. Smith and Furbish put in the old board and it worked much better.
Jan 9 - I worked on my comfort and sofa pillows.
Jan 10 - The other phone co. ran their lines to the switchboard. Mama went to Alverta's and we had three men for dinner. A crowd of young folks gathered here tonight. We had a fine time. Mr. Furbish came.
Jan 11 - Didn't do much. Had some fun playing geography cards. Worked some on my crazy patch. Melvin's left yesterday.
Jan 12 - (Sat) I tended the board. Papa went to Fairfax to Council. I went to the store and to see Mrs. Marden. Had a nice visit. Studied S.S. lesson tonight. Enoch is going to Bridgewater to Bible sermon.
Jan 13 - Nobody went to church. After dinner went to S.S. and it poured rain. Coming home the Miller girls horses broke single tree & drug Ada over the dash board. No one hurt. Papa came home tonight.
Jan 14 - Still raining, warm enough for Spring. Didn't do much today. Tended the S.B. tonight. It is hard on one's temper. Takes patience.
Jan 15 - I washed this morning, didn't get clothes out. Got colder this evening. Got a letter today from Sherman. Cut out Lelia's dress and studied and studied Bible lesson after dinner.
Jan 16 - Tried to tend the switchboard and make Lelia's dress, but got very little done. It snowed nearly all day, looks very pretty.
Jan 17 - We made candy and popcorn balls today. Tonight Newt and John Miller came to play caroms. We got supper for them. Joe Early came also, unexpectedly. Glad to see him.
Jan 18 - Joe was here, we enjoyed his visit so much. He went to Hale's after dinner. Roads are fierce. We ironed tonight.
Jan 19 (Sat) Ola and I traded work for today. I baked a coconut cake. Bathed and studied my S.S. lesson this afternoon.
Jan 20 - Went to church. Mr. Sam Flory preached. Had a good S.S. Newt and John Miller were here for dinner.
Jan 21 - Mama and Ola washed and I tended the phone. We went to see the Miller girls after dinner. Had our Bible lesson tonight.
Jan 22 - Martha and Ola helped butcher, I tended the switchboard. Mr. Miller helped them. I got dinner. Got a good letter from Sherman.
Jan 23 - Mattie Garber is sick so I went over and ironed for her. There is so much sickness, doctors are kept busy.
Jan 24 - I went to the store early this morning. Went to Aid Society after dinner. We knotted a comfort and decided to give it and some clothing to sister Robison. We are trying to do all we can. We enjoy meeting in this capacity.
Jan 25 - Barbara came and we made some clothes for sister Robison. She is bad off for clothing. There were many calls for doctors. Grippe has taken hold of people.
Jan 26 - It snowed some today. We got new flour and got nice bread. My cake did not get very good though. Studied my S.S. lesson. Cain's offering was rejected, Abel's was accepted.
Jan 27 - Ola and I went to church. Mr. Miller preached. Came home for dinner. We got very cold. Went to S.S. Began to snow at 3 o'clock. Is snowing yet. Charlie is here tonight.
Jan 28 - Out of doors we see a pretty winter scene. We put one of Ola's quilts in the frame today. The switchboard kept me busy all day.
Jan 29 - We quilted all day. I got a letter from P.S.D. Wrote some on my essay tonight. Also wrote a letter.
Jan 30 - We quilted fast today and got the quilt out. Switchboard keeps me almost busy. Got a letter from Ella and Ira. They are well.
Jan 31 - Mama went to Alverta's. Soon another boy baby came to their home at 5 a.m. I came down after dinner. I will stay with her. He weighs 8 pounds.
Feb 1 - Snowed some last night. I washed this morning, baked bread and scoured the kitchen. Baby is cross. Ola came to see it.
Feb 2 - Geo. went to Council Meeting. I wanted to go but couldn't. I baked pies and cake and killed chicken. Studied my S.S. lesson tonight.
Feb 3 - Mama came to stay with Alverta and I went to S.S. and church. Papa came down to dinner too. Mr. Miller preached. Mrs. Miller and Ruth came to see us this evening. Baby has been good.
Feb 4 - Snowed hard all day. Looks so nice. I washed some for the baby. Worked on Alverta's worsted quilt. Baby was good. I got a post card from Md. Don't know the sender.
Feb 5 - 10 inches of snow lay on the ground. 'Tis beautiful. Geo. got wood. I baked beans for dinner. Alverta & boy are doing nicely. Boy eats well. Got a post card, don't know who sent it, from Md.
Feb 6 - I washed till noon. Geo. caught two rabbits, had one for supper. Was very cold today. Got 3 letters, one urging me to come to Bridgewater the spring term. Think I shall go to learn more. Below zero.
Feb 7 - Worked on slumber robe. Kept me busy firing. Geo. helped to get wood up home. I ironed after dinner. Alverta got up a while. Baby is good.
Feb 8 - I baked, but bread is not ok. Noah Garbers were all here awhile. Little Anna is a case, she scratched Early for the first thing. Washed some after dinner. They are filling our ice house.
Feb 9 - Baked pies and swept this morning. Mrs. Isaac Miller came after dinner. Lelia came and Cora went along back with her. Geo. went to Nokesville.
Feb 10 - I didn't go to church, wrote to Viola. Went home awhile, then to S.S. Had all little girls today. C.W.M. tonight. Came back to Alverta's.
Feb 11 - George helped me to wash. Did some fancy work. Snow is melting fast. No more sleighing this time. Read some in D.L. Miller's book. Very interesting and instructive.
Feb 12 - I ironed till dinner. Went up home and helped to wash. Mama isn't well, neither is Ola. Came back after supper.
Feb 13 - Today was fine, one to be enjoyed and appreciated. I fixed over Alverta's bonnet and made Early pantaloons.
Feb 14 - I made Cora a pink dress with a belt. She is very proud of it. Ola came after me and we had a little singing at our house. We had some fun.
Feb 15 - Went back to bake for Alverta. Cake got good. Lelia was down after dinner. Came home this evening to stay. Mr. Joe Baker died of pneumonia.
Feb 16 - Mama and Papa went to Mr. Baker's funeral at the Valley. I did the baking and had good luck once again. Made a cap after dinner. Landed at the phone tonight.
Feb 17 - (Sun) Papa preached. Mr. Sol Flory's and a crowd of young folks were here for dinner. All went to C.W.M. but me. I was left alone. Played the organ and read some tonight.
Feb 18 - three caps today. Ada brought some for me to make. Mama and Ola washed. Got a letter from Emory and little Mary's picture.
Feb 19 - I went to wash for Alverta. She made some popcorn balls, then I came home. Got a letter from P.S.D.
Feb 20 - Papa and I went to Mr. Hershberger's sale. Papa bought some calves and a harrow. They gave me dinner. Myra was there. Things sold well. Mr. Stau bus bought their place.
Feb 21 - I tended the phone and made caps. Ola and Mama ironed. We had our singing tonight. Went pretty well.
Feb 22 - Mama and I went to the store. Got comfort material. I cleaned up after dinner.
Feb 23 - (Sat) Did our morning work and studied S.S. after dinner. Ola baked me a birthday cake. Already have a present.
Feb 24 - Snowed hard, but Charlie and Ola, Papa and I went to church. J. T. Flory preached. Newt and John came here from S.S. and took me to C.W.M. Had a good meeting.
Feb 25 - Barbara and I took Enoch to Will Millers in the sleigh, then Ola, Papa, George and I went to Manassas. We got dresses. Ola's black and mine green cashmere. Ola came home on the train. Coasted tonight. [Mary’s 22nd birthday]
Feb 26 - We put in a quilt. Got the papers today. China is suffering from a great famine. It is distressing to read about it. Wrote a letter tonight.
Feb 27 - We worked hard at the quilt. Barbara and Ada came and helped after dinner. Got it out tonight. We had fun today.
Feb 28 - Ola and I washed this morning. Tonight we had our little singing and also had some fun. We laughed and almost vexed our teacher. We enjoyed it.
Mar 1 - Today we ironed and did some baking. Also did some reading. China is in a horrible condition. I attended the phone tonight. Got a card inviting us to Fleeta's wedding.
