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John McCuin was the son-in-law of the farm owner. His name was James Beaumennt (also spelled Bomount). The website has John's death year at 1907. The information we have said it was 1887. He was only 42 if he died in 1887. They have his wife's death year the same as we do, 1891. She was only 46.

The McCuin family said they believe there are two adults and a child buried there but what if it's James (death date not known) and Frances Bomount (died 1881), and their daughter Mildred McCuin, who died in 1891. What if John lived to 1907? The Bomounts died and the McCuin's take over the farm? More research is needed.

From 1880 census
James Beaumennt, 64, head of household. (on 1860 census he is 45 and living in “Southern District, Loudoun, Virginia”, Last name is spelled Bomount there)
Frances Beaumennt, 69, wife
Mildred McCuin, 34, daughter, Married John McCuin on Sept. 11, 1873 in PWC, She was born in Loudoun County in 1847
John McCuin, 35, son-in-law (John's parents are Walter and Sarah McCuin), He was born in PWC. Family search has his death year as 1907, we have it as 1887.
Daughter born Dec. 3, 1874 on Leachman Farm, Prince William, Virginia

List of people living on the farm in 1880
Household      Role      Sex      Age      Birthplace
James Beaumennt, Head of Household, farmer, Male, 64, Virginia
Frances Beaumennt, Wife, keeps house, Female, 69, Virginia (record shows she died Feb 15 1881 at age 61, obviously something here is wrong, 1880 census she is 69? Or maybe it’s a typo and was meant to be 60? I looked at the actual hand written document and it's a distinctive 69)
Samuel Beaumennt, Other, Male, 26, Virginia
Randolph Beaumennt, Other, Male, 22, Virginia
John Mc Cuen, Son-in-law, Male, 35, Virginia (possibly buried in the cemetery)
Mildred Mc Cuen, Daughter, Female, 34, Virginia (possibly buried in the cemetery)
Sarah McCuin, Granddaughter, Female, 5, Virginia. (died in Gainesville Jan. 2 1963.) Husband was Artimus W. Smith. The Smith farm is NE of cemetery location and is still there)
Lolette McCuin, Granddaughter, Female, 4, Virginia
Ernest McCuin, Grandson, Male, 2, Virginia. (Died June 28, 1953 in Gainesville at age 75, cause of death is carcinoma of prostate. Buried at Gainesville Methodist Cemetery Church, Father and mother listed as Jack and Bessie McCuin so likely not the same Earnest McCuin?) He had a son named Earnest as well. Earnest senior is on 1920 census in Gainesville, listed as a Farmer.
Nathaniel McCuin, Grandson, Male, 1, Virginia

Survey Details

Classification: Family
Status: Maintained by HOA
Condition: Good
Approx. Size: 20 x 20 feet
Approximate Number of Burials: 3 to 6
Markers: Unmarked
Surnames Listed on Markers: John Luther McCuin 1 Nov 1845 – 28 Jul 1887
Mildred Catherine Beaumont McCuin 15 Aug 1845 – 16 Jul 1891
Comments: Information on this cemetery from Betty Duley. I did not find the graves and could not find anyone that knew the location.
Surveyed By: Ron Turner, 2001
Latitude / Longitude: 38.827886, -77.6034536

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Ron Turner 2001 Information on this cemetery from Betty Duley. I did not find the graves and could not find anyone that knew the location.
David Cuff July, 2019 I visited the cemetery at request of neighborhood resident Jack Hardgrove. The graves are not visable. Elizabeth McCuin, who lives south of the development said they believe two adults and one child were buried in the cemetery at the base of the tree. It's believed the tree consummed the graves. Betty Duley provided names in 2001. At the time of their deaths, the farm was owned by the wife's father, according to the 1880 census.


Images taken July 2019