Clarke Cemetery


This cemetery is also known as Rock Hill Farm.

Survey Details

Classification: Family
Status: Not Maintained
Condition: Good
Approx. Size: 62 x 36 feet
Approximate Number of Burials: Approx. 8
Markers: Tombstone, Fieldstone, Unmarked
Surnames Listed on Markers:

William D. Clarke of Prince William County VA, born Dec 6, 1858, died Nov 4, 1891, A dutiful son, devoted husband, affectionate father, true friend and good citizen.
Sophia, wife of John Clarke, born Jan 31, 1830, died Jan 6, 1886, aged 55 years; She glorified Christ in her life and was glorified by him in her death.

Comments: Once considered lost, this cemetery has made a great transformation.
Surveyed By: Ron Turner - May 11, 2001
Latitude / Longitude: 38.632723, -77.332045

Site Visits

Visited by: Date: Comments:
E. R. Conner, III Oct. 6 1979 Cem. legally reserved. Several fieldstones of gray or quartzy rock seem to be disturbed from their original locations. Both marked headstones have been removed from bases and are leaning against them. There are additional graves here, at least two with inscribed portions of former markers missing.
Ron Turner Sept. 9th 1993 Both headstones broken and on the ground. There are several graves marked with fieldstones.
David Cuff Dec. 20, 2017 Cemetery is overgrown but still seems similar to when Ron Turner visited it 24 years ago.


Images taken Dec. 2017