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According to the current owner of the property, who's family has owned the property since 1973, the oldest portion of the house is a 200 year old log cabin. An addition to the log cabin was added 100 years ago (possibly when Eli Kincheloe moved to the property with his new wife shortly after 1893) and another addition was added in the 1970's but is constantly being improved.

Elias "Eli" Kincheloe was born in Virginia on Nov. 9th 1856. He married Elizabeth "Eliza" Storey on November 14, 1882 in Washington D.C. They likely lived in D.C. after the marriage. All of their childern are shown to have been born in Washington D.C. on the 1900 census. They had their first child, a boy, James P., June 2, 1883, six and a half months after they were married. Their second child, a girl, Eva M. was born in Nov. 1887, their third child, a boy, named Sam C., in Feb. 1889, their forth and last child was also a boy, named Herbert E. was born in Feb. 1885. Eliza died on October 16, 1892 and is buried in the Congressional Cemetery in Washington D.C.

In 1893, one year after his last child with Eliza was born, Eli, who at the time was 37 years old, married 19 year old Mary C. Thornburn from Maryland. It's likely they moved to the farm in Prince William County after their marriage. All five of their living children are shown as being born in Virginia on the 1910 census. Eli is the youngest child of James Patrick (born "at sea" on the 1900 census) and Nancy (born in Virginia on 1900 census). Eli and Mary's first child, a boy, named George was born in Feb. 1896. Their second son, Edward J. was born in July 1898. The 1900s were a turning point. They had three girls, Sarah B. in 1901, Nancy A. in 1903, and their last child, Mary E. in 1908.

On the 1920 census it shows seven offspring living on the farm with ages ranging from 36 to 12 years old, including the three oldest boys from Eli's first marriage to Eliza. The census also says Eli is a general farmer who can read and write, who works for himself, and owns the farm he works. It says the three oldest boys have an occupation of loggers and the school age children go to school. Eli's oldest child, Eva is absent from the 1920 census because in 1903, at age 17 she married Rozier Payne. Rozier was a 40 year old carpenter. Their son, William J. Payne born in 1909, married Violet Miller on Sept. 5th 1934. William was 25 years old, Violet was 14 years old. She was the daughter of Raymond and Virginia Jones. [1]

The current owners bought the farm from the Jones family in 1973.

The 1900 census shows that Eli's older brother Andrew Jackson Kincheloe was living next door or on the same farm as he is shown as the next group. The census shows he is 50 years old, widowed, and his three daughters, Sallie C., 19; Nancy A., 14; and Lucey M., 11 are living with him.

There is another line of Kincheloe's in Prince William county who are not directly related to this line. They are the original Kincheloe's and records show their children were born in Prince William County as early as 1719. They spread out into the Fairfax area.


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Classification: Family
Status: Not maintained
Condition: Fair
Approx. Size: 60 x 30 feet
Approximate Number of Burials: Approx. 12
Markers: Tombstone, Fieldstone, Unmarked
Surnames Listed on Markers:

Eli T. Kincheloe
November 9, 1856
April 19, 1928

Comments: One tombstone, several field stones, ten definitive depressions.
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