Mar 2 - It cleared off and was bright and warm. I baked a banana cake, got fine. Mended and tended the phone after dinner and tonight. Papa went to Midland to Council.
Mar 3 - (Sun) Bro. Sam Flory preached today, then they and Ada and Everett were here for dinner. Newt and John Miller came this evening to take Barbara and Ito C.W.M. at Valley, but decided the roads were too bad, so we stopped at Newt's, played the organ and then came home. Had fun.
Mar 4 - We washed this morning, and after dinner Barbara, Ada, Ola and I went to Nokesville. We got dresses. Tonight we went to a temperance lecture in the school house by Mr. Richardson. Was fine. He gave me the cartoons he drew for S.S.
Mar 5 - Mama and I ironed this morning, then I cut out my gingham dress and made it. Papa has hired Ben Mathias to work for him. I got a good letter.
Mar 6 - I made Ola's skirt today, and Papa was mending harness in the house, so we had music with the phone, too.
Mar 7 - I sewed nearly all day. I made my green cashmere dress, or made at it. Had our little practice in singing. Newt and John walked over. Enoch brought me a letter from Myrtie.
Mar 8 - Finished my dress. It looks well. I got a letter from Mrs. J. C. Beahm. Wrote to Emory. George came in a while this evening.
Mar 9 - (Sat) Ola's eyes were shut till almost dinner. I baked pies, etc. Took my bath and studied S.S. lesson. Operated the switchboard tonight.
Mar 10 - Papa went with Mr. Isaac Miller to Valley, I wanted to go so much. Ola and Charlie went, came home for dinner. Had chicken. Went to S.S., it still snowed but we had C.W.M.
Mar 11 - I cut out Ola's black dress and sewed on it. She and Barbara took Fleeta's bridal present to her. She will be married on Thursday the 14th Pieced two quilt squares tonight.
Mar 12 - I worked on Ola's dress all day. I got a splendid letter and answered it tonight.
Mar 13 - Finished my sewing till dinner. Papa went to Nokesville & got some things. Roads are fearful but people still go.
Mar 14 - I met Myrtie Hutchins at the train. She and Kay and also Papa went to Fleeta's wedding; John and Newt Miller took Barbara and I. Papa married them. About 70 persons dined, strangers. Had about 10 cakes. Good dinner. Bride and groom left for Norfolk.
Mar 15 - We knotted my comfort this morning. We had lots of fun. Myrtie is fine company. She and I wrote up an account of the wedding and N. 3. Miller came over to sanction it. We had a jolly time.
Mar 16 - (Sat) I baked cake and pies. Ola cleaned up. Myrtie answered phone some. We had such a good time together. I took her to the train after dinner and mailed post cards to Messrs. Davis and Hylton. I miss her so much since she has gone.
Mar 17 - S.S. went along alright this morning. Mr. Miller preached. Noah Garber's, Alverta's and Mrs. Miller were here for dinner. Also Charlie Herring. Wrote two letters tonight, to Daisy and Ella.
Mar 18 - I am still hoarse, so we didn't wash but tied two comforts. I walked out to Will Millers this evening to do some sewing for Kate. Was a little tired when I got home.
Mar 19 - I got most of the sewing done. Made two waists, really three. Will went after Newt this evening, was very late when they got home. Newt played the organ a while.
Mar 20 - Finished my work and Kate brought me home before dinner. Will make over some bonnets for Mrs. Miller. Took them apart this afternoon. Got my letter and answered it tonight.
Mar 21 - We ironed this forenoon. I made a bonnet after dinner. Worked some on my speech tonight. Papa and Mr. Riggleman are plowing right along.
Mar 22 - I made a cap for Kate. Barbara and I visited Mr. Riggleman's this afternoon. Had a very nice visit. Went to Nokesville this evening, gave Mrs. Miller's bonnet to Newt to take to her.
Mar 23 - I cleaned up, Ola baked. I helped her bake a cake. Grandmother Miller came after dinner. Studied S.S. and speech. Papa went to Manassas. Had our singing tonight.
Mar 24 - All went to Valley but Ola. Mr. Britton preached. Papa and Mama went to Mr. Sol Flory's for dinner. Lelia and I came home. Went to S.S. and C.W.M. I was on for a talk on China.
Mar 25 - I made Lelia a bonnet, 2 caps for Eva Hinegardner and a bonnet for Mrs. Will Miller. Papa went to Warrenton. Bought a pair of horses. Ola went to Nokesville. Enoch was here to talk on the phones.
Mar 26 - Ola and I washed. Finished Mrs. Will Miller's other bonnet. Got two letters. Answered the one from Pa. Wrote to Myrtie also.
Mar 27 - We ironed this morning. Cleaned off the gardens. My flowers are coming thick. Came to Alverta's to do some sewing.
Mar 28 - Made Alverta a dress and Cora a bonnet. Got through early and came home. Charlie came and took Ola and me to see Lottie Marsteller. Mr. Newt Miller brought me home. We had chocolate cake, bananas and candy. Was fine. Pretty moonlight night.
Mar 29 - Alverta and George went to Manassas and I kept the baby. Also tended the phone part of the time.
Mar 30 - Baked mahogany cake and some pies. Went to Nokesville after dinner. Newt came over late tonight to have some singing practice.
Mar 31 - (Sun) S.S. Review was good. Ora, Lenna and Edna were here for dinner, then we went to Valley to hear Mr. Sam Flory lecture. Was good. Mr; Newt Miller took me to Mr. Sol Floyd's, then to C.W.M. and then home.
Apr 1 - Mama and I cleaned up the spare rooms. I made two caps after dinner. The men sawed oaks. My hyacinths and pansies froze. Wrote letters tonight.
Apr 2 - Everything froze last night. Ola and I washed this morning. I fixed up the sofa pillows after dinner. Got a letter, answered it. Papa and Mr. Miller scraped the roads.
Apr 3 - I went to Nokesville early. We ironed till noon. Cleaned up some after dinner. Lelia went to keep Ralph for Alverta. They worked the roads today. They are good now.
Apr 4 - We moved out in the summer kitchen. Made a bonnet for Mrs. Dan Hooe and tended the phone. Charlie, Ola, Newt Miller and I went to the Shoffers tonight. Had a good visit.
Apr 5 - We cleaned up the dining room, was a job. Papa went to Manassas. Set hens this evening. Wrote my essay tonight for Sunday night at C.W.M.
Apr 6 - (Sat) About 2 1/2 inches of snow fell today. I baked pies and cake. Went to the store early this morning. Studied S.S. lesson after dinner. Got a letter from Ella today.
Apr 7 - Mr. Miller preached. Not many present. Ola and Charlie went to Alverta's for dinner. We had no company. I wrote a letter. Mr. Miller brought me my watch today.
Apr 8 - I made Lelia's skirt. We washed. I tended the phone and then wrote a letter. Mr. Newt Miller called me up on the phone.
Apr 9 - A regular snow storm. The only snow storm in April that I ever saw. Our District Meeting is this week. We ironed, baked, etc. Uncle Jonas Early, Bro. Silas Miller and Bro. D. C. Flory came here today. Many are coming from the Valley.
Apr 10 - The folks came today. 175 got off one train in Nokesville. We had dinner ready for those who came here. We had 12 for dinner and as many for the night. Could have kept more. I played the organ for them tonight.
Apr 11 - Ola stayed home with the switchboard, the rest all went to District Meeting. Had a tent to eat in and I for one waited on all the tables, which were 3. About 450 or 500 ate. We brought 6 home with us. Bro. Comel from Ohio lectured tonight at Nokesville church.
Apr 12 - I stayed with switchboard and all the rest went to Meeting. I kept Cora and Early. We had 9 tonight. I had supper ready when they got home. Cousin Hiram is such a kind man, and an excellent counselor, I like to hear him converse so much.
Apr 13 - I baked a few pies and Ola straightened out some. I felt bad all day. Cousin Hiram and Papa went to Mrs. Katie Miller's for dinner. Cousin Julia stayed here, and the rest of the folks all left this morning. I got a good letter.
