Compton / Davis Family Cemetery


This cemetery is surounded by the Manassas national Battlefield Park but the 4.724 acre parcel is owned by the Davis family. In the mid 1990s when Ron Turner did the original cemetery survey Abe Davis, who was an elderly black resident of Catharpin, told Ron Turner where the cemetery was and that it was known as the Davis Family Cemetery. The Manassas National Battlefield park refers to this cemetery as Compton Cemetery since it was on Compton Road.

1937 image of the cemetery, noted with a red dot.

Survey Details

Classification: Family
Status: Abandoned
Condition: poor
Approx. Size: 50 x 50 feet
Approximate Number of Burials: 17+
Markers: Fieldstone, Unmarked
Surnames Listed on Markers: All fieldstones, no names.
Comments: None
Surveyed By: Ron Turner & Howard Thompson - 22 Sep 1996
Latitude / Longitude: 38.801046, -77.536775

Site Visits

Visited by: Date: Comments:
Ron Turner & Howard Thompson 22 Sep 1996 None
Ron Turner, Robert Moser, and David Cuff Dec. 20, 2015 Cemetery is remote and hard to notice in the woods. There is a large dead tree that has fallen over one row of graves. We counted 17 graves in 3 rows. Row layout is 8-8-1.


Images taken Dec. 2015