Marshall Cemetery

Survey Details

Classification: Family
Status: Not in use
Condition: Fair
Approx. Size: 10 x 10 feet
Approximate Number of Burials: Three
Earliest Burial Date: 1898
Latest Burial Date: 1931
Markers: Tombstone, Fieldstone, Unmarked
Surnames Listed on Markers: Wesley B. Marshall 1821 – 1898
Jane C. Woodyard 1862 – 1926 (daughter of Wesley)
Sallie A. Simpson 1856 – 1931 (daughter of Wesley)
Comments: Small fenced cemetery
Surveyed By: Ron Turner - 2001
Latitude / Longitude: 38.676741, -77.343366

Site Visits

Visited by: Date: Comments:
Ron Turner 2001 Small fenced cemetery
David Cuff Nov. 21, 2015 Cemetery is in poor condition, the fence that once surounded it is almost completely gone, there are fallen branches in the cemetery and one of the stones could be reset. Modern markers have been placed. The property is owned by a company based in Dallas, Texas and has recently been for sale.


Images taken Nov. 21, 2015 by David Cuff

Images taken June 22, 2016 by Dennis Van Derlaske

This notice was seen on Sept. 22, 2016