Apr 14 - (Sun) We all went to church at Valley. G.W. Flory preached. Had a fine sermon on "Responsibilities of Parents." Kittie Huffman came with us for dinner. After S.S. Fleeta and Walter came. Cousin Abe Early preached tonight. We had 6 to stay all night.
Apr 15 - Our company all left this morning except Annie Glick. She is certainly full of fun. She and Ola went to see Hattie awhile, and were told we were going to have chicken for dinner and didn't. Had it for supper. Mr. D. C. Zigler and wife came this evening.
Apr 16 - Papa and Mama went with Ziglers to see Mr. I. A. Miller. Stayed all day. Ola slept and Lelia and I wrote to Ella. I baked bread also. Misses Sara Liz and Sis Flory came this evening to stay all night. I got another good letter.
Apr 17 - We got our company off on the early train, then we washed. Had a big one, too. I marked off a center piece and began working it after dinner. I kept the phone tonight.
Apr 18 - We ironed till dinner. It seems strange we have no company. We got 10 rooted roses and we set them out today. My pansy bed is a beauty. All except Lelia and I went to hear Mr. Sam Flory lecture tonight.
Apr 19 - I made a bonnet for Mrs. Shaffer in the Forest. Cut out quilt pieces after dinner. Newt Miller came over for supper and we had our singing tonight.
Apr 20 - (Sat) I took Mama and Papa to the train to go to Fairfax to Love Feast. I baked bread, pies and a cake. Ola cleaned up. We each took a nap after dinner.
Apr 21 - J. F. Flory preached on "Hell." Had a big S.S. and a large crowd at church. Charlie took Ola and I out to his home for dinner. We looked at the horses, saw Charlie jump one. He and Ola went to C.W.M. at Valley tonight. Mama and Papa came home on No. 10.
Apr 22 - We washed this morning. Barbara came down and told us about yesterday, how Newt and John waded in the run before her, etc. I worked at the flowers after dinner.
Apr 23 - Mama and I made at her dress. Was a regular April day. Got a letter, wrote two tonight. Mr. Hall came in this evening awhile. Barbara came also.
Apr 24 - Ola's eyes were closed this morning and we had to iron. They came open about 9 o'clock. I read the papers and then went to see Barbara awhile. I am on program for S.S. meeting for recitation, and found one.
Apr 25 - Mrs. Zirkle phoned early that she and Mrs. Wine were coming today. I baked a chocolate cake and Mama dressed a hen. Gladys is such a sweet baby and Eugene is as manly as ever. Had a pleasant day.
Apr 26 - I finished Mama's dress and tended the phone. The rest planted potatoes, etc. Mrs. Riggleman came down. Phone is very quiet tonight.
Apr 27 - I baked pies, Ola cleaned up. Mama finished her dress. Papa went to phone meeting at Catlett. We made ice cream and treated our class tonight. Ola and I went to Nokesville, Newt came back with us, we then had supper.
Apr 28 - (Sun) All except Ola went to church. J. F. Flory preached on"Heaven." Mr. & Mrs. John Hedrick came with us for dinner.
Apr 29 - I have a very bad cold. Made at my skirt today. Papa went to Warrenton. The visiting Brethren were here, W. T. Hale and N. E. Garber. Got a post card from Johnstown, Pa.
Apr 30 - Mama and Ola washed, I tended the phone and sewed. Fixed up flowers after dinner. Got a good cheerful letter. Answered it.
May 1 - Ola and I cleaned up the spare rooms till dinner. Old Mrs. Patton is dead, and Ola went up to sit up tonight. I tended the switchboard.
May 2 - We ironed till noon. Ola came home. She slept after dinner, and Mama and Lelia went to Alverta's, so I was alone. Wrote two letters. Went with Enoch and Barbara to Pattons to sit up.
May 3 - Barbara, Ada Bettis and I got breakfast and such a time as we had. The old lady was buried at Oakdale, left home at 9 a.m. Barbara and I went to see Lena, ate dinner there, she made us stay, then went back to get dinner for the folks. We had great experiences. Came home this evening, baked cakes.
May 4 - (Sat) I was home all day alone, the rest went to Council Meeting. I did some writing-labeled S.S. books and wrote Omega's name in his cards for him. Had a good crowd at our singing tonight.
May 5 - (Sun) Had a big S.S. Papa preached. Will Millers, John and Newt & Shoffers were here for dinner. We young folks went to railroad bridge after dinner, had a fine trip. Newt took me to C.W.M. at Valley. Twas good. Had a funny time after we got home.
May 6 - I went to see Mrs. Allen for a moment, on business. Took her some pansies. Then Llera came down to see me on business, to tell me of the surprise party for Willie on his birthday.
May 7 - Mama, Lelia and Ola went to the store. I kept the switchboard. Got a sad letter. Savannah Tressler Hershberger is dead, she leaves an infant. It is hard for me to believe the truth. Went to the party tonight.
May 8 - I feel sad indeed. My dear friend left a heartbroken husband. Made Lelia a dress. Set out roses this evening.
May 9 - We washed. I made Lelia's white waist. Got a letter from Myrtie, was such a good one. Answered it tonight. Lottie Miller was married yesterday to Otha Garber.
May 10 - Ola churned, I ironed, Lelia tended the switchboard. Went to Nokesville. We did our baking today. It stormed so we didn't have our singing. Ola and I practiced some.
May 11 - All except Ola went to Cannon Branch. Ira Miller took me. Had forenoon, afternoon and night session. Was fine, but I was on for a recitation. Verdie Neff, Ira Miller and I went to cousin Jacob Millers tonight.
May 12 - (Sun) Six of us went to church in the surrey. I drove. Bro. I. S. Byrd preached an excellent sermon. Came home for dinner. S.S. was fine, very encouraging. Used the new book. N. 3. Miller came and we went to see Enoch and Maggie. C.W.M. small but very good.
May 13 - We got up soon. Ola and I washed. Papa planted corn. After dinner we cleaned up the parlor. I tended the switchboard tonight. Got letter from Mrs. Beahm, also one from P.S.D.
May 14 - We had a big ironing. After dinner I put up about 60 chickens, we now have about 112. Worked some in the flower garden this evening. Am very tired tonight.
May 15 - We, Ola and I, cleaned up our room. We had some fun too. Had a big time with my chickens. I wrote three letters tonight. Got a post card from Ella and Ira.
May 16 - We sowed garden and flower seed this morning. Pieced some comfort squares and went to Aid Society at Will Miller's. Barbara went with us. Papa went to Orange, will be gone a week.
May 17 - I baked bread. Mama is sick. Went to see Alverta after dinner. Ralph looks like her. N.I.M. came for supper. We had ice cream, and we had our singing.
May 18 - I baked banana cake and pies. Ola cleaned up. Mama feels better. I studied my S.S. lesson this afternoon. I enjoy teaching my little folks. Ola went to see Alverta today. Finished boring their well today, about 43 feet deep.
May 19 - (Sun) I had a large class in S.S. J. F. Flory preached. Hasting Shifflet was baptized. Newt Miller and Charlie were here for dinner. Newt helped me wash dishes, then we went to Valley for S.S. Were at Hedricks until time for C.W.M. Had a hail storm while at supper.
May 20 - I made Aid Society bonnets today. Mama is worse again, and Papa is still gone. I tended the phone tonight. Got a letter from Daisy, she is well.
May 21 - Had a fire to sit by. Very cold for May. Ola and I washed. Alverta and children spent the day here. Her baby is fat and looks like her. Barbara was down awhile to say her recitation to me.
May 22 - went to Nokesville before 7 o'clock. Came home, finished making some caps and made Ola's new waist. Barbara came again today, we had some fun.
May 23 - We ironed. Mama is still not well and she and Papa went to Manassas to see the Dr. Went on the train. I slept all afternoon. Got a letter from Daisy.
May 24 - I did some cleaning up today. Ola baked a cake this afternoon and it failed her. She felt blue. We had some fun tonight. We all almost missed each other in our singing. Had a little drive, Ola, Charlie and I.
May 25 - (Sat) I helped Ola with the pies. We all, except Mama, went to the Love Feast at the Valley. Small crowd but grand feast.
