Meadow Cemetery Occoquan Burial Ground


This cemetery has been renamed to Meadow Cemetery Occoquan Burial Ground after an old post card was found that called it the Meadow Cemetery.

Survey Details

Classification: Family
Status: Not in use
Condition: Fair
Approx. Size: 50 x 30 feet
Approximate Number of Burials: Several
Markers: Tombstone, Fieldstone
Surnames Listed on Markers: John Wallace Gregg - 26 Jan 1900
Orra Emma Gregg - 22 Feb 1900
Minnie G. Underwood - 20 Jul 1878
Lizard Rock - unknown
Rachael Woolhiser - 17 Feb 1891
Viola A Carter - 28 Jun 1897
Margaret E. Turner - 19 March 1889
Catherine Charlotte (Caldwell) Davis - 1872
Virginia Duty - 1915
Comments: This cemetery was lost for many years. In the 1986 book titled Virginia Cemeteries this cemetery is labeled as "Gregg-Turner Family Cemetery".
Surveyed By: David Cuff - Jan. 2015
Latitude / Longitude: 38.679662, -77.256509

Site Visits

Visited by: Date: Comments:
Susan R. Morton July 22, 1937 It covers a large area, and there are several lots enclosed by iron fences, now rusted, and the gates are impossible to open. One lot is surrounded by a brick wall, but there is not a stone within that has any inscription. The honeysuckle and periwinkle are so thick that many of the stones are completely hidden, and it is only be stumbling over them that they are found. The thick growth and almost semi-darkness make it very difficult to decipher the inscriptions that remain. It is located on a bluff by the side of the river, and directly opposite the Lorton Reformatory across the river.
Source, Library of Virginia Digital Collection where this cemetery was listed as just "The Old Graveyard".
David Cuff Jan. 2015 There are small family sections and several graves marked with field stones. Vegetation and fallen leaves cover the area.


Images taken Jan. 2015


Images taken Dec. 2018