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William Butler established this cemetery prior to his death in 1854. His will was probated in 1859. Following his death the land went to his son, John H. Butler. John H. Butler and his wife, Susan F. sold the land to Elijah W. Moore in 1883. Following his death John B. Moore and his wife sold it in 1891 for $1,200 to Elizabeth A. Raymond who was born in Nottingham, England in 1852, then emigrated to Philadelphia, PA around 1875. The cemetery was noted in this deed. (Deed 41:344). Elizabeth A. Raymond died on May 2, 1925 and is buried in the Buckhall Methodist Cemetery, the land passed to her heirs. In 1949 three tracts of land totalling 123 acres was sold to Elton J. and Elizabeth Layton(Deed 137:249). Then the land was sold to Eaheart Building Corporation, Joseph C. Eaheart, Jr. and Shirley A. Eaheart on May 14th, 1965. The cemetery is also mentioned in this deed. (Deed 353:368). Eaheart Building Corporation was a subcontractor for Hylton Homes and worked on many of the houses in Dale City.

William Butler (died 1854) is likely buried in the cemetery, as well as his wife, Susan. There are no records of this but it’s likely the case. There is no one in the Buckhall Methodist Cemetery with the last name of Butler. There is also no grave in the county with the name William Butler with that death year or near it.

Lewis B. Butler, son of William Butler is buried in the cemetery and has a carved headstone. It’s likely his wife, Susan, (same first name as his mother) is also buried in the cemetery. There is a grave on the northside of Lewis B. Butler’s grave that is unusually close. I believe this is where his wife is buried, but again, there is no written record of this. This grave doesn’t have a carved stone but they had no children so a carved stone was likely not purchased for her. In the August 6, 1852 issue of the Alexandria Gazette Lewis B. Butler is listed with others, as Magistrates for Prince William County.

Lewis B. Butler owned the plantation known as “Birmingham”, which included the Conner House in Manassas Park. He and his wife Susan sold 88 acres, which included the Conner house to Jonas Greene about 1869. During the 8 years or so prior to Lewis’ death he purchased several tracts of land in and around Manassas. Following his death in 1879, ownership was transferred to his wife and she slowly sold the land as needed to support herself. They had no children. Jane C. French was the wife of John L. French. He was the baggage master at the railroad stop in Manassas. They were neighbors of John H. Butler (brother of Lewis B. Butler) and Lewis B. and Susan Butler. On the 1860 census it shows Jane is the mother of two young children, 1 year old John H. and 1 month old James. A 15 year old female is also living in the house named Jane M. Davis. She is likely a cousin or niece and is helping with the household and children as John L. French is working off the farm.

John H. Butler was 17 years younger than his brother, Lewis B. Butler. He was a Sergeant in the 15th Virginia Volunteer Cavalry Regiment service in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War. He and his wife, Susan sold this parcel of land in 1883 and likely moved to the Haymarket area. Just four years later on March 11th, 1887 at age 53, John Butler died. He is buried at the Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery north west of Haymarket. One of his sons, William Wyatt Buttler was also buried at the same cemetery after his death in 1948. Mary F. Conner is listed as 43 on the 1860 census. She lives with her 72 year old mother and two brothers, 35 year old Silas and 29 year old Elias. Silas’ occupation is listed as farmer and Elias is listed as constable. Starting around 1852 and continuing for many years Elias Conner owned and operated a general store in Buckhall under several names as E. E. Conner, Elias Conner General Store, Kincheloe & Conner, Conner & French, Conner & Davis, and Conner & Company. Elias sold everything needed for the growing community including whiskey and other spirits, dry goods, corn meal, tobacco, guns, ammo, farm implements, boots, shoes, teas, coffee, county produce taken in exchange for groceries. He was also one of the first people in Prince William County to sell fertilizer. He was also a long time constable in the county. Mary F. Conner lived to be 66 years old and doesn’t appear to have ever married.

Daniel D. Davis was born on July 11, 1855 to parents Rescio and Elizabeth Davis. On Oct. 1 1876, 21 year old Davis married 25 year old Willie A. Bradfield of Prince William County. She was the daughter of George and Eliza Bradfield. Just three years later on Aug. 11, 1879, at 24 years old, Davis died.

Census records show the French and Conner families are related and if a teenage Davis girl is living with Jane French, they are likely related as well.

There are approximately 23 graves at this cemetery with four of them having carved headstones with matching footstones. Most of the other 19 graves have a matching set of field head and foot stones.

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Survey Details

Classification: Family
Status: Maintained
Condition: Good
Approx. Size: 1/2 acre by deed
Approximate Number of Burials: 23
Markers: Tombstone, Fieldstone, Unmarked
Earliest Burial Date: Unknown
Latest Burial Date: Unknown
Surnames Listed on Markers: In Memory of our mother Jane C. French Died Jan. 16, 1875. Aged 47 years

Mary F. Conner , Born April 1818, Died April 5, 1884

In memory of Lewis B. Butler . Died Dec. 10, 1879, in the 63rd year of his [life].
"And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away." Isai, 35 c. 10.

Daniel D. Davis , Born . July.11th 1855, Died. Aug. 11th 1879
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Surveyed By: Ron Turner & Jim Florence - 2001 (known then as the Conner / French Cemetery
Latitude / Longitude: 38.732169, -77.425418

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