Evans / Dulin Cemetery


The cemetery is owned by the homeowner's association but is surrounded by private property. There is a gravelled path to the cemetery that is wide enough for a vehicle.

Survey Details

Classification: Family
Status: Not Maintained
Condition: Fair
Approx. Size: 30 x 45 feet
Approximate Number of Burials: 11
Earliest Burial Date: 1816
Latest Burial Date: 1888
Markers: Tombstone, Fieldstone, Unmarked
Surnames Listed on Markers:

Stone #1 In memory of James G. Evans, he was born Dec 6, 1785 and departed this life Oct 2nd 1816 in the 31st year of his age, “stoop down my thoughts that rise to converse a while with death, think how a gasping mortal lyes and parts away his breath, His quivering lip brings feebly down, his pulse is faint and then speechless, with a doleful groan he bids the world adieu.” the foot stone reads J.G.E.
Stone #2 In memory of Emma E. Dulin who departed this life 15th June 1888, aged 21 years, 5 months, and 9 days, In obedience to the admiration of her savior she remembered her creator all the days of her youth.
Stone #3 I was not able to read without cleaning the stone.

Comments: None
Surveyed By: Ron Turner - 1997
Latitude / Longitude: 38.6425032, -77.399408

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Ron Turner 1997 None
David Cuff April 5, 2018 Cemetery is owned by the homeowner's association but is surrounded by private property. Around 2009 an Eagle Scout project cut a path to the cemetery and laid crushed stone. Some trees have fallen in the area and the residents want to determine who is responsible for removing the trees. Also, the gate to the cemetery is locked and the key has not been located. The cemetery is on fair condition. There is a damaged stone that could be reset if the base was found. The stones are very detailed and are getting hard to read.


Images taken April 5, 2018