May 26 - Papa, Lelia and I went to church. Papa preached. Mr. Ben Miller's girls from Fairfax and Mr. Heddings were here for dinner. Had a fine S.S. Mr. Miller brought me home then went to see Enoch awhile. Had a good C.W.M.
May 27 - I got two good letters, from Myrtle and P.S.D. Answered them and went to Nokesville. Had a hard storm about noon. Stopped to see Mrs. Armstrong awhile. Tended the phone tonight.
May 28 - I came to Washington this morning, went around to Mr. Hooker's. Myrtle was still in bed. We went up town and got my silk dress and suit. She went to work at the Bureau at 2 o'clock and I went to see Fleeta awhile.
May 29 - Myrtie and I got up at 9 a.m. Went to a Catholic funeral, then had our pictures taken together. Had my suit fitted on me, then went back to dinner. I came home this evening, had a long talk with Mr. N.J. Just had a fine time on my trip to see Myrtie.
May 30 - Memorial Day. The Lodge at Aden dedicated their hall. Ola and I washed, then Lelia went with me to Will Millers to get lilac sprouts. Newt was planting popcorn and wanted me to drop it. Ha! ha! Then Will took our pictures with the horse and plow. Set our plants after we came home. Am tired tonight.
May 31 - Ola and Papa went to Manassas. I ironed, Lelia helped some. George was here for dinner. Wrote a letter after dinner. Ola is sick.
June 1 - (Sat) Papa went to Midland to the Council. Ola is sick today. I baked and cleaned up. Studied S.S. lesson after dinner. Got a good letter.
June 2 - Got Dr. Brown for Ola. He got here at 5 o'clock. She had cramps. Lelia and I went to church. I. A. Miller preached. Barbara and Charlie came to see Ola after dinner. Newt came this evening and we went to Valley to C.W.M. Had a fine meeting.
June 3 - Was so glad to see the sun pop in my bedroom window. Ola is better and I tended the phone and read all day, also went to the store. Papa came home. Enoch stopped in this evening.
June 4 - Got word that Ella's baby swallowed a collar button and is right sick. I did some sewing and tried to work on my essay. Tended the phone tonight. Got a letter today from the "North."
June 5 - Talked to Mr. Hylton on the phone. I wrote some on my speech, and sewed after dinner. Went to see Alverta a little. We got word that Ira took the baby to the hospital at Rockford. He was so bad. Poor thing.
June 6 - Lelia and I washed till 9 o'clock. Made Winonna Riggleman a dress. Alverta and children came after dinner. Ralph is very sweet. Went to Nokesville. Mr. Miller and I were to go to Mr. Jim Flory's to make off program, but it didn't suit them so we took a drive. Hattie was here.
June 7 - Ola helped to iron a little. Went to Nokesville. Lottie Marsteller came to see me. She is very entertaining. Ella's baby is better, got button out, they expect to come Sunday.
June 8 - (Sat) I baked pies, then Papa, Lelia and I went to Mr. Thomas Holsinger's funeral at the Valley. Not many there. Came home and baked a banana cake. Had our singing tonight. Talked to Myrtle, she came up to see Mr. Hylton.
June 9 - Went to Valley. Elijah Blough preached. Mama and Papa went to Forster's for dinner, we came home. Mr. Miller took me for a ride, came home, had supper, then Ella and Ira came with Harold.
June 10 - Ella and Ira unpacked today. A Mr. Baker came along with them home. Ira and he helped me make ice cream. Harold is a sweet, pretty baby. N.J.M. and I went to Jim Flory's to make off program. Went for supper.
June 11 - Ella washed some. I sewed some. Had fun out of Ira, he is lively. He and Mr. Baker went to see Mr. Hale. They all slept after dinner except me. Got such a nice, cheering letter, answered it tonight.
June 12 - Ira and Mr. Baker left for Loudon County to canvass views. We didn't do much. Tried to sew a little.
June 13 - We washed this morning. Ella helped us. Had a big wash. Had Aid Society here. Knotted a comfort. Sold 3 sunbonnets. Ola and I went to the store this evening.
June 14 - Ella, Mama and Harold went to Alverta's for dinner. I took a nap this afternoon. Had our singing tonight.
June 15 - I baked cake and pies. Ella and Mama went to Nokesville. Mama and Papa went to Canon Branch, I went to Manassas, N. J. Miller came with me back to C. B. to the Love Feast. Came home.
June 16 - S.S. was good. Bro. S. H. Flory preached a fine sermon on Mat.16:25. I went with Barbara for dinner. Ada was there. Mr. Miller came in his new buggy, we drove up to Miller's, came home, fed the chickens and then went to C.W.M. at Valley. Was very good.
June 17 - put out a tremendous wash. Harold makes lots of work. I took him up to Millers this afternoon awhile. Ella made him a bonnet. Mattie Garber and children called this evening. Millers came down and we made strawberry ice cream.
June 18 - We ironed some this morning. I took a long nap after dinner, not feeling good. Got three letters today. Answered one tonight.
June 19 - We finished ironing this morning. The phone kept us so busy all day. Was election day and we have to keep it open till midnight. Ella, Ola, Lelia and baby went to Mrs. Miller's for supper.
June 20 - Mama and I went to see Mrs. Will Miller this morning, she is bad off. Will's mother is there now. I made Ada's little dress after dinner. Ella went to Alverta's for several days. Papa drove the colt and Major and took me for a drive. Took Mrs. Miller my bedroom slippers.
June 21 - We cleaned up the sitting room. It was a big job. Ella came home this evening. Harold is good now.
June 22 - (Sat) I baked pies and cake. Papa and Ola went to Manassas. They got oranges and pineapple, we made ice cream. Mr. Hedrick came with beef and ate some ice cream. Had our singing tonight.
June 23 - (Sun) Papa and I went to church at Valley. J. F. Flory preached. Ola, Charlie and I stopped at Forester's for dinner. N. 3. Miller came, took Everett's picture and then we all came to S.S. Took a drive, went to C.W.M.
June 24 - We put out a big wash. Mr. Baker went to Fairfax to canvass. I cut out Ola's dress after dinner. Ola and Charlie went to a party at Landes.
June 25 - Ella and Ira and Harold went to his father's. We made Ola's dress. Barbara came. Got a letter, answered it tonight.
June 26 - We ironed. Made ice cream for dinner. Ira helped his father today. He and Ella went to Alverta's this evening. Made my white waist this afternoon.
June 27 - Alverta and children spent the day here. We had chicken. Ira got Harold a high chair. Ella made Ralph a cap. We had a good time today.
June 28 - Made some sugar cakes this morning. Ira went to Catlett to help load ties. Ola and I went to see Barbara tonight. She gave me some flower plants.
June 29 - I baked, Ola cleaned up. Studied S.S. lesson after dinner. Mr. Baker, came this evening on 15. He had a muddy walk. Had fun out of the phone tonight.
June 30 - N.J.M. came for me and we went to S.S. Review at Valley. Was fine. We went to Cousin Jacob Miller's for dinner, practiced a quartet for tonight, came to C.W.M. Review. Had a very good meeting. Roads are bad for summer. Mr. Britton's were here today.
July 1 - Made me an apron. Picked raspberries. Took a nap. Ira and Bert left for Leesburg this morning. Papa sold Major.
July 2 - I tended the phone, the others washed. Pieced a quilt. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Flory were here awhile. Ola and Alverta went to Manassas on the train. Had the baby's tongue clipped-he was tongue-tied. Got such a good letter.
July 3 - We ironed some this morning. Pieced a quilt after dinner. Harold was cross this evening. Had good letters from Aunt Sis, Myrtle and Mr. Houchens. Worked the flower gardens.
July 4 - We ironed this morning. Made ice cream this evening and Charlie and Mr. Miller came to help eat. We took a drive, was very pleasant.
July 5 - I made two little dresses for Mrs. Will Miller's children, Maua and Bernice. Ella did some washing. We have a new wash machine.
July 6 - (Sat) Ola baked, I cleaned up. Harold slept while I studied my S.S. lesson after dinner. Newt Miller came over tonight to practice singing. He, Barbara and I were the only ones.
July 7 - Papa preached. Mr. George Shoffer's were here for dinner, also George's and Charlie. I went with Ola and Charlie to C.W.M. tonight. N.J. took Hattie for a buggy ride.
July 8 - We washed today. Ira is helping his father. I worked the flower garden this evening.
July 9 - We ironed, got through till dinner. I got a good letter today, answered it tonight. I worked some on my essay.
July 10 - I moved the sewing machine upstairs and began my sewing. Papa and Mama went to Mr. John Hedrick's.
July 11 - Went to sew for Alverta today. Made Ralph a pretty white dress. Came home this evening.
July 12 - Professor Justice Kline came early and stayed for dinner. Papa took him to the train and Mama, Harold and I to Nokesville. Prof. Kline is canvassing for school.
July 13 - I baked, Ola cleaned up. Killed a young chicken for lunch tomorrow. I tended the switchboard tonight. Mr. Baker came this evening.
July 14 - (Sun) Mr. Miller came after me and we went to Independent Hill. Bro. R. is holding a meeting. Went to Wise's for dinner. A good many of Valley folks were there. We spent the afternoon in the buggy trimming a keepsake, went to a grove, ate lunch, back to review of C.W.M. and home, about 12 miles. Had a fine time.
July 15 - Made Lelia a waist this morning. Slept a nap and did some more sewing. Tended the phone tonight. Prof. I.N.H. Beahm came this evening to see George.
July 16 - We washed, had a big one too. Prof. I.N.H. was here awhile. He is the same old fellow, little but loud. Read awhile after dinner. They made hay. Alverta came, had ice cream.
July 17 - Ella and I went after blackberries, got some nice ones. Ira is helping to make hay. It rained a little, and Ira and Papa cleaned out the cistern. Charlie came so I had the phone to keep me company.
July 18 - We ironed this morning. Mrs. Bodine and Mary came to spend the day. We enjoyed their visit so much. Ola went to Aid Society. I have orders for caps and sun bonnets.
July 19 - All except Lelia, Harold and I went after blackberries. I made caps and tended the bread. Cleaned up some. Alverta and children came awhile.
July 20 - Ella baked today for a change. Mama and Papa went to see Luther Wright, he has consumption. Mary Flory came to see Lelia this evening. We made ice cream.
July 21 - (Sun) Had a good S.S. and sermon. J. T. Flory preached. Had no company for dinner. I read awhile, played organ for Ella and Ira, then N.J.M. came and we drove up to see Miller girls. Went to Valley to C.W.M. Ola went to Independent Hill tonight.
July 22 - Ella and Ira went out to Florys. Ola and I washed. Got a letter and answered it this afternoon. Went to Nokesville.
July 23 - Mama and I went for berries before dinner. Sewed some. Ella and Ira came home late. Harold is sick. Wrote my essay today.
July 24 - We ironed today. Harold is very fitful. Ira is working out home helping make hay. Luther Wright is bad off with consumption.
July 25 - Luther Wright died this morning. Ola took me out. Pearl Miller and Mrs. Landis were there. We worked hard. Newt Miller and Katie came over to sit up with Hattie and I. We are now in the moonlight.
July 26 - Newt and Kate went home soon after 4 o'clock. Hattie and I got breakfast. Luther was buried today, Papa conducted the service. Hattie and I stayed home to get dinner. Pearl Miller stayed with us. Talked with Andy awhile. Papa brought me home this evening.
July 27 - (Sat) Ola, Papa and I went to Midland to Ministerial Meeting, also Alverta and many others. I had to lead the music. Many were coming home on 44, but owing to a wreck it did not go at all. N.J.M. and I went to Mr. Andes to spend the night. A fine meeting.
July 28 - We came home on 16. Ella is sick and Dr. Brown was here. Ola and Lelia went to church, G.W. Flory preached. Went to S.S. Supt. was absent. Helped write a death notice then went to C.W.M.
July 29 - Rained nearly all day, was fine for crops. I sewed before dinner, wrote a letter afterward. Ella is better again.
July 30 - We washed this morning. Mr. Marks and son were here putting a new roof on our porch. I slept after dinner. Mrs. Wriggleman picked us blackberries.
July 31 - I sewed for myself today. Ola and Harold went to Nokesville this forenoon. Barbara came down this evening.
Thurs. Aug. 1, 1907 - weather fair We got up early and ironed. Hattie Miller and Core Wine came over to spend the day. We made chocolate ice cream and Newt and Charlie came to help us eat it. Had a nice time.
Fri. Aug. 2, 1907 - weather bright. I cleaned up. Ola baked and Mama went for berries. I tended the phone tonight. Talked to Mrs. Miller. Got a letter today.
Sat. Aug. 3 1907 - weather fair ad rainy. Was pretty till evening. It then commenced raining. Went to Council Meeting. Nice meeting, Mr. J. Miller was elected minister, he was not present. S. A. Sanger is here tonight. Alverta went to Millers.
Sun. Aug. 4, 1907 - wea, perfect. Bro. Sanger preached on the ten commandments; he, N.J. Miller and his mother, and Charlie were here for dinner. Ola and C. took Harold a buggy ride. M. and M. and I took Lillian, Wills came over this evening. Mr. Miller was instal1ed this morning. He took me to Valley to C.W.M. tonight. [Note: C.W.M. was some kind of young people's relig. organization, I think.]
Mon. Aug. 5, 1907 - wea, bright. Had rain this evening. I got some letters off on the mail, then went to sewing. I tended the switchboard tonight.
Tues. Aug. 6, 1907 - wea. Fair. We washed, Ira went to Sam Haeley's to work. I did some more sewing after dinner. Ola and I went to see the Miller girls. Newt was there to get his hair cut.
Wed. Aug. 7, 1907 - wea. Warm. Ole and I went to Manassas to have our teeth fixed. Went to Dr. Philips. Went to Mr. Canners for dinner, got home at 6 o'clock. Had an invitation to Bodine's to a party, but didn't g go.
Thurs. Aug. 8, 1907 - wea. Bright. We ironed nearly all day. Harold is very cross, cutting teeth. Got such a good letter from Myrtie.
Fri. Aug. 9, 1907 - wea. Rainy. Mr. J. F. Flory brought Lizzie Shavis (r) to spend the day with us. We had ice cream. They went to see _tuta Kline too.
Sat. Aug. 10 - wea. Rainy. I baked pies. Ola cleaned up some. Studied SS lesson. Mr. Baker came this evening. John Miller came up from town to see Mattie Miller. I tended the phone tonight.
Sun. Aug. 11, 1907 - wea. Sultry. S. H. Flory preached at Valley. Ola, Charlie, N. Miller and I went to J. F. Flory's for dinner. Came to SS. Ola and Charlie and some others went to Washington tonight. I went to C.W.M. Was good.
Mon. Aug. 12. 1907 - wea. Pretty. I made caps all day. Ira worked at Nokesville. Harold has another tooth. Ola and Charlie came back this evening. They brought my suit.
Tues. Aug. 13, 1907 - wea. Bright. We washed today. I went to see Lottie Marstellar after dinner. She showed me how to embroider centerpiece. Stopped at store
- [Paper torn away.]
Wed. Aug. 14, 1907 - wea. Bright. We washed and dried corn today. Tonight we went to Millers to surprise Cora Wine, a whole crowd of us. Ola and I got to ride.
Thurs. Aug. 15, 1907 - wea fair. - Mama and Ella went to Alverta's for dinner. I sewed some. [Paper torn]
Sat Aug 17, 1907 - wea. Hot. I cleaned up this forenoon. Ola baked. Was so very hot. Papa left for Louisa County to visit the members there. Charlie brought his Aunt Lana Herring and Miss _ear from Pa. here tonight.
Sun. Aug. 18, 1907 - was. Pleasant. - Sprinkled a little early. Had a good SS and sermon. S. H. Flory preached. N.J.M. and I went to his house for dinner and enjoyed his story of the old country and looking at helios. Went to SS and C.W.M.
Mon. Aug. 19, 1907 - wea. very pretty. - Mama and I took chickens to store. Had a card form Papa. I fixed up my clothes to go to Orange to help in a series of Meetings. I go Wednesday.
Tues. Aug. 20 1907 - wea. Cloudy. We went to Kerlin's tonight. Ella has a little girl born at 12:00 today. Had Dr. Brown. Mrs. Miller was here. I packed my suitcase. Harold is so very much trouble. (Ella's boy- M.V.H.)
Wed. Aug. 21, 1907 - wea. Bright. I took no. 9 at Nokesville, got to Orange at 10 o’clock. George Chambers met me. At dinner at Laurence Quans. Met Papa and came to Mine kun. Had a singing tonight. Am at Granny Brittons now.
Thurs. Aug. 22 - wea. Rainy. Papa went to Frank Weimer's today. I washed for him. Helped Mollie to iron the church tablecloths. We had a big crowd at church, singing was very good. I am covered with sea ticks tonight.
Fri. Aug. 23 - wea. very rainy. ------ Merle and I. Bro. Shumaker and wife, (Merle's parenta) came. Had no Council on account of rain. No church tonight. Heard from home, all alright.
Sat. Aug. 24 - wea. Fair. We had Council today. After dinner held our Love Feast. Crowd was not so large. Had excellent orders. About 30 communed. Came Chambers tonight to ----.
Sun. Aug. 25 - wea. Very bright. Came to church and SS. Had a small crowd. Went to Melvin Quan's for dinner. Had a very large crowd tonight. Papa and I went with Mr. Evans tonight. Mr. Shumaker was here also, came with Mr. Kubel tonight.
Mon. Aug. 26 - wea, Clear. Papa left this morning and also Shumakers. Mrs. Evans canned tomatoes and we helped her. Mrs. Lee and daughter were here. Johnny brought me to church tonight. Had a good meeting.
Tues. Aug. 27, 1907 - wea, Bright. Joe Quan took me to Rhode's Mill to Baptist meeting this morning. They took me up in the choir to help sing. Church tonight. Singing wasn't good. Came with Mr. Kubel tonight.
Wed. Aug 28, 1907 - wea. Pretty. Was in bed nearly all day. They are very lively here. I enjoy myself. Bernie went to church. Came back with them. They had callers this evening. Singing went hard with me.
Thurs. Aug 29, 1907 - wea Very bright. Mrs. Quan went with me to Nighton before dinner. Came to Granny's for dinner. Then went to Mr. Ed Lyon to play the organ and sing. Bro. Philips went with us. Have a severe headache. Singing went hard but they appreciate it so much.
Fri, Aug. 30, 1907 - wea. Fair. Uncle Billy Quan and wife, Bro. Philips, Ernest and I went to Charielersville, the house where Gen Jackson fired his cannon ball in Civil War. Got back 2:30. Went to church. Got a card form home, a letter from Barbara.
Sat. Aug. 31, 1907 - wea. Fine. Bro. Philips and I are at Lender's today. Having a fine time playing organ and singing. Had many callers. All went to church. Meloin took me. The family belongs to the Baptist churah. Singing was good, large crowd and good sermon. Came to Mrs. Kube’s tonight.
Sun. Sept. 1, 1907 - wea Beautiful. Bernie Kube took me to SS and church then we went to Mrs. Adams for dinner. Was so nice there. Had watermelon. Bro. P (hilips) there also. Many youngsters games after dinner. Went to church. Very large crowd. The meetings closed, a sad parting.
Mon. Sept. 2, 1907 - wea. Pretty. Was at Mrs. Kube's last night. Bernie brought me to _udersville to train. Bro. Phips got on also. I did some shopping in Orange. Came home on (no.) 10. Had their Harvest meeting today. Newt and Charlie came and we drove over to see the Catholic buildings. Had a nice drive
Tues. Sept. 3, 1908 - wea. Damp. We washed today. Ira helped us. The babies are well. I wrote a letter and slept a nap, then helped Mama with the grapes. Am very tired and worn out.
Wed. Sept. 14 - Fair. Papa and I drove to Manassas. Got home till 11:30 A.M. I got my gloves, lace etc. Baked some pies. The machine hand(s) came this evening. Had to get them supper.
Thurs. Sept. 5, 1907 - wea. Pretty. All morning we fixed for dinner. Had 9 hands. Worked on my centerpiece and gown after dinner. Wrote some letters tonight. Got one form Mrs. Lenard.
Fri. Sept. 6, 1907 - wea. Fair. We ironed all day. I put up some apple preserves. Ella is canning tomatoes etc. for herself. We have an official chair for the switchboard.
Sat. Sept. 7, 1907. - Pretty. I baked bread, pies and cake. After dinner I went to Baconfield to sea Mr. Hyton. Newt, Andy Wright, Barbara and Enoch came tonight to sing.
Sun. Sept. 8, 1907 - wea. Very bright. - Had a good shower last night. All went to church. Luther Miller preached. Had a good S.S. We had watermelon then went to C.W.M.N.J. and Charlie were here.
Mon. Sept. 9, 1907 - wea. Foggy. Mama, Lelia and I went to the store. Cousin Emma Miller and the girls were here for dinner I got a letter from P,S,D, I wrote letters and ordered wedding cards tonight.
Tues. Sept. 10, 1907 - wea. Fair. We washed. I made Lelia a doll after dinner. Ella weighs 156 pounds, I 130.
Wed. Sept. 11 - Fair. I made at my white silk waist and made caps for Aid Society. Am very busy now making my wedding clothes. -
Thurs. Sept. 12 - wea. Fine. I finished the caps. Barbara came down. Ola and I went to Mr. Sharkey's to Aid Society. We knotted on a comforter. We all enjoy these meetings much. Mr. Wright was here and we had our singing tonight. Newt came for supper.
Fri. Sept. 13 1907 - wea. Pretty. - Finished making my waist today. Ira left this morning for Charlottesville. University. Ella goes in Oct.
Sat. Sept. 14 - Pretty. Papa, Mama, and Lelia started for Midland this morning. Ola and I had lots of work to do. Wrote essay and some letters after dinner. Went to Nokesville then to singing at the church.
Sun. Sept. 15 - wea. Lovely. Went to SS and church. Newt preached his first sermon from Gen. 7. a port. He and Charlie were here for dinner. We all went to see Hattie awhile, then to C.W.M. at the Valley. Had a very good meeting. Newt brought me the raisins he got for me in town.
Mon. Sept. l6 - Fair. Mama and 1 baked the fruit cake before dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kline were here for dinnier. I made my bonnet after dinner.
Tues. Sept. 17 - wea. Warm. We washed this forenoon. I cut out and made some on my white dress - my trousseau. Was so very warm.
Wed. Sept. 18 - wea. Fair. We ironed this morning. Made my trousseau partly. Ola and Lelia took Harold and went to Nokesville.
Thurs. Sept. 19 - wea Cloudy. Finished my white dress and cut out my black silk. Got two post cards -Some scenes from different paints. (?) Read awhile tonight.
Fri. Sept. 20. - wea. Pretty. I finished making my black dress. Alverta came up and I showed her my bridal Wardrobe. Got the invitations today.
Sat. Sept. 21 - wea. Bright. Ola, Charlie, Enoch, Barbara and Hattie drove to Fairfax today. Started at 7:30 A.M. I baked and cleaned up. Got four letters, one containing little Helen's picture. Emery will come to perform ceremony.
Sun. Sept. 22 1907 - wea. Very rainy. - Mama and I started for church but it commenced raining and we came back. I read nearly all day. We had chicken for dinner. Ola and Charlie came home about four P.M, No SS or C.W.M. Papa came home late also.
Mon. Sep 23 rained. Came in torrents. Woods & fields were flooded, corn blown down. --- off afternoon. I sewed all day, made me a new wrapper. We got Mama some silverware for birthday present.
Tues. Sep 24 - bright. We washed this morning. I made Lelia’s dress. Got 4 letters & a postcard.
Wed. Sep 25 - Bright. Mr. Mellon was buried today. Ola & Papa went to the funeral. We ironed, Bro. Snyder from Md came and we commenced our series of meetings tonight at Valley church.
Thurs. Sep 26 Fair. Did some washing today. We cleaned up parlor this morning and as I took out my things I had peculiar feelings. Went to church tonight.
Fri. Sep 27, 1907 bright. I went to Alverta’s today and made Cora’s bonnet, like mine. Made some jelly this evening. All but Ella and Ola went to church. Is very cool.
Sat. Sep 28 rainey. Commenced after dinner. I cleaned up. Ola baked, Hattie came over for me to drill her on her recitation. Didn’t go to church tonight. Frances is cross this evening.
Sun. Sept. 29 Bright. Bernie Kube came up on No 9. We went to church, home for dinner, then to SS Review. Hattie was here for dinner. Bro. Snyder here for supper.
Mon. Sept. 30 Bright. Bernie Kube left this morning. We washed. Papa went to hunt a turkey for my wedding dinner next Sunday, I stayed at home tonight & kept switchboard. Got two wedding presents already. N. J. gave me a clock and BBK a butter knife.
Tue. Oct. 1 - We ironed, pressed my clothers today, Ola and I kept switchboard and babies. Ella went to church. Got a letter from PSD.
Wed. Oct. 2 - wea. Bright. Mama, Papa and I went to Manassas. I had three teeth filled. Went to church tonight and had the singing.
Thurs. Oct. 3 - wea. Fair. Myrtie came this morning. Was so glad to see her. We baked 4 cakes today, wedding cake. Mr. Hylton came on no. 15 to see my sister.
Fri. Oct. 4 - wea. Rainy. Very busy cleaning up. Daisy & Emory came on 10. We had all our nieces & nephews there, 7. Will Miller’s baby boy was buried today. Ira came today also.
Sat. Oct. 5, 1907 - wea. Pretty. Papa and Emory went to Manass for the ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬_________ Shermans. Annie (?) came this morning also. Aunt Sis came last night. Ola & Annie’s went for decorations & lovefeast at Valley so we had 3 babies to keep while their mothers went.
Sun. Oct. 6, 1907 - wea. Model. My wedding day. Bro. Snader’s wife came, We were married at 10 a.m. by Emory assisted by Bro. Snader. Went to church, My sisters & Mr. H. Annie & Mr. Miller were waiters. N.J. took us to church. Had a fine dinner. Mr. Miller took us to Bristow this evening to take 44. We missed the rice and bells so far.
Mon. Oct. 7 - wea. Pretty. We took steamer at 8 a.m. for Jamestown. Was a beautiful day & grand sailing. We enjoyed it very much. Arrived at Norfolk at 8 p.m. Have good lodging in a private home.
Tues. Oct. 8, 1907 - wea. Changeable. Went up town & got breakfast. Went to store & got a skirt. Got some ta(?) on my suit, am having it cleaned. We stayed in our room most of the time because of rain.
Wed. Oct. 9, 1907 - wea. Stormy. Took the car to Ocean View, from there to Exposition Grounds. State buildings are ___? (Good?) Saw the battle fo Gettysburg, Was ____ Late supper in own room tonight.
Thurs. Oct. 10, 1907 - wea. Frost. We took the boat at noon for Fostrers Monroe & Old Point. A very high toned place. Tok the boat at 7 o’clock for Washington. Met Bro. & Sister Garner from Ohio on boat.
Fri. Oct. 11, 1907 - wea. Pretty. Got to Alexandria 7:30 a.m. Came to Manassas. Emory met us. Sherman got me a beautiful wedding present – a $15.00 coat. Found all the folks well. Alverta & children were here.
Sat. Oct. 12, 1907 - wea. Beautiful. I baked pies this morning. Emory & Daisy are in Fairfax. Came home this evening. We went to church. A “scholory” crowd came to serenade us after church
Sun. Oct 13, 1907 - wea. Bright. Went to church this morning. Three were baptized. Bro. Snider and wife were for dinner. Went to CWM & church tonight. Had a good sermon. Meeting closed.
Mon. Oct 14 - wea. Bright. We tied comforters till dinner. Sherman & I went to Alverta’s for dinner. Daisy & Emory went to Hales then we four drove to Will Miler’s for supper. Had a pleasant visit.
Tues. Oct. 15 - wea. Bright. Ella left for Charlottesville. We packed up. Papa & Mamma went to Manassas. Emory left for home this morning also. A regular dividing up times. Rather sad.
Wed. Oct 16, 1907 - wea. Beautiful. We bade the home folks goodby & left on 16. Only a few minutes to write in Washington. Got to Meyersdale 2:30. Bought our cook stove, coal range and furniture. Got home (missing text)
Thrus. Oct. 17 - wea. Bright. Wrote a letter home. Then went up to the house to clean up (Note – this was Uncle Ed’s house where they had 3 rooms downstairs and a large bedroom upstairs) Bought some carpets & Mother helped me sew them. Got an awful serenading tonight.
Fri. Oct 18 - wea. Fair. Were cleaning up & moving all day. We got our cookstove this evening. The boys put it up. Made out an order for curtains & sent to Sears Roebuck & Co.
Sat. Oct. 19, 1907 - wea. Bright. We ate dinner for our first meal here. The boys (note: Sherman & Ed, I think) dug their potatoes after dinner. We got our trunk & suitcases. Slept in our own house tonight.
Sun. Oct. 20, 1907 - wea. Changeable. We went to Mr. Mausts for dinner. John Miller & Nora were at home. Came to SS then home, got supper & then went to church. Wrote to Ola.
Mon. Oct 21, 1907 - wea. Lovely. Sherman & Ed went the woods to cut props. I packed dinner. Want to store & bought dishes, etc. Home___ (missing text)
Tues. Oct. 22, 1907 wea (?) Washed this morning. Ladies washed also. The boys went to the woods. The visiting came this forenoon. Mother was up awhile. Gim was here tonight.
Wed. Oct. 23, 1907 - wea. Pretty. I ironed some this morning. Went up to Mrs. Keinnr’s to see about getting milk. Found Daisy sick in bed.
Thurs. Oct 24 - wea. Fair. Lydia & I went with the boys to the woods after chestnuts but didn’t get many. We went to see Daisy after dinner. Sherman went hunting & got some squirrels.
Fri. Oct. 25, 1907 - wea. Fair. Finished ironing. Slept some, cooked supper early, wrote to Mama.
Sat. Oct 26, 1907 - wea. Bright. Got up very early to get breakfast. Lydia and I had to go to the b(?) for Sherman to come home to attend to some business. Met Sam & wife after dinner
Sun. Oct. 28, 1907 - wea. Rainy. Sherman & I went to West Salisbury to Sydneys for dinner. Had a nice visit. Marlin (their small son) is a little captain. Didn’t go to love feast. It rained too hard.
Mon. Oct 28, 1907 - wea. (?) Boys were till dinner, then they wenbt to West Salisbury after our boxes. Unpacked them & 2 glasses of jelly & 1 bottle of catchup were broken. Heard today Mrs. Hylton is dead.
Tues. Oct 29, 1907 - wea. Fair. Our couch, carpet & stove came this morning. I went to store, made some pies then we put the stove up & put the carpet down. Mother was up awhile.
Oct 30 - I washed this morning. Made some vegetable soup for supper. We like housekeeping fine so far.
Oct 31 - I cleaned the windows again and put up my curtains. Like them so much. I ironed also. Lydia went to Meyersdale, got us a wedding present for Newt Miller, towels.
Nov 1 - Fixed up my bonnet, blackened the stove pipe. The boys were at home for dinner. It is not so lonely then. Had a good long letter from Papa this evening.
Nov 2 - Sherman went about 12 to view a road. I baked pies. Ed went to the store for me. Sherman came home sooner than I expected he would. We had soup for supper again and it didn't last long.
Nov 3 - (Sun) Got up very late. Ate breakfast after 8 o'clock. Had dinner, then Sherman went to S.S. Mother came up while he was gone. Went to church tonight, wrote some letters, too.
Nov 4 - and I both washed. Sherman went to Salisbury to survey, and Ed went to the woods. I sewed some this afternoon on Lydia's machine. Nov 5 We both ironed this morning. Sherman came for an early dinner. We went down home tonight awhile. Jim came here also. Wrote to Alverta and George tonight.
Nov 6 - Ed took one load of ties, Sherman went hunting, came home empty handed. I mended, read and sewed today. Got a card from N.J.M. and a letter from Mrs. Beahm.
Nov 7 - The boys got some wood before dinner. Jim and Sherman went hunting, Ed and Lydia to Salisbury, and I was left alone. I read some, and mended socks.
Nov 8 - Sherman went to survey for Mr. Beachy in Salisbury. I made Sherman two neckties. He came home late this evening.
Nov 9 - Sherman and Ed went hunting again and got nothing. We went to a sale, got 2 cans of grapes, from there went to Sidney's for supper and all went to a musical by Dunbar boys. Was fine.
Nov 10 - (Sun) We went to S.S. and church. Ed Miller preached. Came home for dinner. Mother, Ed, Lydia Sherman and I went to Mr. Miller's to see fox squirrels. Went to singing tonight.
Nov 11 - I brushed clothes, put up window blinds, etc. Got a good letter from Ola and Lelia this evening. Wrote to Ella and Ira tonight.
Nov 12 - I washed this forenoon, Sherman came home for dinner. Went to the store after dinner. Started to embroider my bureau scarf.
Nov 13 - I ironed this morning, got dinner then stayed with Lydia this afternoon. Got a letter from George and Alverta this evening.
Nov 14 - Packed Sherman's bucket, and I went to the quilting at the church. Lydia went also. Had the best dinner. I quilted 2 quilts and knotted 2 comforts. Brought Sherman some cake. Had lots of fun.
Nov 15 - Went down home this morning, helped Mother clean raisins. She gave me some for pies. Daisy brought us our milk late this evening.
Nov 16 - (Sat) I baked pies and a cake. Sherman took dinner with him. Daisy and I went to see Mrs. Howard Maust after dinner. Had such a good time, think so much of her.
Nov 17 - (Sun) Got up late, had dinner. Bert and Sidney came, then we went to S.S. Sherman was Supt. and I taught the little folks.
Nov 18 - Boys were at home. I was lying down most of the day, feeling badly. Sherman bought a quarter of beef. We fixed Papa's and our fountain pens tonight.
Nov 19 - Mother, Sherman and I went to help Sam butcher. I tended baby, helped get dinner and helped some at butchering. Got home about ten o'clock.
Nov 20 - Mother came up and helped us salt our beef down. Sherman was at home after dinner.
Nov 21 - I canned beef this morning. Looked for Mrs. Howard Maust but she did not come, Daisy Cutrel came to take a lesson in typewriting. Nov 22 Ed butchered today. Mr. and Mrs. Moser were here. Sherman took me to Salisbury to have a tooth drawn, but am having it treated.
Nov 23 - (Sat) Baked pies and cleaned up. Boys were here for dinner. Mother came up awhile. Daisy and Elmer were here tonight. Wrote to Lelia.
Nov 24 - About 8 or 10 inches of snow fell last night and today. Sherman was sick all day. Mother came up after dinner. I was at home all day long. Nov 25 Sherman was better. He did not go out to work. I did some mending. Wrote an essay for Ola but heard it was too late.
Nov 26 - I washed this forenoon. Sherman came for dinner. He and Jim went hunting after dinner, but caught nothing.
Nov 27 - Got up early and Jim and Sherman went on a wild cat hunt. I went down hOme, cut out Mother's dress. The boys got nothing.
Nov 28 - Went to Mr. Keim's for dinner, had a fine one, then went to church after dinner. Gid Miller preached. Daisy, Orpha, Elmer and Mary came tonight.
Nov 29 - The boys worked all day. I ironed till noon. Put the carpet in our room and cleaned the typewriter after dinner.
Nov 30 - Nothing special. I baked some ginger cakes and cleaned up. Read some after dinner.
Dec 1 - (Sun) I wrote to Ella while the boys walked out. Sherman went to S.S. I doctored a toothache. Went to church tonight. Ed Miller preached. Dec 2 Sherman went after his bookcase. I made on Mother's dress. Jim helped to put the bookcase together. The boys went to the woods after dinner. Daisy was down tonight.
Dec 3 - Sherman varnished his bookcase this morning. Mother came up to try on her dress, it fits fine. Ed and Sherman went to Yoder's sale after. We went to the church tonight.
Dec 4 - Finished Mother's dress. We put the books in the case, about 150 all together. Having snow right along.
Dec 5 - Was very cold today. I went to Mrs. Kimmel's to play the organ, then gave Susie Maust a lesson, the first. S.S. Committee met here to make out Xmas program.
Dec 6 - I type-wrote the pieces for Sunday School. Also made off an order for furniture etc. from Sears, Roebuck.
Dec 7 - (Sat) Baked pies and cake. Sherman has sore throat. I had some fun blowing brimstone in it. Daisy was here then we all went to the church to practice.
Dec 8 - (Sun) Went to church. John Millers, Cora Maust and Esty Lee were here for dinner. Had music practice this afternoon at the church. Went to singing tonight.
Dec 9 - Sherman and Ed went to town. I embroidered on my waist. Went to see Daisy after dinner and she was not at home. She and Mary came here tonight.
Dec 10 - Snow. Sherman took me to town to have a tooth drawn, made me sick. Aches very bad tonight. Daisy and Mary came.
Dec 11 - I stayed in the house all day. Tooth is some better. The boys made ties all day. Very rough, but they worked hard. I have it so very good here. Sherman is very kind to me.
Dec 12 - Wrote a letter to Mama today, would like so much to see her. I visited Lydia all afternoon. Sherman went to practice meeting tonight.
Dec 13 - Mr. Keim brought our butter and stayed a long time. Mother was up also. GaveSusy Maust her music lesson, then visited Mrs. Shumaker. Dec 14 (Sat) Baked pies till dinner. Read some and bathed after dinner. Several folks came here to practice, then we went to the church. Dec 15 Got up late, ate breakfast after 9 o'clock. Ate some pie for dinner, went to S.S. then had supper. Church tonight. Jim Miller died of typhoid fever last night.
Dec 16 - Got up very early, the boys went over to Sam's to make ties. I washed till 9 o'clock. Made some potato chips. Slept a little nap and darned socks tonight.
Dec 17 - James Miller was buried this morning. Mr. Shetler preached. Was very sad. Sherman went to Grantsville after the tie inspector, and took me for a little sleigh ride. Some men met here tonight to practice music, a quartet.
Dec 18 - In bed most of the day. The men took their dinners to the woods, very cold. Daisy came tonight. Got a good letter from Mama, Papa & Lelia. Dec 19 I ironed and made my waist today. Cora Maust came in this evening, Esty Miller came to practice. Feel very happy. Everything is in my favor.
Dec 20 - The boys came home for dinner. Sherman took me on a sleigh ride to Salisbury, it was simply fine. We got some of the things from Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Dec 21 - (Sat) Baked pies and cake today. Gave Susie her music lesson after dinner. Canned some beef. Had practice meeting tonight.
Dec 22 - We got company. Bert and Sidney came for dinner, then Sam's family came this afternoon. Went to singing tonight.
Dec 23 - I washed some things this morning. Made some candy for Sherman. We enjoy our home so much.
Dec 24 - I made more candy and a cake. The boys worked till late. I got a shaving glass for Sherman's Xmas present. I got a $5.00 bill.
Dec 25 - We have been eating oysters since Sunday. Daisy Cutrel and Elmer Maust came here for dinner. Went to church program after dinner, got a treat.
Dec 26 - Sherman took me to Meyersdale to take the train to Nokesville. Got to Washington and went to Mr. Hooker's. Met Miss Snively from Bridgewater.
Dec 27 - Got on wrong train and had to change at Alexandria. Went to Calverton on fast train and had to wait for No. 10. Was a tiresome wait. All well at home.
Dec 28 - (Sat) I peeled apples and ate. Helped with the work. Wrote to Sherman, am anxious to see him. Am having lots of good things to eat. Dec 29 Papa, Mama and I went to Valley church in the buggy. I went to S.H. Flory's to dinner. Ella and Ira were there. Went to C.W.M. in the evening, then to Mr. Harpine's to stay all night. Am not at all well.
Dec 30 - Mr. Harpine took us all home this morning. I wrote to Sherman, am anxious and ready to go home.
Dec 31 - We washed and then went to take dinner with Alverta. Came home this evening and I got a letter from Sherman. It did me so much good.

End of diary

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